PWA for Reward Points (Add-On) for Magento 2

Provide an engaging reward program on any device to delight customers and increase their loyalty using PWA for Reward Points.

  • Use smart rules to reward customers with points
  • Provide fully or partial order payments with points
  • Show reward points in the Customer Account
  • Add or deduct reward points from the backend
  • Notify customers about the points expiration date
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What are PWA and PWA Studio?

 💻 Progressive Web Application

PWA are web applications that have been developed to create an interface that looks like a native mobile application, but with cross-browser options.

🚀 PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio includes all must-have tools for creating and maintaining a trendy PWA storefront suitable for any device.

Why has PWA become a trend?

Since mobile commerce is constantly growing, e-commerce businesses face the challenge of keeping the audience across all devices. Big companies, such as AliExpress, decided to develop an app, but confronted crucial troubles - not all users downloaded the app, re-engagements required additional expenses, and the app itself was costly to maintain.

The solution was to combine all benefits of the app (such as performance) and a cross-browser web (such as maintenance). That’s how a Progressive Web App appeared. The results are impressive - AliExpress got 104% for new users across all browsers; 82% increase in iOS conversion rate, 2X more pages visited per session and 74% increase in time spent. And they are not alone. Check PWA case studies below to make sure all these companies were right.

Clothing: Butcher of Blue's

Clothing: George case

Beauty: Lancôme case

Retail: Flipkart case

Marketplace: OLX case


What benefits do you get for your store


Increase average
order value

Boost loyalty and strengthen
brand reputation


Improve customer
retention rate

Build engaging shopping experiences and sell more

Stimulate purchases by highlighting rewards

Make shoppers feel like they can save money shopping in your store! Add an eye-catching notification about the number of rewards that your customer can receive by placing an order. The extension allows you to display promotion messages in different ways: 

  • on category or product pages;
  • in the shopping cart;
  • at the checkout.

Set up reward rules

Create an unlimited number of reward points rules to get the most out of your reward program! The extension allows you to set up custom rules that determine conditions for earning points in your store. You can define websites and customer groups for every rule, specify points expiration behavior, and much more. The extension also provides you with the option to make a refund with points, even to pay for the whole order with them.

Stimulate recurring purchases with notifications

Keep customers coming back to your store for another purchase by informing them about the reward points' expiration date via notifications. With the add-on, you can define an expiration period or provide never expire points if needed. Moreover, you can get full control over email notifications with admin settings and even create a custom email template.

Show reward points information in Customer Account

Keep customers informed about their actual reward points balance, history of usage, and other interactions with points. This PWA extension allows you to display the remaining sum of points in the Customer Account. Create a custom restriction message for users that are not allowed to take part in your reward program for some reason. Also, you can apply reward points right from the admin panel when creating an order and see the remaining amount of points per customer from the grid.

Provide a transparent reward policy

Ensure a clear terms policy for your reward program by creating a custom description for displaying in the Customer Account. Add more details about points usage, earnings, and refunding so that your customers have no questions left.

Get insights with built-in analytics

Easily keep track of your customers' purchases and preferences with detailed reward points analytics. Monitor shoppers' activity from the grid to enrich your marketing ideas and promotions with received insights. You can also manage points manually — add or deduct them and leave an explanatory comment for your customer.

How to correctly install PWA add-ons by Amasty?

This add-on is a ready-to-use solution for the PWA Studio storefront, supporting features of the original Magento 2 Reward Points extension. Please keep in mind that for the correct work of the add-on the original extension and a PWA theme must be installed. Learn more in our PWA installation User Guide.

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