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Favorite Products for Magento 1

Allow customers to save shopping carts and create lists of frequent purchases. Help your customers to plan their shopping to ensure more deals! Know more about your customer’s taste, needs and habits.

  1. Add to Magento multiple wishlists with advanced features
  2. Let customers create lists of their favorite products
  3. Make it easy for customers to make repeat purchases
  4. Each customer can have multiple lists of favorites
  5. Use customers’ favorite products for admin orders
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Ability to create lists of favorite products turns one-time buyers into regular customers.

Favorite product lists for your customers' comfort.

Very often customers have to plan their shopping in advance - they may need certain products regularly (e.g. consumer goods or food); for special occasions, to make sure they will have all they need, etc. The extension makes this process much more comfortable - with it customers can create lists of their favorite products, save lists of products, they are planning to buy in the future, etc., which motivates them to come back to your website and place more orders. And they can transform lists of products into orders with just a click of a button.

Increase chances of regular purchases.

With wishlist, products disappear from it once they are added to cart. With Magento wishlist extension the items remain in the list, so the list can be reused as many times an needed. Also if the customer abandons the cart at some point, the favorite products list will be another reminder of unfinished order. Just let you customers find products fast, save them to a wishlist - and they will buy them! These simple options are the key to success!

Higher sales conversion rate than with wishlist.

Imagine a customer has more than 3 configurable or bundled products in the Magento wishlist with no options specified and then wants to add them all to the cart. Now imagine how bored the customer would become when he or she has to specify options for all these products. Not all customers are that patient and many of them will either order fewer items or abandon the cart altogether. With Favorite Products, options are always selected at the moment when customers add products to favorite lists. And when the products are already in the list, it takes just a click to add them to the cart. So the chances of order completion are much better.

Possibility to import data into lists of favorites

Customers can import CSV file with the list of their frequent purchases to create a wishlist.


Download sample CSV file
Download sample CSV

Please click the Download button to get the sample CSV file with the list of products. You can use this file to check the way extension works on our demo.

Shopping process improvements for you and your customers.

Saves custom options, options of configurable and bundle products.

Unlike with default magento wishlist, with Favorite Products custom options and options of configurable and bundled products are saved. The options can be seen in the favorite products list. So after adding such products to the favorite lists customers will be able to proceed to the order with just one click, without having to specify the options.

Multiple lists of favorite products.

Customers can create as many lists of favorite products as they need. For example, one list for holiday presents, one for regular purchases, one for sports equipment, etc. It is possible to move items between lists. For each list customers can see the total price.

Customers can save shopping carts to favorite lists.

Customers can save all shopping cart items to magento 1 or 2 favorite products list with just one click. At the same time the products are not deleted from the cart, so the customer will be able to complete the order without problems. This feature is very convenient for customers who want to reuse the magento product list for future purchases or come back later to complete the order. 'Save shopping carts' feature works only for simple products.

You can view favorites in admin panel and use them for orders.

For each customer there's a tab called 'Favorites', where admin can see the list of products added by the customer to favorite lists. In addition, when creating orders from admin panel for a customer, admin can add favorite products to the order. This is especially important for corporate clients and for phone orders.

Product questions

How to create a CSV file to import lists of products via the `Amasty: Favorite Products` extension?

A customer can save shopping cart by importing a .csv file with favorite products.

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