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Improved Sorting for Magento 1

Let your customers find the best products fast! Give them effective options for sorting - by bestsellers, biggest saving, etc. Add featured product blocks based on the sorting options for different categories.

  1. Enable customers to sort products by bestsellers, rating, etc
  2. Create product blocks using the sorting options
  3. Specify the order of the sorting options in dropdown
  4. Set any sorting method for products listing on catalog and search pages
  5. Show out-of-stock products at the end of the lists
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Bring store usability to a new level and increase profit

magento sort products by bestsellers

Advanced sorting options for better shopping experience

Looking for an easy-to-use tool to enhance customer shopping experience and increase your conversion rate? With the Improved Sorting extension customers will be able to easily sort products by various parameters according to their needs. The more user-friendly your site is – the more orders you get, everybody wins.

Boost the sales of your bestsellers

Although it’s difficult to predict which products will become bestselling, at the same time a few really popular items can generate the vast majority of store revenue. Then why not help your cash cows generate even more profit?

With the Improved Sorting extension bestselling and highly rated products will be automatically pushed to the top. Apart from that, you can manually manage the order of products for some options and create featured product blocks.

Enhanced usability with new sorting options

Sorting by sales, 'Bestsellers'

Each store highlights its bestselling products, as high sales demonstrate that a product is great. It also encourages customers to make their choice much faster. Thus, ‘Sort by popularity’ option will help to increase your conversion rate by drawing attention to any Magento bestseller you need. You can also specify the period, for which the sales are counted, for example last 100 days.

Sorting by savings, display name 'Biggest Saving'

Even tempting deals won’t work for your business when customers can't find them. This magento product sorting option displays products based on the difference between regular price and special price. The bigger the difference - the higher the product is placed in the list. It will be very popular while holidays, as people are used to getting discounts during such periods. So, don't miss the chance to properly show your specials.

Sorting by the biggest discount percentage

Sort products by the highest percentage of discount with the ‘Biggest Savings’ ranking option.

magento most viewed products

Sorting Magento products 'by newest'

When customers click on the ‘Magento sort by newest’ option, new items are displayed at the top. And as soon as store visitors always tend to buy new products, this option will work for fashion stores, mobile phone stores and other sites of the kind, where people always look for new trendy things. You can use a custom date attribute to manage the order of products’ display for this option.

Set any order for the sorting options

You can specify any preferred order for the sorting options in the Magento Sort by dropdown. Depending on the products assortment of your web store, you can set the most effective (or demanded in your opinion) sorting options to the top of the dropdown.

Products Sorting by Default

Specify the way the products should be sorted on the search result page and on the categoty pages. Set the priority for the sorting methods: specify the primal method and the following two algorithms. Have a full control on how to display the products in the most favored way for you.

set default product assortment sorting

Sorting by Magento product rating and by the number of reviews

When shopping, people are more likely to choose products with positive feedback from real customers than the products with just catchy banner adds. And, of course, there's nothing they will trust more than rating and reviews.

Sorting by presence in wishlists, 'Now in Wishlists'

Many people buy things, which other people have or want to have. Also best-selling products may be difficult to get in holiday season. 'Now in Wishlists' will show products that are most frequent in wishlists - people will be afraid to miss the opportunity to get them and will place orders faster.

Sorting by the number of item views

Magento ‘Most viewed products’ option is a real must-have for new sites, which can’t boast of numerous orders. Views are generated much faster, so you can easily demonstrate the most popular products to customers and motivate them buy more. The ‘Most viewed products’ Magento feature also enables you to specify the period, during which the views are counted, for example last 100 days.

Sorting by the amount of products, ‘Quantity’

This type of Magento product sorting is useful for wholesalers, who buy products in large amounts. Now they can easily find out which items have the most stock.

Advanced sorting options based on product's profitability

With a set of new sorting options admin users can display the most profitable (or the least profitable) products in sort results and featured blocks, thus effectively regulating sales of particular products.

New options include sorting by:
  • Profit (is calculated as Price minus Cost);
  • Revenue (sorting is based on a product's sales amount);
  • Revenue per view (represents the estimated earnings you receive for every product page view);
  • Order per view.

Works for catalog and search

Sorting works both for products from the catalog and key word searches as well as layered navigation pages and landing pages generated by Landing Pages extension.

Blocks with featured products

magento product sorting

Create featured product blocks based on sorting options

Create a sidebar block with Magento most viewed products or a top block with bestselling products and so on. Use templates provided by the extension or make your own ones.

Create featured product blocks of your Magento bestsellers, most popular products and other sorting types. Check out the extension demo for some examples of such blocks.

Display products from any category in the blocks

YAdd product blocks to any Magento page. In the blocks you can show products from the category they are displayed in or from any category you specify.

