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Magento 1
Limit use of payment methods by country, state, groups, store view, customer and product attributes. In addition, you can apply restrictions based on order information.
Increase effectiveness of your payment process
Restrictions based on country, state, other shipping data
Limit payment methods based on product and order info
Block methods by customer groups and other customer data
Reduce business risks and don’t miss opportunities
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Effective and reliable payment process in Magento

 magento payment restrictions

Make the process of receiving payments more reliable

Nowadays there are many options for receiving money online and offline. With most online payments you get the money immediately. With offline payments this is a rather different story - it can take weeks to receive a wire transfer, as you can't make a person go to a bank. Getting payments is the core of every business, therefore it is absolutely necessary to properly organize the payment process. Create payment rules to properly manage access to payment methods.

Flexible restrictions to apply only when necessary

Magento Payment Restrictions module enables you to create very flexible payment options rules. On the one hand, they will restrict access to your Magento payment methods for some customers or in certain situations. And on the other hand, will give more options in particular cases or to trusted and privileged customers. For example, make 'check' payment method available only to customers, who have previously spent more than $500 at your site. 'Cash on delivery' only for registered or premium group of customers.

Increase effectiveness of your payment process

Sometimes it is necessary to limit usage of payment methods per products to prevent losses. E.g., it doesn't make sense to use certain payment gateways for small orders due to comparatively high processing fees. It is quite risky to provide options like 'cash on delivery' to new customers. In other situations, it makes sense to provide additional payment options, for example you can make wire transfer available to wholesale customers, who place large orders. With the module you will be able to fine-tune your payment system to maximize its output.

Flexible functionality for sensible payment restrictions

Restrict payment methods by customers' personal data and order history

Please be aware that restrictions based on customers' personal data and order history are available only if you have our Special Promotions Pro extension. With combination of Payment Restrictions and Special Promotions Pro you can apply restrictions to individual customers. For example you know a customer who takes a long time to send funds by wire transfer. You can block 'wire transfer' method for the customer by specifying email, name, id and even date of birth. Or vice versa you can reward customers with great order history. Give 'purchase order' or 'cash on delivery' to people, who have previously spent more than $1000 at your website and placed at least 3 orders.

magento payment method per product

Set restrictions based on purchase history and cart attributes

You can apply Magento payment method limitations based on order subtotal, weight and products quantity. For instance, you can disable 'checkout' for orders worth less than $5, as otherwise you will lose about $1 on payment processing. You can also use users purchase history, e.g. number of completed orders and total sales amount.

Restrict usage of Magento payment method per product attributes

All product attributes are available for restriction conditions. You can block 'check' method for products from a category with cheap items or for products of a certain manufacturer.

restrict payment in magento

Use customer attributes to set up payment conditions

Due to ability to use customer attributes when creating payment rule you can set up special conditions for individual customers. Various attributes concerning customer group, date of user registration, date of birth, gender, name and many others are at your service.

Limit use of payment methods by customer groups

Many store owners have privileged groups of customers. Now it is possible to grant extra payment options for such customers, e.g. 'cash on delivery'. Vice versa you can block offline payment methods for not logged in customers.

region based payment option magento

Create payment limitations based on shipping information

Use parameters such as country, state or province, city, text in address line (e.g. PO Box), zip code, shipping method for restrictions. Let's say you operate from Virginia. It will not make sense to allow 'cash on delivery' method in Alaska, so you can block the method for distant provinces, where your own couriers don't deliver.

Restrict certain payment methods by week days

Now you can choose particular days of the week to restrict payments according to your rule settings.

Specify to which products the rule should be applied

It's possible to apply each created rule to:

  • All products;
  • Backorders only;
  • Products that are in stock and can be ordered right now;

Block payment methods based on order information

Restrict specific payment methods for orders with particular average order value. It's also possible to limit payment methods by order status as well as by the number of days after order placement.

Payment restrictions can be applied both on front end and in admin panel

To avoid cases when admin forgets that certain magento payment gateways can't be used for some customers or situations, you can set the restrictions to apply in admin panel as well - individual setting for each rule.

Set restrictions for back-ordered items

For example, you can block PayPal payments for backorders, as obviously a customer can't be charged for products that are out of stock.

Restrict payment methods by store view and website

This region based payment option feature can be very useful when you have a separate website or store view for each region or customer group.

Conditions "starts from" and "ends with"

Especially useful for zip codes, so you can specify that a restriction should apply to all zip codes starting from '123' or ending with 'XYZ'.

Include taxes and discounts into subtotal

This option comes in handy when you would like to create restrictions based on subtotal. For instance, a rule limits ‘check/money order’ method for purchases with subtotal over $100. A customer buyes a product worth $120 and applies 10% coupon. When this option is active, the rule will not apply to such order, as subtotal after discount would be less than $100.

Do NOT apply restrictions with specific discount rules or coupons

With this option you can decide whether to apply restrictions when discount rules or coupons are active. You can motivate customers to make purchases by allowing them to choose any comfortable payment method in addition to a discount offer.

Apply payment restrictions for custom regions

Now you can combine countries and create custom areas; any limitations can be applied to all of the selected countries with just one rule.

restrict payment in magento

In case you need to add some extra payments, you can check put this Extra Fee extension.

