Amasty Gift Card vs. Aheadworks Gift Card for Magento 2

Let your customers give gifts without fear of making a mistake in choosing by providing them with gift card functionality.
  • printed, virtual, and combined gift cards
  • customizable design
  • fixed or open amount price types
  • unlimited number of gift codes
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To find a perfect solution for your store, you need to research, analyze and compare multiple options. This time, we did all the hard work for you and created this comparison page for the 2 most popular Gift Card extensions: Aheadworks and Amasty. Our extension has 3 pricing options, so we’ll take the most feature-rich plan.

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Features of Aheadworks Gift Card for Magento 2

Features of Amasty Gift Card

Basic functionality

Aheadworks Gift Card for Magento 2 comes with all the basic features you may need. It allows you to generate an unlimited number of card codes and pools. The extension supports 3 cart types:

  • printed
  • virtual
  • combined

Also, you can create gift cards with predefined card values or let your customers enter any sum they want.

User experience features

This extension helps you improve the user shopping experience by adding small but necessary features to the product page. Your clients can choose one of the several possible card designs, enter a personalized message and choose a delivery date. Thus, their gift will be more individual and arrive right in time. Also, they can preview how their gift card will look before sending it.

Card recipients will also get a seamless shopping experience in your store. They will get email notifications about any changes to the gift card status. In the customer account, they can check the available balance and expiration date. And the gift code can be applied on both the shopping cart and checkout page. Moreover, the extension by Aheadworks supports One Step Checkout integration.

Basic functionality

As well as an extension by Aheadworks, the Amasty’s includes all the basic features:

  • support of printed, virtual, and combined card types
  • possibility to generate card code pools
  • support of predefined and open card values

User experience features

Amasty Gift Card extension offers almost the same set of features for a better shopping experience:

  • personalized message
  • delivery date
  • preview
  • email notifications
  • gift card application on the cart and checkout pages

But there are several differences. Firstly, users can not only choose among pre-made card designs but also upload their images. Secondoval, card recipients can track several gift codes at their customer account:


And finally, this extension comes with a custom widget that you can place on any page of your website and let users check their card balance without distraction from purchasing flow.

Admin functionality

Store managers can place orders and send gift cards right from the backend. They can set card expiration dates and check the card balance.

Import and export

This extension supports REST and SOAP API. Thus, you can import and export gift card codes to any CRM or ERP system.

Admin functionality

In addition to placing orders and sending gift cards from the backend, store admins can refund gift card balances and redeem card balances for store credit using Amasty’s extension.

Import and export

This extension comes with built-in import and export functionality and allows you to migrate gift card data using various sources, including REST API. Moreover, it is compatible with the Export Orders and Import Orders solutions.

Advanced features

Aheadworks gift card plugin is GraphQL compatible, so you can adapt it when working on PWA, for example.

Advanced features

Amasty Gift Card extension has GraphQL compatibility for both read and write.

Check out how to use GraphQL →

Also, it is compatible with SMS Notification Pro, so you can use them together and keep your customers updated.

Included extensions

The premium version of the extension comes with 2 additional plugins:

Features comparison

Key FeaturesAmasty (Premium)Aheadworks
Support of printed, virtual, and combined card types
Card code pools
Fixed and open amount price types
Card designs
Support of custom image upload
Gift message
Delivery date
Gift card preview
Email notifications
Gift card widget
Admin management tools
Refund of the gift card balance
Possibility to redeem card balance for store credit
Import and export
GraphQL compatibility
Store Credit
Customer Group Auto Assign

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Version 2.12.0
Last Update: May 24, 2024
2.12.0 - May 24, 2024
  • Compatibility compatibility with Hyvä Checkout was added You can find the 'amasty/module-gift-card-hyva-checkout' and 'amasty/module-gift-card-account-hyva-checkout' packages for installing in composer suggest (Note: the compatibility is available as a part of an active product subscription or support subscription)
Version 2.11.1
Last Update: May 07, 2024
2.11.1 - May 07, 2024
  • Improvement we improved the display of store view options in the 'Send from the Following Store View' setting by structuring them
  • Improvement we improved the functionality of the 'Send from the Following Store View' setting, which now automatically populates the store view from which the order was placed
  • Fix now all the necessary data is displayed in emails to customers when the 'Assign Gift Card to Customer Account' setting is enabled
  • Fix we fixed the functionality of the Gift Card schedule delivery datepicker
  • Fix we resolved the issue with Gift Cards applying on Klarna Checkout
2.11.0 - Aug 29, 2023
  • New gift cards codes auto-generation was added to the ‘Code Pool’ settings (Note: the compatibility is available as a part of an active product subscription or support subscription)
  • New we added the possibility to automatically change order status to ‘Processing’ when it fully covered with a gift card
  • Improvement the ability to set up emails PDF file names was added
  • Improvement now gift card emails PDF file fits the size of a gift card image as intended
Version 2.10.0
Last Update: Jun 28, 2023
2.10.0 - Jun 28, 2023
  • Compatibility we added the compatibility with Hyvä Theme for Gift Card Pro version. You can find the 'amasty/module-giftcard-hyva-compatibility' package for installing in composer suggest (Note: the compatibility is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription. For the correct Hyvä compatibility work, the GraphQL module should also be installed. You can find it in the composer suggest 'amasty/module-gift-card-graph-ql')
Version 2.9.0
Last Update: May 10, 2023
2.9.0 - May 10, 2023
  • New we added the possibility to download Gift Card images stored in AWS Remote Storage
  • Compatibility the compatibility with Amasty Gift Wrap was added so now it is possible to pay for a Gift Wrap with a Gift Card
  • Improvement now the delivery date format is displayed according to the selected store locale
  • Improvement we added the possibility to send Gift Card Account emails via REST API
  • Fix we eliminated the error occurred when generating Gift Code Accounts in bulk
Version 2.8.7
Last Update: Sep 20, 2022
2.8.7 - Sep 20, 2022
  • Fix we fixed the issue with duplicating gift card codes
  • Fix we resolved the problem with the incorrect amount transferred in partial refund
2.8.6 - Aug 12, 2022
  • Fix we fixed the issue with placing orders with Gift Cards and sending them by email
2.8.5 - May 23, 2022
  • Improvement we improved a gift card items deleting process, so now it can be deleted by double-clicking or by clicking on the trash icon directly on the item
  • Fix we eliminated the cart error when Printed Gift Card was added
  • Fix we fixed the issue with incorrect input types
  • Fix we corrected the image adding issue when website with ID1 doesn't exist
  • Fix the issue with a gift card preview was resolved
  • Fix resolved the problem with email template displaying in the gift card preview
  • Fix the issue with message field placeholder translation was resolved
  • Fix now the phone field data is being sent in Web API as expected
  • Fix now after online refund a new gift card account is not being created
Version 1.0.0
Last Update: Nov 17, 2021
1.0.0 - Nov 17, 2021

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