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Order Attributes v3.1.8

Order Attributes extension allows you to efficiently collect and use all the necessary order info by adding custom fields to checkout page. Get all the order data you need during checkout and process orders faster.
Collect enough order-related information
Improve order processing not to lose money
Grow customer satisfaction with faster order completion
Create any number of fields for checkout pages
Display the info on order grid, order pages, in emails, etc

Order Attributes

Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x
Highly Reliable Extension

Screenshots: (click to zoom)

Get enough information – complete orders without delays:

Add fields for business information, delivery date, marketing questions, etc. to checkout page

Stop calling or emailing your customers to get additional data - add more fields to checkout page and receive all the necessary information at once with advanced Magento checkout fields manager tool. For example, you can add to your Magento order comments field to let customers leave their feedback.

Increase customer satisfaction.

You get a unique chance to customize checkout page in Magento and make your customers happier. First, order process at your store becomes much faster. Secondly, you gather required order information and use it effectively, e.g. improve your customer service by collecting priceless info from Magento checkout comment field or offer the products relevant to customers' demand.

Improve usability of your store for both customers and admins:

Add attributes to the order grid for more convenient order data management

Show the attributes on the order grid for convenient access to the data. Sort and filter orders by the custom attributes for easy reporting.

Completely integrated with admin order creation and editing

You can fill in custom Magento order attributes when creating orders from admin panel. Edit order attributes' values after the order was placed, right from the order view page in admin panel. When an order is edited, the attributes are copied into the new order.

Attribute values can be saved for future checkouts

Why is it useful? - Registered customers will not need to enter the same information with each order.

new!Protect created attribute values

Order attribute values are now restored if something went wrong when you create orders in the backend.

Ability to use default values

Feel free to automatically apply default value for cases, when the attribute field was not filled in or if the attribute is set to be not visible on front end.

new!Possibility to use calendar for date type order attributes

With the help of calendar option admin users can quickly specify all date type attributes when creating orders in the backend.

Attribute configuration options:

Add any number of fields of many types

You can add unlimited number of Magento custom checkout fieldsAvailable field types: text field, dropdown, checkboxes, dependable dropdowns, date with time and many others.

magento order attributes

Flexible conditions for attribute display

Choose at which store views to display the fields. You can also display the attributes on order view pages both to admins and customers.

new!Display attributes based on selected shipping method

You can show additional attributes only when a specific shipping method is selected.  E.g. Display a field for Magento order comments when a customer chooses self-delivery option.

Use the attributes in e-mails and PDF docs

The fields can be added to the order-related emails and PDF documents (shipment emails, invoices and packing slips).

new!Add custom attributes to HTML print-outs

Add any order attributes you need to HTML print-out documents on the customer order confirmation page.

Advanced extension features:

  • Support of Paypal Express checkout.
  • Order attributes can be used in any email template which has order object (for example order confirmation email), with possibility to process them by functions.
  • Values of custom order attributes are available via Magento API with "sales_order.info" method. Works both via SOAP and XML-RPC.

Take a look at some more solutions for collecting order information:

Order attributes functionality is compatible with One Step Checkout extension. You can add custom fields to checkout page, which shows all 6 standard Magento checkout steps on one page and lets you configure them according to your requirements. One more extension for collecting customer information is Customer Attributes extension. Place fields on registration page to know age, preferences and interests of customers, receive documents and all other information you may need. Order Memos and Attachments module enables you to make memos, add important data (like processing or actual shipping dates) to any orders after customers or admins have created them.

7 reasons to choose  
Risk-free Investment
Risk-free Investment

30-day moneyback guarantee for all extensions. No questions asked.

Comprehensive Documentation
Comprehensive Documentation

There is a detailed user guide with examples even for tiny addons. FAQ section and videos also available.

Solutions Which Work
Solutions Which Work

Careful in-house testing ensures you get robust applications. Multiple stores support. Custom themes compatibility. All included.

Outstanding Support
Outstanding Support

Our support service is friendly and of high quality. And it is free. Unbelievably. Just check independent reviews at Magento Connect.

Usability and Performance
Usability and Performance

Nice and easy to use interfaces. Fast algorithms. Save your time and get things done.

Flexible and Easy Licensing
Flexible and Easy Licensing

No product or store view or domain limits. No monthly fees. No hidden charges. One extension license for one Magento installation.

Long Term Strategy
Long Term Strategy

We've been in the market for 5+ years. We're proud to be a Bronze partner and are planning to stick to Magento platform for years ahead. We're doing our best to build extensions which maximize effectiveness of your business. We're open to customers' suggestions and constantly update our products to match your needs.

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code

Online Extension User Guide

Questions & Answers

Product questions

How to get/output order attribute value via PHP code?
Rate the answer?

