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How to display best seller products in Magento 2?

According to the Pareto principle, 20% of products in your Magento 2 bring 80% of revenue. These products we used to name the best sellers. To make the most of your best sellers, you can display them separately and attract even more buyers. Let’s see how to do it.

What products are best sellers in your Magento 2 store?

By default, Magento 2 collects the statistics about your products, orders, taxes, and others. One of these statistics is the information about the best-selling items in the catalog. To get relevant info about them, navigate to Reports > Statistics > Refresh Statistics, select all the reports on the grid, and choose Refresh Lifetime Statistics from the dropdown. Then click Submit.

refresh statistics

Once ready, go to the Dashboard, open the Bestsellers tab, and you will get the list of the best-selling products in your Magento 2.

To see more detailed information, go to Reports > Products > Bestsellers

When you have the list of needed products, you can display them on a storefront in 2 ways.

Method 1: Default Magento 2 widget

Step 1. To create a new widget, go to Content > Widgets and click Add Widget.

Step 2. In the Type field, choose the Catalog Product List option.

Step 3. Then, specify your Design Theme and click Continue.

Step 4. Enter the Widget Title that will be displayed in the admin panel, choose Store Views to assign the widget, and set the Sort Order

Step 5. Next, go to the Layout Updates section and click Add layout Update. There you can choose where you want to display the product list. For example, you can show the best selling products by category in your Magento 2 store.

layout updates

Step 6. Go to the Widget Options tab and fill in the Title that will be displayed on the frontend. 

Step 7. Choose if you want to use Display Page Control and set the Number of Products Displayed Per Page.

Step 8. Specify the Number of Products to Display. Enter the Cache Lifetime, if needed.

Step 9. In the Conditions field, set up what products should be displayed in the widget.

Step 10. Save the changes.

Method 2: Automatic Related Products

Our Automatic Related Products extension allows you to create rules that will trigger the display of related products, best sellers, and cross-sells.

The plugin allows not only using the product attributes in the rule condition but also displaying viewed and bought together products. It supports the Same As condition so you can show products that are from the same category or have the same price level as the selected product.

Also, the Magento 2 module allows sorting your best selling products by price or by newest. As a result, you can make more complex and detailed product blocks that will bring more sales.

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