Multiple Coupons for Magento 2

Increase customer loyalty with one simple change in the shopping experience of your customers. Provide the registered users and guest visitors with the ability to use several discount coupons simultaneously.

  • Use several coupons per order
  • Let guest visitors to use multiple coupons
  • Limit usage of specific coupons with other promo codes
  • Apply multiple coupons to orders from the admin panel
  • Allow applying coupons from the shopping cart and checkout
  • Hyva-ready storefront
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Fact: According to the Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report, 92% of consumers have ever used coupons in 2019, and half of them always use coupons if they have an opportunity. The same report states that 42% of consumers prefer to get paperless discounts from the internet and apply them online.

 🚩 Challenge

Online stores are always looking for new ways to bring in new customers, and people will never tire of saving money. Coupons are a strong motivator for the majority of people, especially to those with a saving-savvy mindset. But the default Magento functionality allows shoppers to apply only one coupon per order. Such cases affect customer loyalty and lead to an increased cart abandonment rate.


The default Magento 2 coupon code is the option for the one-time discount, while Magento 2 Multiple Coupons extension lets customers apply as many coupons as they need to the same order. As they see their discount in a shopping cart and checkout pages, their decision-making time is significantly reduced. Thus, store owners will get more profit from the completed purchases and motivate customers to come back to the store using one tool.

What benefits do you get for your store


Improve customer loyalty by allowing them to use multiple discounts

Stimulate repeat sales by applying new purchasing options


Gain extra revenue by motivating shoppers to make a purchase decision faster

Enhance customer experience offering multiple coupons

Offer multiple discounts per order

⭕ Challenge: Native Magento functionality doesn't allow customers to apply several coupon codes to one order when they meet conditions of different promo rules. This 'small' inconvenience may result in customer churn and lost sales.

    ⭐ Solution: The average shopper is always motivated to save, seeking and using coupons from traditional and digital sources. With the Multiple Coupon Codes for Magento 2 extension, you'll enable online shoppers to apply all available promo codes to their orders. It impacts on a positive shopping experience, increases customer loyalty and inspires to buy more.

      Multiple coupons for the guest visitors

      ⭕ Challenge: Many shoppers prefer to stay unregistered while shopping. It takes some time before they accumulate enough trust to reveal their personal data to your store. But how to convert new unregistered visitors smoothly?

        ⭐ Solution: Gladly, the 'Multiple coupons' feature works not only for the authorized customers but for guest visitors as well. Offer all visitors the equal ability to apply their coupons and consider the attractiveness of purchase with a discount.


          Create unique Magento 2 coupon codes

          ⭕ Challenge: It's not easy to remember all active promo rules, discounts, and if they can contradict each other. So how to be sure you won't lose revenue? The extension allows users to create the list of main offers (e.g. universal rule '25% discounts for everything') and specify these Magento coupon codes as unique. Thus, you'll never lose from the non-profitable application of multiple coupons as you can properly set up their priority.

          ⭐ Solution: The extension allows users to create the list of main offers (e.g. universal rule '25% discounts for everything') and specify these Magento coupon codes as unique. Thus, you'll never lose from the non-profitable application of multiple coupons as you can properly set up their priority.

          Let customers manage coupon codes

          ⭕ Challenge: The poor discount application UX may result in losing a client each time someone wants to apply a coupon and does not succeed in it. If some basic things are not obvious, then each second client will be likely to leave the site. With our extension, you can provide shoppers with a strong feeling of control over what and how they are buying.

          ⭐ Solution: Enable applying multiple coupons and removing unnecessary ones from orders in one click. Display the list of Magento 2 coupons that have been already applied. Thus customers will be able to easily track active and inactive codes while making purchases.


          Apply multiple coupons to orders from admin panel

          With Magento 2 Multiple Coupons extension, you can apply various discount coupons from the admin panel. From the backend, a store owner can easily create a new order on behalf of a customer, add products, and then select available coupons. Apply several coupons at the same time or remove any of them with ease.


          Extra options for the comprehensive coupon management

          • View end export detailed coupon usage reports
          • Generate and import coupons per cart price rules
          • Use pre-made templates for the accurate codes generation
          • Provide coupons via URLs
          • Generate coupons based on various custom events
          • Send promo codes to customers automatically
          • Easily track coupon usage statistics
          • Export Magento discount codes for your affiliates

          Shape your discounts with clever conditions

          Add Magento 2 Special Promotions Pro to create promotions based on customers' purchase history. Use 20 actions to be sure that your promotions are unique and relevant.


          A proven way to double sales and retain customers

          Effectively build customer loyalty and sell more with Free Gift for Magento 2. Get 4 additional promo actions to enable adding free gifts to the cart depending on rule conditions.

          See the most popular use cases in our video guide

          What is Magento 2 discount code?

          Discount codes and promo coupons in Magento 2 are a tool that helps you attract new customers as they create an additional incentive for shoppers to place their order. Their role in the purchasing decision-making process is secondary, but at the time of its commission it is motivating. Coupons allow your customers to save money, which brings them positive emotions and makes them shop.

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