Please use the following code if you need to get order attribute value anywhere while using Order Attributes extension:


<?php $value = $order->custom('attribute_code'); ?>


where $order is order object, and attribute_code is a code of order attribute, created via the `Amasty: Order Attributes` extension.

Customer Reviews
A must haveReview by jcgarcia_1
Overall extension rating
You can pretty much embed it to any customized payment module and also amasty support is great. They have a very efficient ticket support center for those developers that might need additional references. It really does its jobs as it is described. I recommend it.

Magento Connect (Posted on 7/8/14)
Outstanding Product and Support!Review by delivertomark
Overall extension rating
Order Status by Amasty is an outstanding product with equally great support. I am recommending this to everyone who would like to better manage the state of their orders. We have done a lot of customization and support has been great and very prompt. (Posted on 10/29/13)
This is a great extensionReview by wholes16
Overall extension rating
This is a great extension and Amasty provides good support. This extension has functionality into the Magento API, which make it a very powerful tool! (Posted on 10/24/13)
Great Extension, Great SupportReview by DanielBaker
Overall extension rating
As a Magento developer myself, I quickly realised from looking at the demo of this extension how much time it could save me on developing some highly specific checkout modifications. This is one of the most well-thought-out extensions I have ever used and integrates so seamlessly into the Admin that it would be easy to forget that it's not part of the Mage core. Due to having my Friday brain installed, I encountered a problem with the installation but a quick email to Amasty support and they logged in and fixed it for me in no time... Notice that I say they FIXED IT FOR ME, not TOLD ME HOW TO FIX IT. It's rare to get that level of support from anyone. If you're wondering if this extension is value for money: it is. If you're wondering if it has "X" feature, or allows you to do "Y": it does.

Hats off to Amasty for a superb extension. (Posted on 8/19/13)
Order attributes is a must have extension for every eshop!!Review by mmakri
Overall extension rating
Order attributes is a must have extension for every eshop! It makes the procedure to add custom fields to the checkout process as easy as it gets. But, the most important of all is not that Amasty have created an extension that really works...it is that their support is second to none! (Posted on 8/4/13)
RecommendedReview by MikeM
Overall extension rating
Im using this extension and it works perfectly. All support questions were answered very quickly and Alex was very helpful to me. Would definately recommend this product and also Customer Attributes works very nicely too! Easy to install and use.

Magento Connect (Posted on 3/16/13)
Amazing tool for everybodyReview by brockman
Overall extension rating
We made pretty extensive use of this extension with ease. Any questions I had were answered quickly and I've got to say the support is excellent. Orders now have a lot more detail collected up front and it's very clear in the admin what was entered by the customer.

Magento Connect (Posted on 3/16/13)
Support service is greatReview by jackaal
Overall extension rating
Have to say, Andrew on support was fantastic today. Helped us out greatly. Brilliant extension and top notch support. Thank you guys!

(Posted on 3/16/13)
Safe investmentReview by samstones
Overall extension rating
Purchased and installed this extension. The install instructions were slightly incorrect meaning I couldn't get the module to work properly but the developer replied promptly and we got it working in the end. Does what I wanted and I would recommend it.

Magento Connect (Posted on 3/16/13)
usefulReview by garnish
Overall extension rating
Thanks again Amasty for yet another excellent Magento extension. Just installed it and we're really loving it. We had a small glitch after it installed, but Alex responded quickly and the issue was resolved in minutes. Much appreciated! Keep it up.

Magento Connect (Posted on 3/16/13)
Great extensionReview by whiteorca
Overall extension rating
Works as expected. Good extension. Have used other Amasty extensions and made some cusomisations - their support is very swift to help if you need them. Thanks (Posted on 3/11/13)
Just what I was looking forReview by morettier
Overall extension rating
The extention was easy to install and it does what it says on the box.

The support was excellent fast and useful.
Excellent value for money!

I would highly recomend to anyone and any Company.
Thank you (Posted on 12/10/12)
Amasty is Great!Review by Dennis
Overall extension rating
I have used Amasty for several years (since Magento 1.3!) I have found the team at Amasty to be highly responsive and their extensions to be great. Highly recommended! (Posted on 10/2/12)
Great extension! And great support tooReview by marissennet
Overall extension rating
Great extension! And great support too.
I forgot to edit the .phtml files and thought the extension did not work. They changed the .phtml's for me, great service! :) (Posted on 8/3/12)
Fantastic support - above and beyond!Review by jerbourg
Overall extension rating
I have used this extension for quite a while - works perfectly! However, after upgrading my site I had a problem with the display - ages after any warranty period would have expired.
Problem? No. Fixed within 1 day by the developer.

Fantastic support - above and beyond!

