How to create the Mega Menu in Magento 2 in 3 minutes?

How to create Mega Menu in Magento 2?

Wondering how to create a Mega Menu in Magento 2? Creating may look like a long and difficult process. But with our Magento Mega Menu extension and documentation to it, you can set up a basic menu in 3 minutes. In this video tutorial, we will show you how to set up Mega Menu in Magento 2 step-by-step. As an example, we’ll take the menu on our website and try to recreate it.

How to add Mega Menu in Magento?

Want to know how to add Mega Menu in Magento with our extension? To add it navigate to Stores > Configuration > Amasty Extensions > Mega Menu Lite. Set Yes in the Enabled dropdown to enable the mega menu. After that set Yes in the Enable hamburger menu for categories dropdown to have the possibility to hide categories in a separate menu type.

Magento Mega Menu documentation

The Magento Mega Menu documentation is included with the extension and describes its capabilities, as well as how to implement these capabilities. Our user guide will help you implement all the extension's functions without any problems with a detailed description of each setting that you have to do. In addition to the documentation, you can watch a video detailing the creation of the Mega Menu.

To learn more about Mega Menu settings, please check our user guide.

How can I create a custom mega menu in Magento 2?

To create a custom mega menu in Magento 2, you can follow these steps:

  • Install a mega menu extension or create a custom module that includes the functionality of a mega menu.
  • Configure the menu structure by creating Magento 2 menu items, submenus, and dropdowns in the backend.
  • Customize the appearance of the mega menu by applying CSS styles, adding images, or changing fonts.
  • Implement the mega menu by adding the code snippet to the header or footer of your Magento theme.

Creating a custom desktop and mobile menu in Magento 2 can provide an intuitive navigation experience for your customers, which can increase their engagement and improve their shopping experience.
In addition to Mega Menu, consider enabling the Improved Layered Navigation to equip your website with a highly flexible horizontal and vertical category menu for Magento 2.

See more details on Mega Menu for Magento 2 page

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