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For more details see the Reward Points extension page.

Reward Points for Magento 2

Thank customers for shopping at your store and performing advantageous actions by giving them reward points. Encourage users' activity to let them feel that making purchases is beneficial.

  • Reward users for purchases, registration, etc.
  • Manually add or deduct points
  • Pay for orders with points fully or partially
  • Set points exchange rate
  • All actions are already configured

General settings

To configure general settings, please, go to Stores – Configuration – Amasty Extensions

Points earning calculation - Choose the way Reward Points will be calculated: set the option to Before Tax if the base for their calculation should be the order amount without taxes. When set to After Taxes, the order amount, including taxes, will be the base for the points' calculation.

Admin Action Text - Specify a comment, which will be displayed when an admin user adds or deducts points manually.

Birthday Offset - Set the number of days when a Birthday bonus is available. Specify:

  • a negative number - the bonus will be available before the Birthday. For example, if the birthday is on May 5, and you set -3, a customer will get a bonus on May 2.
  • 0 - you will give the bonus right on the birthday.
  • a positive number - bonus will be available after the Birthday has passed. For example, if the birthday is on May 5, and you set 3, a customer will get a bonus on May 8.

Point Rate - set the number of points equal to 1 unit of store's currency. In our case, we set 1 point to be $1.

Points rounding rule - specify the rounding, that will be applied when the rewards value exceeds cart subtotal.

Disable Reward Points for orders that were paid with Reward Points - if a customer pays for the order with points you can set not to reward him for this purchase.

Minimum Points Requirement - Specify the required min number of points a customer should acquire on the account to start paying with rewards. Here we allow using rewards if a customer collected at least 100 points.

Admin control of reward points

Go to Customers → All customers → choose the customer's account you need → click 'Reward Points section'

Add\Deduct Points - Control rewards change history in customers info section. add or deduct points manually.

Add or deduct points manually. Specify the points amount and a reason why are you applying them in the comment. To deduct points use the symbol '-', e.g. -100.

Reward rules creation

Go to Marketing – Amasty Rewards to set up the rules.

See all rules on the Rewards grid. There are 5 preconfigured rules, which you can use right after the installation.

Actions - apply mass actions to the rules.

Add rule - create as many rules as you need.

Name - Indicate a clear rule name.

Specify the websites and customer groups for which the rule will be applied.

Select 1 of 5 available actions Specify points amount that will be added to a customer account after the action is complete.

Order complete - with this action a customer will get reward points after he or she completes the order. For example, you want to reward customers with 10 points if they spent more than $50. You select the action 'Order complete', set '10' in the 'Amount' field and in the conditions tab you specify the settings like this:

Newsletter subscription - with this action a customer will get reward points if he or she has subscribed to your newsletter.

Customer birthday - with this action a customer will get reward points if he or she has a birthday. Go to the General Settings to configure the day when birthday points will be added.

Registration - with this action a customer will get reward points if he or she has registered in your store.

‘For every $X spent’ action requires indicating how many points you’d like to give for each spent amount in an order. In our example, a customer gets 10 points for each $50 spent.

Fill in the field Promo Items if you want to reward customers with points when they buy particular products only. For example, specify the SKUs of bags in the field. The way the rule will work is: when a customer spends $50 for bags, he will be granted with 10 points.

Choose conditions to limit the rule. Use cart and products attributes, products subselection or create complex combined conditions.

Specify a label, which is shown in Rewards changelog in a customer account.

If you have multilingual websites views, you can also set labels in different languages.

Rewards points tab in customer accounts

'Rewards points' tab display in a customer account

You can see all types of reward actions here and balance control options.

Applied rewards are displayed as a discount in the order summary.

Customers can spend a part of their points or all of them on an order. They can also see the exchange rate before applying the rewards.

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