Advanced catalog management features

Manually manage products’ order in Bestsellers and Most Viewed lists

The extension automatically prioritizes products based on the sales amount or the number of views. If you want to manually move particular products up in the Magento bestsellers and most viewed lists to sell them quicker, this is also possible.

Display out of stock products at the end of the product list

At the top of a product list it’s better to display items which you can sell right away. Customers will still be able to see and search for out of stock products. This feature has an effect only on catalog pages and can be disabled if necessary.

Display products with zero quantity at the end of the list

If you allow backorders, some products may have inventory status 'in stock', even if their quantity is zero. You can display such products at the end of the product list, when needed.

Set default sorting for search results page

When you do a search in Magento store, the results are shown in ascending order of creation. This means that older products are shown first. Though for business it would be much better to emphasize best sellers or biggest savings. Now it is possible to set default sorting for search results page and for advanced search results page in just a click.

Ability to have descending order by default

In Magento ‘sort by’ options have ascending order. It means that, for example, you can’t display most expensive items at the top. The extension enables you to sort magento products by price from high to low. This option is also applicable to other sorting types.


magento sort by position

Set sorting by any of the new options as default

Make any of the new sorting options default both at the catalog and category level.


Select sort orders for specific categories

With the Magento category order feature you can change sort orders on a per-category basis and even change the default sort order per category.

Additional helpful features

Disable sorting options

You can disable any of the new sorting options both at the catalog and category level.

Optional indexing

The indexing mechanism ensures your category pages are loaded fast even if you have a very large catalog.

Works with layered navigation

Magento product order extension enables customers to apply all sorting options to product lists generated by layered navigation.

EE note

Sort order Magento tool supports MySql Fulltext search engine. Solr support will be added in the next versions.

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Improved Sorting video review

Product questions

Does the module work for the Enterprise edition?

Yes, the Improved Sorting module works with the Enterprise edition.

What product types are supported by Improved Sorting?

Improved Sorting module supports all types of products. Read on to learn all the nuances.

Can I set a particular sorting option to be a default one?

Yes, the extension allows you to set any sorting option as default, you may sort products by newest or best sellers by default. To see the configuration follow the link below.

Can I set a particular sorting option to be default for a specific category only?

Yes, with the category order feature you can change the default sort order per category. Thus, any category you need can be assigned a category sort by best seller, new, most viewed, etc. Read on to get complete instructions.

Can I display some products on top of the list in spite of actual bestsellers data?

Yes, the 'sort products by popularity' feature will help you make sales more efficient, as you can bring to the top any product you need despite its actual data. Go on reading to see more details.

How does a best sellers sorting option handle configurable products?

A best seller for a configurable item is a sum of sales of all the simple products associated with it.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
30 Reviews
Jul 26, 2017
Great Extension
This extension is an absolute must if you want to show popular items that your store has....which might or might not present themselves ordinarily...and with very big store...definitely worth having
BN also bought the following extension(s):
Oct 02, 2016
Great extension - great support
The module works perfectly, we have used it more than once for our projects.
Once only we had a conflict with another extension in one of our projects but the support by everyone in Amasty was immediate and swift.
They got the job done.
Your support is greatly appreciated guys. Thanks a lot.
Keep up the good work.
Jul 08, 2016
Great support and usefull module
The module works as described and the support team are speedy, efficient and courteous.
May 29, 2016
Good support
There was a conflict with other module we use so sorting did not work for search results. They fixed it for us and module is working now.
Sorting is a good feature to have in catalog for stock etc...
Jul 12, 2015
Great service
Excellent addition to our store.
We had one implementation glitch and the support staff answered our inquiry immediately and took charge to fix the issue.
We have not launched our store live yet, but this is working very well in development testing.
Jun 08, 2015
Works well, great support
Needed some tweaks to make it work properly for our store and the developer promptly assisted. Works great with excellent customer support. Would recommend.
May 13, 2015
Good module!
You can choose how you want to order your product in your online store, it works :D
Apr 16, 2015
Handy tool
I bet this is one of the greatest tools for huge stores with hundreds of products. Sorting works like a well oiled machine and since the extension installation we've never received any customer complaints.