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This should be a default feature in Magento!
An awesome extension that should be a default feature in Magento. It\'s extremely useful and you restrict payment methods based on anything that you can think of. Based on city? Done! Base on customer\'s data? Done! Based on coupon? Done! It works well in all custom themes and with the latest Magento version I highly recommend this extension!
nice app
I’ve chosen this mod cause the similar market product didn't work with magento 1.9. Still it turned out that there was a little issue with magento rules, so I got help on that from Amasty support team. They quickly helped me to add conditions to enable COD for the cities where we don’t sell our products. At present the extension gives us the functionality we need and is working great.
I have a suggestion to make this extension a bit better. It happens from time to time that we need to test checkout without a credit card. So in that case we need to enable payment method from specified IP addresses. So only the owner of the shop could pass a checkout without payment. It would be great if you could add such functionality to the module, guys.
Useful for international shipping
We have been using this extension for more than a year. It works with most popular payment methods, and when we had small issues with less popular payment methods, dear sirs from Amasty team helped us to solve these issues. Magento rules are pain so we also got help on that.
We like the extension because it worked in the way we didn’t expect it to work. We have a large shop and ship worldwide so we have lots of payment methods. When the customer sees lots of them and also methods that are not available in his country he gets confused. So we restrict the methods and we noticed that the conversion on the step of payment rose a little bit and it was a pleasant surprise.
Magento Connect
works as expected
I needed to restrict payment by some product attributes. It wasn't an easy task for me. This extension helped to complete it. Thanks, Amasty!
Good extension
Useful extension for my small web store. I try to secure my business in such way.

Excellent extension that does what it promises
Easy to install and simple to use. I am very pleased with all aspects of this extension.
Different payment combinations
If you need to restriction different payment methods for some customers or even for the whole customer groups, you need this solution. A big variety of possible rule combination can be created. Great.

We use 2 extensions together
At first I want to say, that we use the extension with Shipping and Payment by Customer Groups. That is a good combination of extensions and we create different restriction for our customers. Of course customers don't know about that, but our regular customers were very surprised when we offer to them new and more profitable ways to pay for their orders.

Once and forever
We want to advice to use the extension. Using this extension gave us possibility to separate payment methods for our products. It should be mentioned that as our store sells very different product we need to set different payment types. That's why it is more comfortable to set rules once and it will work all the time.

For our regular customers
We use the extension in combination with special promotions pro. We have a lots of customers, who have good order history, that's why we decided to reward them with payment methods which are not available for usual customers.
All in all the extension has a great number of useful features which can suite for different cases, which can appear in eCoomerce.

Thank you,
All features are true
For us the most important features were creation payment restrictions based on different product attributes and shipping information. We have a big variety of products with lots of attributes and we sell product all over the world. With the extension we can set lots of payment restrictions which will be suitable for us and our customers.

Magento Connect
For different customer groups
It is very powerful to use it with combination of Special Promotion Pro extension, also made by Amasty. We are using them to set payment methods for our customers. All customers have different order history and based on their history we offer them different payment methods. For customers with right order history we have different restriction methods.

Magento Connect
Very worthwhile!
This extension is clean, easy to use and does exactly what it says. We use it to restrict payment types for different customer groups (some have COD + Credit, others credit only). Tech support is excellent and quick.

Fantastic extension
Fantastic extension, easy to install easy to use. Great support from the company to config it.

Magento connect
Great extension with needed functionalties
This extension gives us the functionalities we need. Works great!

Magento connect
very good support
We had a problem with a payment extension, so first of all it didn't work. But the support has assisted us until it worked as it should.
Thank you!

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Version 1.3.1 - September 13, 2016
– Customer Attributes conditions
– Order History conditions
– New setting: Subtotal including tax and/or discount in conditions
Version 1.2.1 - August 11, 2016
– Compatibility with for Customer Segments in EE
Version 1.2.0 - August 02, 2016
– Option to apply restrictions to backorders
– Option to use subtotal with discount and tax in conditions
Version 1.1.3 - October 29, 2015
– New option: Do NOT apply restrictions with specific discount rules or coupons
Version 1.1.2 - October 27, 2015
– Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
Version 1.1.0 - May 19, 2015
– Possibility to create restriction by coupon code or shopping price rule
Version 1.0.9 - May 04, 2015
– Option to restrict payments for All orders, Backorders only or Non backorders
Version 1.0.8 - March 31, 2015
– Fixed coupon validation when it has mix of lowercase or uppercase letters
Version 1.0.5 - October 08, 2014
– Ability to use customer attributes as the conditions
Version 1.0.4 - July 11, 2014
– Possibility to use a particular day for restrictions.
Version 1.0.3 - October 14, 2013
– Ability to apply restrictions by city.
Version 1.0.2 - December 14, 2012
– New conditions "starts from" and "ends with". Especially useful for zip codes - you can specify, that a restriction should apply to all zip codes starting from '123' or ending with 'XYZ'.
– Improved compatibility with 1.5 and older Magento versions.
Version 1.0.1 - August 14, 2012
– Condition option for address line, e.g. you can set restrictions for addresses with PO Boxes.
– Fix of cache issue for product attributes in the conditions.