Cheers Guys (Posted on 7/6/12)
Very responsive customer support from AmastyReview by LukeKMM
Overall extension rating
A useful extension that is easy to configure in the admin panel. Installation might be difficult for somebody who isn't used to dealing with code but nothing too tricky. (Posted on 3/30/12)

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Overall extension rating
Version 3.1.8 - Feb 11, 2015
– Better compatibility with One Step Checkout
Version 3.1.7 - Feb 05, 2015
– Possibility to add order attributes into HTML print-out of order confirmation email
– Possibility to add order attributes into shipment emails
– Possibility to use calendar for order attributes of date type on the order create page in the backend
– Order attribute values are now restored if something went wrong when creating order in the backend
– Fix for preview email template in the backend (transactional emails)
Version 3.1.5 - June 26, 2014
– Tested with the latest Magento CE 1.9 release.
Version 3.1.5 - Feb 20, 2014
– Compatibility with Magneto CE 1.8.1 and EE 13.1.2 has been verified
Version 3.1.5 - Jan 31, 2014
– Minor fix for inserting fields into PDF documents
Version 3.1.4 - Oct 25, 2013
– Full compatibility with Delivery Date extension
– Correct support for non-latin characters in attribute values
Version 3.1.2 - August 8, 2013
– Bugfix for role permissions
Version 3.1.1 - July 11, 2013
– Great new feature - display of order attributes based on selected shipping method. E.g. you can show some additional fields when UPS method is selected. Developed in cooperation with Commercers
Version 3.0.5 - May 22, 2013
– On-click trigger of calendar for date type field.
– Fix for date fields processing.
– Added store view check for attributes.
– Improved display of order attributes in emails.
Version 3.0.4 - May 8, 2013
– Fix for incorrect date value when no date selected.
Version 3.0.3 - April 2, 2013
– Feature: can add attributes into invoice e-mails.
– Fix for checkboxes.
Version 3.0.2 - March 3, 2013
– Order attributes can be shown on shipment/invoice grid and view pages.
Version 3.0.1 - February 24, 2013
– bug fix for observer (incorrect method call)
Version 3.0.0 - February 11, 2013
– Order attributes can be shown on shipment/invoice grid and view pages.
– New validation rule (25 characters length check).
– Fixed display of line breaks for text area attribute on the order grid.
– Fixed permissions for display of fields on the frontend.
Version 2.9.5 - November 27, 2012
– Bugfix for multiple lines in PDF for text area field.
– Fix for issue with 'back' button from the edit order attributes page.
– Fix for error on customer orders page in the backend.
Version 2.8.2 - November 1, 2012
– When an order is edited, the attributes are copied into the new order.
– Added attribute of Yes/No type.
– Fixed issue with multi-address checkout.
Version 2.8.1 - October 12, 2012
– Incorrect field label in transactional emails.
Version 2.7.3 - September 27, 2012
– Fix of error with filtering by attribute on the order grid.
Version 2.6.7 - August 31, 2012
– Minor bugfix.
Version 2.6.4 - July 25, 2012
– Ability to display fields on order review step of checkout.
– Speed improvement for dependent AJAX drop-downs.
Version 2.4.0 - May 7, 2012
– Ability to create checkbox fields.
– Bugfix for translations in emails.
Version 2.3.1 - March 6, 2012
– Customers can see order attributes and the data they entered on order view page in customers' accounts.
Version 2.2.1 - November 28, 2011
– Ability to automatically apply default value for cases, when the attribute field was not filled in or if the attribute is set to be not visible on front end.
Version 2.2.0 - November 25, 2011
–Ability to include order attributes in PDF documents (invoices and packing slips).
Version 2.1.0 - November 3, 2011
– Display of additional order fields (from billing/shipping steps) in the progress sidebar block on the onepage checkout.
– New field type: date with time. With possibility to show it's values on the order grid.
– Editing order attributes' values after the order was placed, right from the order view page.
– Dependent dropdowns. If you have 2 dropdown fields and want the second dropdown to display values depending on what has been chosen in the first field - this is now possible.
Version 1.5.0 - April 7, 2011
– Ability for admin to fill in custom order attributes when creating orders from admin panel.
Version 1.4.0 - February 21, 2011
– Admin can enable saving of values of custom order attributes for next checkout. This option works for registered customers and can be set individually for each custom order attribute.
Version 1.3.0 - January 26, 2011
– Ability to get values of custom order attributes via Magento API with "sales_order.info" method. Works both via SOAP and XML-RPC
Version 1.2.0 - January 21, 2011
– Ability to use order attributes in any email template that has order object (for example order confirmation email), with possibility to process them by functions.
Version 1.1.1 - January 15, 2011
– Add custom attributes to order confirmation emails that go to customers (optional).
Version 1.0.9 - August 29, 2010
– Choose which store view(s) to display the attributes at.
Version 1.0.3 - July 5, 2010
– Display the custom attribute values at the order grid.
– Sort and filter orders by custom attributes for easy reporting.