Sales Reps and Dealers for Magento 1

Take cooperation with sales reps and dealers to a new level. Assign customers to sales reps and dealers, so they can manage only their customers and create orders for them. Get convenient tools to control your sales reps and dealers.

  • Divide customers between your sales reps and dealers
  • Reps can manage and create orders only for their customers
  • Assign personal managers to wholesale and VIP customers
  • Convenient tools to control and manage your dealers
  • Remove confusion between your staff members
  • Switch dealers between orders
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Divide customers between your sales representatives and dealers

With this Magento reseller extension, you can easily create admin roles which allow to assign customers to admin users.

Great for those who work with wholesale customers

You will be able to appoint a personal manager for each wholesale customer within Magento.

Use wide range of options of this Magento wholesale extension

  • View and edit only customers assigned to them.
  • See only orders placed by customers assigned to them.
  • Create orders from admin panel only for their customers.
  • Assign their orders to other dealers, if allowed by admin.
  • Add new customers from admin panel. A customer created by admin will be automatically assigned to admin.
  • Receive copies of order emails when new orders are created by customers assigned to them.

Possibility to select dealers

Enhance customer experience by enabling your clients to select dealers while they are getting registered. There is also an option to allow clients to choose a dealer in the customer account and during checkout.

Customer group restriction for new orders

Now dealers and sales reps can assign orders they create only to the customer groups specified by the store administrator. This feature is extremely helpful for merchants who have different prices for different customer groups. Such a restriction prevents dealers from assigning orders to the inappropriate groups.

Admin in Magento can sign in as customer

By just clicking a button from the account of a customer in the backend, it is possible for admin users in Magento to sign on as customers. If Share Customer Accounts is set to Global, you can easily choose a website to browse.

Customers can view dealer information

You can show a block on front end, in which customers will see information about the dealers who process their orders, e.g. a small photo, name and contact data.

Build great relationships with your sales representatives and dealers

Sales Reps and Dealers wholesale extension helps to better organize processing of orders

Admin users will be able to see only orders of customers assigned to them and will know exactly what orders they are responsible for. This will reduce confusion and misunderstanding between your staff members. And will significantly increase speed and quality of order processing.

Your sales reps and dealers will trust you more and cooperate with you more willingly

Now your dealers will be sure that nobody will be able to reach and mess up their customers and orders' information. This will greatly improve your cooperation between sales representatives and dealers.

Tools to coordinate and control the work of sales representatives and dealers

Notifications when new dealer is assigned to order

You can setup email notifications for reassignment of dealers. If enabled, both the old and the new order dealer will receive notifications when an order dealer is changed.

You will be able to see the list of orders, placed by customers assigned to a user

And not just see, but also filter and sort. For example, if you pay commissions to sales reps and dealers based on complete orders, you will be able to filter out only completed orders.

Assign sales reps and dealers to customer groups

If you assign a dealer to certain groups, the dealer will be able to add customers only to these groups.

Switch dealers between orders

At an order view page you can see to what dealer the order is assigned and when necessary assign the order to a different dealer.

Nice looking email template

Use a renewed HTML email template to notify your store dealers about new orders made by customers assigned to them. You can also immediately notify your customers, that their orders are honored. Use variable in the order emails to let a client know, who will take care of the order.

Manage the ‘Edit User’ and ‘Edit Customer’ pages easily

Dealer column is added to the Customers Grid Manage Customers tab on the Edit User page. If you often run into post_max_size error on this tab, just hide it to avoid the issue.

Search and sorting of orders by dealer

The extension adds Dealer column to the order grid. It is possible to filter and sort orders by dealers.

New dealer name field is added to the Personal Information fieldset (Customer View tab) on the Edit Customer page. You can also change dealer for the customer on this page. Account Information tab now has a specific page to do so.

Save your time - apply mass actions

Assign customers to a dealer via mass action on the Customers Grid. This option and the dealer column which is now added to the grid, you can manage dealings in your store in an easy and convenient way. Besides, all new orders from guest or unassigned customers can now be handed to a specified default dealer. Ensure that new orders are immediately taken care of!

