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Customer Group Auto Assign for Magento 2

Reduce operating expenses and thus increase revenue thanks to automatic customer group management with Magento 2 auto customer group switching.

  1. Automatically manage customer groups based on custom rules
  2. Create group switching rules based on customer and order attributes
  3. Schedule the rules processing frequency with integrated Cron functionality
  4. Define rules processing order via prioritization
  5. Easily manage all group-switching rules in one place
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Customer Group Auto Assign for Magento 2
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Acquiring new customers is from 5 to 25 times more costly than retaining existing ones. Knowing this fact, most e-commerce businesses run loyalty programs and promotional campaigns. Yet, such activities require manual managing numerous customer groups, which is labor-intensive and time-consuming.


Save your time and lower operating costs by automating customer group assigning process with Magento 2 Customer Group Auto Assign extension. Fine tune custom group-switching rules based on various conditions to automatically move customers to any desired group with no assistance required.


Increase revenue thanks to implementing automatic customer group switching system
Contribute to effective time management by reducing manual jobs
Boost customers retention with accurate and flexible loyalty programs


With Magento 2 auto customer group switching, set up custom rules that will assign users to the relevant customer groups based on set conditions.

Employ automatic customer group management

Manage all rules in one place

The extension gathers all group-switching rules in one place. On a handy Rules grid, you can check all existing group-switching rules and easily reconfigure each of them if needed.

Automatically execute rules on a schedule

The integrated Cron functionality allows you to schedule the rules processing frequency to timely change customer groups. Also, you can define rules priority to fine tune the algorithm.


Group customers by order attributes

Organize your customers based on the order attributes, including the average order value, the number of completed orders and total sales amount. For example, you can move customers whose total sales amount exceeds $1 000 to the “VIP” group offering 10% discount for all future orders.

Divide users into groups based on customer attributes

The extension allows you to automatically switch customers to appropriate groups based on a huge list of customer attributes. This includes customer and account information, shipping and billing address details, and etc. For example, you can automatically move your clients registered for more than a year to a special discount group. Or simply group them by city, region or country.

Create any rule type with conditions combination

Easily create any type of automatic group switching rule by tuning and combining conditions to cover all your specific requirements.

customer group auto assign for magento 2
magento 2 customer group auto assign

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Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Cool add-on for promos
For test I gave 10% off to buyers who already have a purchase history at $500. And really, 4 of 6 came to buy with discount and in just 2 days. It really works like promotions, no need to invent anything, it’s just about combining.
Much better than expected
I didn’t believe much in this. But it’s working! It offers a really huge set of flexible conditions. I also experimented with autoshedule well explained, works perfectly. For check, I removed customer from discount group to general after a return. Came effective with no delays.
Mike S
Really one click?
They say it’s a one-click matter, but I don’t see how it works. There are lots of rules, and it took me hours to set them efficiently. Working with cron is not easy either. For me it’s lots of do-and-redo.
Hope it’ll get better.

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