The latest update with new sorting options are more likely to be made for admin users rather than for store visitors. And it works fine for featured blocks.
Feb 12, 2015
Fantastic, far better than doing custom development
Erik Hansen
I've used this extension for several clients. The fact that they can create templates and have dependent custom options with images associated with them is so useful. Custom developing all of this functionality would cost $10K+. Very thankful for this extension.
Dec 11, 2014
Excellent module
Does just what it says and comes with lots of customizability, especially the function to manipulate the "best sellers" search with your own custom data. We had a conflict with the Mana SEO module and Amasty support fixed everything for us.
Magento Connect
Nov 17, 2014
Excellent and quick support
Had a small issue, but Amasty responded quickly and professionally.
Absolutely worth the small investment!
Jul 12, 2014
Does what we needed
piersp, Magento Connect
We upgraded to Magento and had problems with the change in the way the Sort Order displays products on the Category page.
Using this extension and setting the products to display by 'New' resolved the issue and gave us a matching Sort Order to the previous version of Magento.
One feature request: It would be really handy to be able to change the 'Direction' within the admin. However, it was simple enough to change in the extension code.
Jul 11, 2014
Great plugin and support!
nocturnallights, Magento Connect
Plugin works great and developer Dzmitry provided great support very fast for requested customizations.
Jun 19, 2014
Good extension with great support from developer
r.vthoff, Magento Connect
I purchased this extension first in 2012, and recently needed some help with a modification due to a conflict with another extension. The developer helped me right away and fixed my problem same day. Great service on top of a great product.
Jun 15, 2014
Works excellent
cfreak, Magento Connect
Works like charm, and the support helped me incredible fast.
Jan 15, 2014
Ultimate sorting options
no one_knows
In my case installation passed painlessly and we didn't have to fix any issues as there were no conflicts with other already installed modules. It really helps our visitors faster find the items they need that is positively reflects on our conversions.
Oct 09, 2013
Great Support & Extension
I have searching for a module like this for months ..... It does what it says, it works OK with my custom theme fortis.

I had some extension conflicts with other module (Advance Navigation) and the support team was great, very proffessional, very quick.

Thanks Amasty for the great work. Keep it that way.
Sep 03, 2013
Improves Product Sorting
It has great bestseller / most viewed in X days options. Also biggest saving feature is my favorite.

It's fast with indexing.

Highly recommended.
Sep 03, 2013
Very great extension i recommend
Very great extension i recommend, i bought many extensions from amasty company, easy installation and fast response and experienced fix if there is Conflict with your website, many thanks!
Aug 17, 2013
Works great out of box with
Just installed this without backing up(HAHA). Worked right out of the boxed after copying the files and as intended.

Nice one mates.
Mar 15, 2013
Long-term module
We use that extension for almost 1 year now and are pretty happy. Its really useful, especially for our customers. The latest improvements, like setting a timeframe-period for the bestseller items make it a must have in our shop.

Magento Connect
Mar 15, 2013
Without a Rival
Great support. I had trouble with getting the sorting to work on the Search Results page, they emailed me a solution within 24hours.

Magento Connect,
Mar 15, 2013
New site with Amasty
We've moved it to our live site and all seems well :-)
Really impressed to see it working with it's own separate index and including bundle products too. Good work!

James Robinson,,
Mar 15, 2013
Our choice
I think our new store will have just about every Amasty extension going!

Mar 15, 2013
Wide range of extensions
By default, magento should be having those sort options. It is a known fact that magento community version still lacks a lot of basic features. and sorting by best seller was on of them.
we have been ranking in google for a high volume search term and we have a good number of visitors and a huge catalog of about 1000 items. but we always only got about 80-90 orders at max. that left me to think that something could be wrong. and, i went to amazon to see what they have that we were lacking.
And, when i looked into their catalog, they always displayed items by their best sellers. And, this is where magento lacked and we too as an ecommerce store offering such huge variety of items missed out on the point that customers are HEAVILY INFLUENCED by what others are buying and they want to quickly buy what have been selling well.
So, we have implemented this sort order now and we used Amasty installation service and everything was set right. We are now waiting to see if this ! SINGLE CHANGE will bring in a big change in our eCommerce store. :)

Ahamed Sha,,
Oct 02, 2012
Very useful
I love this extension. It is very important that buyers have the ability to sort products by different parameters.

I think every store should have such functionality.
Aug 15, 2012
Great Extension - Great Support
Does exactly what you expect, has an issue between 2 extensions and these guys sorted in very quickly.

Jul 11, 2012
Simply great extension
Simply great extension, just what I wanted. It allows users to sort product by the variety of factors which are important to them: biggest savings, best price, best ratings, etc.

In my opinion, each descent store should have such sorting. Thanks to Amasty for great extension!
Apr 01, 2012
Very useful extension
Very useful extension as magento's default sort-by options are rather limited. Also have to mention the excellent support. I had a conflict with another extension and they had no problem with fixing it for me nice and quickly. Highly recommended.
Dec 22, 2011
Very useful!
Well done extension with great support. Especially the option to sort "out of stock" products last without breaking the selected sorting method is very useful to raise conversion rate.

