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  1. Google Analytics 4 with GTM Support M2
    Unlock the full potential of your Magento store with the seamless integration to Google Analytics 4. Get access to a variety of built-in events and extended performance reports. Gain valuable insights into every stage of customer journey to make informed business decisions.
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    • Track product impressions & clicks
    • Observe shopping cart & checkout events
    • Monitor customer account events
    • Discover promotions performance
    • Generate JSON file with a single click
    • Server-Side and Client-Side tracking
    • Track Google AdWords conversions
    • Cookie Consent (GDPR) compliant
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  2. Hyva compatibility
    Omnibus Price Tracker M2

    Bring your store pricing into line with the EU Omnibus Directive requirements. Gain customers' trust and protect your store from unexpected fines and penalties by providing transparent and accurate information about price changes.

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    • Effortlessly showcase the lowest product’s price in the previous 30 days or more
    • Display the historical prices for all or only for discounted products on category and product pages
    • Monitor price change history from the handy grid
    • Automatically clean price log to prevent database overload
    • Hyva-ready storefront
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  3. ChatGPT AI Content Generator M2
    See available pricing options!

    Automatically generate actionable content for your online store thus maximizing productivity. Attract wider audience and grow sales by creating highly relevant product descriptions and metadata tailored to your Magento store specifics and business needs.

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    • Generate content for product and category pages
    • Add metadata to product, category and CMS pages
    • Create content for multiple products with one click
    • Generate content via Page Builder
    • Produce content on any language
    • Compatibility with Blog Pro
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  4. US Privacy Laws M2

    Easily prepare your store to meet US laws' essential requirements using a single solution. California (CCPA/CPRA), Virginia (VCDPA), Colorado (CPA), Connecticut (CTDPA), and Utah (UCPA) privacy regulations are supported.

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    • Empower users to opt out of personal data sales or sharing
    • Enable buyers to securely download their personal data
    • Offer customers to request account deletion
    • Create and manage Privacy Policy versions
    • Collect various consents with custom checkboxes
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  5. Ultimate Sale Booster M2

    Meet our exclusive OFFER! Comprehensively equip your Magento store with a sales-boosting set of Amasty extensions purchased at lower than half-price.

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    • Simplify operations management
    • Increase average order value
    • Build customer loyalty
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    Regular Price $5,333 $2,109
  6. Back Forward Cache M2

    Improve website performance and browsing experience with instant back and forward navigation. Cache recently viewed pages to boost loading speed and empower user experience.

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    • Automatically cache recently visited pages
    • Exclude particular pages from caching
    • Improve Core Web Vitals field data
    • Multiple browsers support
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  7. Hyva compatibility
    Open Graph Tags M2
    Effortlessly share your store pages on social networks, opening the door to a wider audience and attracting new customers. Take complete control over how your website's content appears when shared across various platforms.

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    • Manage your store links display on social networks
    • Add Open Graph tags for product, category, and CMS pages
    • Enable automatic OG tags based on various attributes
    • Share informative links with your social media followers
    • Hyva-compatible by default
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  8. Price per Unit (pre-order) M2

    Ensure legal compliance and boost customer trust by enabling automatic base price calculation and display using Magento 2 Price per Unit extension.

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    • Show unit prices by weight, volume, length, etc.
    • Create custom unit metrics tailored to your products
    • Place price per unit blocks on product and category pages
    • Flexibly modify the base price template
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    Regular Price $139 $119
  9. Microsoft Ads (UET Tag) M2

    Gain maximum insights into users’ actions after they click on your ads with the Microsoft Ads extension for Magento 2. Seamlessly integrate the UET Tag into your store without any coding skills or code changes.

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    • Activate 10+ built-in events for tracking
    • Set up event-based conversion goals
    • Create precise remarketing lists
    • Form similar audiences
    • Get access to extended analytics
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  10. Google Automated Discounts Premium (pre-order) M2

    Looking to increase in sales on Google Shopping? Complete all requirements and join the recently launched Google Automated Discounts Program with a 3-in-one Magento 2 solution from the official Google Channel Partner. Promptly persuade searchers to make a purchase with personalized discounts generated by smart algorithms.

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    • Integrate your Magento with Google Merchant Center
    • Implement price change passing via URL
    • Generate appropriate product feed to upload
    • Set up conversion reporting with cart data
    • Display discounted prices on Shopping ads and your site’s product pages
    • 💎 Get the beta package for testing right after pre-order
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    Regular Price $399 $339
  11. X (Twitter) Pixel (pre-order) M2

    Equip your Magento store with X (Twitter) Pixel to better understand the impact of X advertising campaigns in achieving your strategic business goals.

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    • Implement tracking via Pixel or Conversion API
    • Effortlessly enable events to track
    • Get more capabilities for the setup of conversions and audiences
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    Regular Price $199 $169
  12. TikTok Pixel (pre-order) M2

    Be sure that your advertising truly converts as expected with the Magento 2 TikTok Pixel extension. Uncover visitor behavior patterns to tailor ads that leave no chance for abandonment.

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    • Utilize Pixel or API to connect with TikTok Ads Manager
    • Select events for tracking
    • Set up conversions based on events
    • Build custom target audiences
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    Regular Price $199 $169

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