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Increase your conversion rate by motivating customers to recover their abandoned carts. Send mass cart reminders, easily customize email templates and generate coupons to encourage visitors come back to your store.
Create unlimited number of flexible rules
Capture email early via AJAX
Use customizable sending schedule
Automatically generate coupons
Track sending history
30 Days moneyback
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120 Days free support

Cart Abandonment: Why do customers leave their carts?

magento shopping cart abandonment

Abandonment statistics

According to the Sale Cycle the average abandonment rate in the sales sector is over 73% and the overwhelming majority of abandonments happen in the time period between 1pm and 2 pm.

Among the common reasons for leaving their carts shoppers specify the following:

  • High shipping costs (44%)
  • Hesitation, simply being not ready to purchase (41%)
  • Too high product prices (25%)

Noticeably Increase Your Revenue

Destroy customers’ hesitation

Very often online shoppers add products to their carts, but don’t complete purchases because of hesitation. Remove the hesitation with the Magento Abandoned Cart Emails extension by getting closer to customers and boost your sales, by motivating visitors to restore their abandoned shopping carts.

Boost your conversion rates

Do you know that according to the latest statistics every single cart reminder sent to customers brings about $5 back to online store? In a highly competitive e-commerce market you just can’t afford ignoring potential profit which could be generated by abandoned carts. So a timely cart reminder dramatically increases your chances to get another conversion.

Get more loyal clients

Show your customers you highly appreciate them by offering tempting discounts in your Magento abandoned cart email. You can easily personalize your cart reminders and therefore get more powerful feedback.

magento abandoned cart email extension


Let customers quickly restore their carts

Show your customers you highly appreciate them by offering tempting discounts in your Magento abandoned cart email. You can easily personalize your cart reminders and therefore get more powerful feedback.

Create unlimited number of email templates

You can create unlimited number of email templates to easily draw customers’ attention to their abandoned carts.

Use advanced template options

With the new flexible options you can easily customize templates according to your specific needs:

  • Display configuration options like size, color etc. in the email template.
  • Use format manager to display currency, dates, price and time in the necessary format.
  • Use URL manager to automatically create URLs corresponding to Magento requirements.

Incentivize customers with discounts

The module allows inserting discount coupons into any of the cart reminders so that customers will be highly motivated to come back to your store and purchase the items from their abandoned carts. E.g. you may send 3 cart reminders to a customer and add discount coupons to 2-nd and 3-rd emails to increase the chance of order.

Highly-configurable cart reminder emails for max efficiency

Individual rule for each type of products

Different products require different approaches to be sold. Clients who are going to purchase expensive products, for example cars or jewelry, require more attention. So, you can create a special rule for such types of products to send more emails and promo coupons to potential clients. While visitors who have abandoned their carts with just a few cheap items can receive only one or two cart reminders.

Create unlimited number of rules

You can create unlimited number of flexible rules to send as many cart reminders as you need with the Magento shopping cart abandonment extension. For each rule you can specify individual number of emails to be sent, e.g. for simple and cheap products it may be 2 reminders, for more expensive ones it may be 4 or 5 emails.


magento abandoned cart email module
magento abandoned cart email extension

Use customizable sending schedule

If you are going to send more than one reminder email to particular customers you can specify any time periods between cart reminders in a sequence to adjust their sending to your specific needs.

Automatically add coupons to emails

Motivate customers to return to your online store and complete their purchase with coupons. You can specify conditions when the coupons should be automatically sent to clients. E.g. you can send coupons only to the customers whose cart value is more than $200. Also it is possible to choose to which emails to add coupons, e.g. you can send the first cart reminder without coupon and add coupons starting from second or third email.

Capture emails of guest visitors with AJAX

Usually customers are not likely to register on shopping sites, so it’s very important to have the ability to send follow up emails not only to authorized visitors, but to guests as well. The Magento Abandoned Cart Emails module enables you capture guest emails when visitors fill in the checkout fields to send them cart reminders in case they interrupt the checkout process. The extension captures the customers’ emails with AJAX, so the emails are saved right after they are entered.