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Version 1.4.15
Last Update: Sep 19, 2019
1.4.15 - Sep 19, 2019:
  • Fix issue with reindex was resolved. Database tables are getting filled with data successfully
1.4.14 - Mar 27, 2019:
  • Compatibility compatibility with Magento Advanced Search extension was improved
1.4.13 - Mar 18, 2019:
  • Fix an issue with relevance sorting was resolved
1.4.12 - Feb 20, 2019:
  • Fix minor issue was resolved
1.4.11 - Jan 15, 2019:
  • Compatibility the compatibility with Magento 1.9 was improved
1.4.10 - Nov 20, 2018:
  • Fix an issue with sorting by relevance was resolved
1.4.9 - Nov 05, 2018:
  • Fix Security fixes
1.4.8 - Oct 15, 2018:
  • Improvement the configuration settings were improved
  • Fix minor issues were fixed
1.4.6 - Jul 24, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with sorting based on Qty was resolved
1.4.5 - May 23, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with compilation was resolved
1.4.4 - May 08, 2018:
  • Improvement the compatibility with the 3rd party SEO modules was enhanced
1.4.3 - Apr 12, 2018:
  • Information section is added. Now you can see the version of installed extension, available updates, User Guide link, conflicts and other useful data right on the module Configuration page
  • Now it is even easier to configure the Sorting Options order with all options displayed in the 'Custom Positions for Sorting Options' setting
1.4.2 - Apr 02, 2018:
  • Fixed an issue with the custom collection in the cart
1.4.1 - Mar 14, 2018:
  • Fixed an issue with the unregistry
1.4.0 - Mar 01, 2018:
  • New allows to configure the sorting options position in backend in order to get the 'Sort by' list positioned properly on the front end
  • New improved default sorting configuration for the Search Results and Catalog Products Listing pages
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
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Version 1.3.13
Last Update: Dec 12, 2016
1.3.13 - Dec 12, 2016:
  • A number of minor improvements
1.3.11 - Aug 18, 2016:
  • Improvement for sorting products within blocks (ex. New)
1.3.10 - Jul 26, 2016:
  • Additional compatibility with custom themes
1.3.9 - Jul 12, 2016:
  • Compatibility with the 3-d party extensions
  • Fixed issue with index table
1.3.8 - Apr 15, 2016:
  • Minor improvements
1.3.7 - Nov 09, 2015:
  • Better visual display on mobile phones or with mobile themes
1.3.6 - Oct 16, 2015:
  • Minor code refactoring
1.3.3 - Aug 26, 2015:
  • Ability to set default sorting for search results page and for advanced search results page.
  • Better compatibility with Landing Pages module.
1.3.2 - Jul 07, 2015:
  • Compatibility with multiple-warehouses extension
1.3.1 - May 05, 2015:
  • Added ability to use percentage for Biggest Saving sorting;
  • Compatibility with the `Advanced Inventory` extension;
1.3.0 - Mar 26, 2015:
  • New sorting options - by product total profit, by product revenue (minus cost), by product performance (orders per views and revenue per views)
Version 1.2.5
Last Update: Oct 10, 2014
1.2.5 - Oct 10, 2014:
  • Ability to exclude some order statuses from bestsellers calculation
  • Fix for "new" sorting for some configurations
1.2.4 - Feb 15, 2013:
  • Ability to manually manage the order of products for bestsellers and most viewed options.
  • New sorting option by 'Quantity'.
  • Ability to specify category for products blocks.
1.2.2 - Feb 28, 2012:
  • Ability to create product blocks based on sorting options. For example you can have a sidebar block with best-selling products or top block with new products.
  • You can either use predefined templates or create your own custom templates for the product blocks.
  • Out of stock items are displayed last only for catalog pages, search results remain as are.
1.2.0 - Nov 10, 2011:
  • New sorting options 'Biggest Saving', 'Reviews Count' and 'Now in Wishlist'.
  • Optional indexing to improve performance for large catalogs.
  • Ability to disable sorting options.
Version 1.1.0
Last Update: Oct 24, 2011
1.1.0 - Oct 24, 2011:
  • Ability to have descending sorting by default.
  • Ability to show products with zero quantity at the end of the list, even if their inventory status is 'in stock'.
  • Bugfix.
Version 1.0.8
Last Update: Jul 21, 2011
1.0.8 - Jul 21, 2011:
  • Posibility to define which sorting options should be used for which category.
  • Ability to configure calculation periods for 'Bestseller' and 'Most Viewed' sorting options and other settings.
  • Bugfix of translation and default sorting issues.
  • Code refactoring.
1.0.78 - Mar 07, 2011:
  • Compatibility with new version of Improved Navigation.
1.0.6 - Feb 28, 2011:
  • Added sorting by the the number of views.
  • Sorting order for New products set to descending by default.
1.0.5 - Dec 28, 2010:
  • Added sorting by the date the products were created.
  • Fixed issue with grouped products
1.0.4 - Aug 16, 2010:
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.3.
  • Admin can now set sorting by bestsellers or rating as default.
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