Cancel email sending based on stock availability

The emails dispatch automatically stops when customers click on the "restore cart" link or in case any product in cart is out of stock. After an order is placed, emails won't be sent as well.

Manage rules faster using mass actions

It’s possible to enable, disable or delete rules in bulk. You can apply these actions to any number of rules right from the grid.

Send targeted emails

While creating a rule you can specify customer groups, order amount, particular brand names etc. Such flexibility will help you to effectively set up mass email sending by accurately targeting it.

Track the number of recovered carts in a current month

Use new condition to track how many carts each particular customer has restored this month. Due to this option you get even more precise abandoned cart recovery data and prevent abuse from customers who abandon their carts too often.

Possibility to make the coupon available for the email recipient only

To take the coupon usage over total control make the promo-code sent in the follow up email valid only for the email addressee.

Test your campaigns, track email sending and analyze results

Analyze your campaigns

History grid shows who of your customers just opened a recovery link, recovered the cart as well as whether they used the attached coupons or not. You can filter and sort the data by rule name, customers’ names and emails, status, etc for effective analysis of your campaigns. For a proper analyzing you can also export the detailed history of all abandoned carts.

Manage and import email blacklist

The cart reminder extension enables you quickly view, edit and import customers' emails blacklist. Now you can add the emails to list either manually or by uploading them from your computer.

Send test emails

The module allows you create test emails and send them to the appropriate email address to check out if everything functions correctly.

With the extension you can also:

  • Disable auto sending option and manage cart reminders manually.
  • Stop sending emails once the recovery link is opened.
  • Send a reminder copy to alternate email address.
  • Send emails to registered customers only (not guests).

Moderate emails in the queue

Before an email is sent it gets into the sending queue where you can see all the sending details and edit emails. Modify the scheduled date and time as well as the customer's email address. You can also edit the email templates right from the queue grid.

Use cart reminders wisely

New abandonment trends

The most common reasons for cart abandonment mentioned at the very beginning seem to be quite predictable, but there is one interesting tendency – high abandonment rates during the lunch time. Who are those people who browse through online shopping websites and then abandon their carts? Usually these are the office employees who try to grab a couple of free minutes during the lunch break to find the products they need. But when the break is over they have to close the website without making a purchase.

Hint: Show such customers an easy and clear way to come back to your store to complete the purchase process.

How cart abandonment reminders can improve the situation

Keeping in mind the info about the latest cart abandonment trends you can easily elaborate more effective email sending policy.

  • First of all, by tracking the time of cart abandonment as well as the cart value of the purchases, you can better specify the segments of the target audience for your emails. This will help you create personalized email templates for each segment.
  • By setting the appropriate email sending frequency and including coupons depending on the customers’ segment you have more chances to increase your conversions.

Enrich the list of your marketing tools

Compatibility with other modules

The extension fully supports the One Step Checkout module functionality allowing you to easier capture customers' email addresses and launch effective email campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Email video review

To see how Abandoned Cart Email extension works please watch the video review.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code

Online Extension User Guide

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Not Good Solution
I bought many extensions of the amasty, but mysteriously, always gives close problems to win, this extension for example is up to legal, easy configuration, but does not send the emails. I am months without the product to work (I suspect that it did not work), I already bought up to two extensions here that never worked, nor wanted the money back, of so much annoyance. The good side is that the support is attentive. I'm doing a review of this product, if I did others, I think they would not even publish, because except Fullpage cache (which despite the problems is good), and the free extension of sidebar review, no one is saved.
good extension but can be better
Hi. I recently bought this extension, as an addition to Follow Up email. OK. it could be just one extension. but nevermind.
Extension works almost well, rules are robust. you can make chain of messages etc.

There some things to fix/improve:

1. coupon code is not applied when customer is clicking link email. Customer is logged to the store, its session is handled, so why not to apply email coupon at once?

2. Event cancelling should be multiple choice instead of dropdown with just only 2 options. It can be much powerful when different events are triggered (now its purchase and link clicking.) but this is not enough
Tomek Jordan
Extension is great and support is even more great!
The extension works great for me and the support helped me a lot in installing the extension.
Must say you can freely choose Amasty products they are good with there products and support.
Brilliant way to keep your customers with you
I write reviews very seldom. This time I’m just happy with the extension, and delighted to say a few words.
It’s an excellent email trigger with multiple options and opportunities. It took some time to “play” with all of them. The number of features, possibilities and customizations is amazing!
Actually, sending out the first bunch of emails I was afraid that clients will mark this mail as spam. Instead we’ve received a positive feedback; the clients came back for actual purchases. We recovered a lot of abandoned cart with this plugin.
E-mail templates are also worth noticing, they look really good. But if you want to create your own template, you’ll have to figure out how to do it. It would be nice if this feature becomes more intuitive and user-friendly. So I can tell for sure that it's a great idea for that price.
Generally, it’s one tool to earn more without any extra work.
does what it says
one of the best email trigger modules so far. Lots of options – everything nee ded for sending emails and tracking them. No conflicts with other extensions as well.
Although you can customize the templates and add various product parameters and stuff in it, it would be much easier if there were a couple of decent email templates – but we had to design them and code them so they look good. With this option it would be an all-in-one solution saving our time.
Great tool
Excellent email trigger with wide functionality! Most of all I use promo campaigns based on customer wishlist and previous orders. It took me a minimum of time to set up email trigging but the results I got are beyond words.
One thing that made me a little bit sad is the design of email templates. I expected something more. Yes they’re customizable but I wanted ready cool-designed templates.
Overall, this is a great module and will be even better once they made the above mentioned improvement.
Magento Connect,
Excellent on all counts
Just a good addon for retargeting, very well thought out. Our worry that customers wouldn't like receiving abandoned cart reminders proved to be unfounded. We have already seen a clear ROI in the first 2 weeks.
So, the addon is exactly what they promised, plus excellent customer support.
Magento Connect
Well done Amasty!
Easy installation and highly customizable extension for re-marketing.
A must have for every online shop...
KS Alex
Great tool
This extension is a great tool to follow up potential customers. I had some problems with sending emails at first but Amasty support helped me out. Good job!
Very useful extension
This extension allow our store to send mail for each group of customer with conditions.
Comprehensive extension that offers multiple opportunities
Excellent re-marketing solution
This extension allows to integrate an excellent re-marketing solution.

It also comes with a nice mail theme that, in most cases, can be used as is.

Unbeatable value for money
Template issues
This extension works exactly as it's described on the product page. But I couldn't find out the way to create email templates by myself and had to contact Amasty support. After the guys helped me I had no problems with the plugin and I'd definitely recommend it to others.
Alice_Green World
My boss is happy with the module.
Working well.
Jerry Hew
Great tool to draw more customers
Easy to use, handy tool to remind customers about the carts they abandon. You now, we really didn't expect that this would increase our conversions rate so quickly. Amazing results!
Nice work Amasty!
Another good extension from you guys! Powerful configuration compared to competitors. Some pre-defined e-mail templates would be great! Another suggestion is to be able to send coupons that loss their cost with over time. For example if customer comes to proceed with his order within 1 hour after abandoned e-mail is sent, he gets 20% off. If he comes after a day, he gets only 10%.

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Version 1.12.4 - January 04, 2017
– Few minor fixes for images of configurable products and delivery time
Version 1.12.3 - November 30, 2016
– New cancel conditions based on stock availability
– Multiple Cancel Conditions can be used now
– Improved compatibility with Auto Add Promo Items extension
– It is now possible to schedule emails to be sent after 30 days of cart abandonment
Version 1.12.2 - November 23, 2016
– Check if quote (pending cart) still exists and is not expired
Version 1.12.1 - November 22, 2016
– Minor fix for a quote (pending cart) was removed for some reason
Version 1.12.0 - November 03, 2016
– Improvement for e-mail sending routing
Version 1.11.18 - October 17, 2016
– Fixed wrong URL generation in some cases
Version 1.11.17 - September 23, 2016
– Mass actions added to the Rules grid to Enable, Disable or Delete rules in bulks
Version 1.11.16 - September 12, 2016
– Multiple triggers to cancel follow-up
Version 1.11.14 - July 14, 2016
– Timezone modifications.
Version 1.11.13 - June 21, 2016
– Minor general improvements
Version 1.11.12 - March 01, 2016
– Compatibility improvements
Version 1.11.11 - January 20, 2016
– 3-d party SMTP modules compatibility
– Older Magento versions support
Version 1.11.10 - December 09, 2015
– Option to use shopping cart rule coupons in the messages. It gives additional level of flexibility when create conditions and limitations for generated coupons
Version 1.11.9 - November 02, 2015
– Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility: fix for conditions tab page
Version 1.11.8 - October 27, 2015
– Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
Version 1.11.7 - October 14, 2015
– Code refactoring: emails capture functional has been moved to the layout, set stop_rules_processing = 0 when create coupon by default,
– CC has been changed to BCC, SMTP extensions compatibility
Version 1.11.6 - July 10, 2015
– Magento security fix
– Minor improvements for coupons
Version 1.11.5 - May 14, 2015
– Minor improvements for coupon apply logic
Version 1.11.4 - April 25, 2015
– Magento 1.4 compatibility
– Using base currency at email
– Optimization for generation coupons by cron
Version 1.11.2 - March 27, 2015
– Coupon is applied automatically, client does not need to enter it manually
– Option to to send alerts to registered clients only.
Version 1.11.1 - March 18, 2015
– New option to send emails to registered customers only (not guests)
– Added compatibility with several 3-d party one page checkout modules
– Fixed price display in the email template
Version 1.11.0 - February 05, 2015
– Better compatibility with Auto Add Promo Items extension
– Fix for coupon validation
Version 1.10.0 - December 16, 2014
– Possibility to use URL manager for the email templates to automatically create correct Magento URLs.
– Admin can use format manager for the email templates to display data like date or price in the necessary format.
Version 1.9.0 - October 30, 2014
– Coupons now are restricted to the same customer EMAIL as in the cart
– Admin can show configuration options for products in the cart in the email template
Version 1.8.0 - August 29, 2014
– Ability to show configuration options (like color or size) for each product in the email
Version 1.7.0 - July 23, 2014
– Manage and import blacklist
– Export emails history
– Auto apply coupon code (if any)
Version 1.6.1 - May 22, 2014
– Compatibility with SMTP extensions.
Version 1.6.0 - May 03, 2014
– New variables in the templates:
– {{var schedule.getDiscountAmount()}}
– {{var schedule.getExpiredInDays()}}
– {{var schedule.getSubtotalGreaterThan()}}
Version 1.5.0 - April 17, 2014
– Locale file added
– new configuration params for the products list in the email template:
– {{layout handle="amacart_email_quote_items" quote=$quote history=$history mode=list image=yes price=yes priceFormat=exculdeTax descriptionFormat=short discount=yes }}
Version 1.4.0 - April 11, 2014
– Better multi-store support
– New options to display prices in email (incl. or excl. tax)
Version 1.3.8 - February 26, 2014
– Category conditions
– Right rules validation for carts with virtual products only
Version 1.3.6 - January 20, 2014
– Category conditions
– TM_FireCheckout compatibility
– Skip carts with zero items
Version 1.3.3 - December 09, 2013
– HTML templates moved to base package
– New email template variable getCheckoutUrl()
– Email capture works well under https
Version 1.2.4 - November 20, 2013
– History for deleted schedule is now also visible.