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Are Amasty extensions compatible with all themes and extensions by other vendors?
Amasty extensions work with all plugins we issued and with most 3rd-party plugins. If you come across a Magento 2 compatibility issue with any third-party module, we’ll definitely try to help you. If you face any technical issues, please create a ticket...
Will I get free support and updates?
Product updates for extensions purchased before Feb 1, 2022With the transition to product subscriptions, you will receive product updates for all extensions purchased before Feb 1, 2022 throughout the entire grace period — up to Aug 1, 2022. If you ...
Do you have the installation service?
Yes, you can use installation and configuration services that are available as the part of Pro and Premium add-ons for your product subscriptions.Please note that this installation service doesn’t include uninstallation. So, if you need to completely...
Can I request a free trial?
Amasty doesn’t provide any trials of Magento extensions. There's one exception: Amasty extensions are provided for testing or demo purposes to our official Platinum Partners as a part of the “access to Amasty extensions for testing purposes with Composer...
Can I test an Amasty extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?
Yes, you can install any Amasty extension on a test site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store.
How can I get a refund?
Amasty offers to its Customers a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee for the Software. In case the acquired extension didn’t meet your expectations, our support team is always ready to help you. Fees for support subscriptions and any services provided...
How can I receive a discount?
We are now working at a loyalty program for our customers that is supposed to bring even greater benefits in the long term. While it’s not out yet, you can look through these Special Offers. New discounts and specials are added every month. To stay ...
How to update a Magento 2 Amasty extension?
To update a Magento 2 extension by manual upload:1. log in to the customer account;2. navigate to the Products tab, scroll to the packages section, and click the Download link next to the extension that should be updated;3. Important: If some extension...
If I need additional features to be added to an Amasty extension, how can I ask for it?
To leave your feature request, log in to your customer account and open the Products tab. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and leave your feature request in the following form: As soon as you send your request, it is considered by our ...
How can I prolong support?
If you have an active support service subscription, it grants you access to support services for all products purchased before Feb,1 as long as your subscription is active. Alternatively, support services are only available as the part of a product ...
Can I change the EE extension to CE for free?
Usually, no, you can’t exchange modules. Please, contact our support managers and they’ll consider your case individually. → Learn more about our special offers
How can I get a discount to re-purchase plugins?
Usually, we don’t provide any discounts. But you can contact us, and we’ll consider your case individually. → Learn more about our special offers
What is the license policy? On how many websites can I use Amasty extensions?
Our license allows you to use a single extension license agreement on one Magento installation.If you run several domains on the same instance of Magento, you can use one extension license. However, if you run each website on a new installation of Magento...
How can I pay for Amasty extensions?
You can pay for our extensions in any convenient for you way as a full range of payment methods are supported. The most common means are credit card or PayPal. Security and fraud protection are guaranteed. If you need to pay for the order with a non...
Can a customer select the dealer during the registration?

Yes, using this Magento wholesale module you can make it with the small code modification in Sales Reps and Dealers extension. Please contact us, and we can add the feature for the installation service fee.

Can customers choose dealers themselves?

Yes, this can be done during registration or in the customer account. Go on reading to learn how to enable the function in your store.

Can I assign a dealer to the selected products?

No, this feature is not available in Sales Reps and Dealers extension.

Can new orders from customers be automatically assigned to either a sales rep or a dealer?

Yes, sure. If a customer X is associated with the dealer Y all his new orders will be assigned to this dealer.

Can this extension calculate commissions paid to dealers?

Currently, dealer comission is not available. 

How to install Magento 1 Amasty extensions?
Each Amasty extension package is provided with the extension files, installation & setup guides and a license agreement. Some extensions include import file examples as well.Before installing any extension, please create a backup of the root folder...
What is the difference between a Sales Rep and a Dealer?

Actually there is no difference between sales reps and dealers. Read on to see the functionality.

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Version 1.5.7
Last Update: Apr 03, 2020
1.5.7 - Apr 03, 2020
  • Fix we fixed the error on order grid page after apply dealer filter
1.5.6 - Jul 29, 2019
  • Improvement the multistore for Send Notification to a Dealer about New Order was added
  • Improvement we added the Login as Customer module was added in package with Sales Reps and Dealers
1.5.5 - Apr 09, 2019
  • Improvement a setting to allow a dealer to get access to all orders was added
  • Compatibility the compatibility with PHP 7.2.0 was enhanced
1.5.4 - Nov 19, 2018
  • Improvement a new order notification template was added
  • Improvement the process of notifications queue creation and clearance was improved
1.5.3 - Oct 01, 2018
  • Fix we resolved the error in a customer's account while \"Show Dealer description in customer dashboard\" option is YES
1.5.2 - Aug 22, 2018
  • Fix we fixed the issue with assigning dealers to orders
1.5.1 - Jun 25, 2018
  • Fix the issue with images added via the WYSIWYG editor was resolved
1.5.0 - Nov 13, 2017
  • Improvement we implemented the new logic of sending emails to dealers about new orders
  • New \"Allowed Customer Group\" property of user is required
  • New we added an option for assign orders by customer or to creator from backend
  • New now, you can show all customers for a dealer
Version 1.4.15
Last Update: Aug 02, 2017
1.4.15 - Aug 02, 2017
  • Fix we fixed an issue with an unauthorized access for dealer
1.4.14 - Jun 08, 2017
  • Improvement some performance improvements
1.4.12 - Mar 09, 2017
  • Improvement few minor improvements
  • Improvement the possibility for customer to select a dealer during checkout was added (with a setting to enable this feature)
1.4.11 - Feb 20, 2017
  • Fix the fix for auto assignment of order to dealer when creating order from the backend
1.4.10 - Jan 31, 2017
  • Improvement added the `Not Assigned` option in the Dealer filter on the Customers and Orders Grids
  • Fix we fixed Dealer column on the Customers Grid
1.4.9 - Jan 09, 2017
  • Improvement some speed improvement when exporting customers from customer grid (avoid double join)
1.4.8 - Dec 23, 2016
  • Fix the fix for extension's table being joined two times on the order export
1.4.7 - Jul 28, 2016
  • Fix resolved an issue with filtering on the Order Grid in some cases
  • Fix we fixed the restriction of invoice/shipment/creditmemo collection
1.4.6 - Jun 03, 2016
  • Fix several minor issues were resolved
1.4.5 - May 30, 2016
  • Fix a number of minor improvements
1.4.4 - Mar 30, 2016
  • Improvement added few improvements for emails and assignment of default dealer
1.4.3 - Nov 06, 2015
  • Improvement compatibility improvements
1.4.2 - Oct 21, 2015
  • New now you can allow customers to select a dealer in the customer account
1.4.1 - Oct 12, 2015
  • Fix fix for auto assign order created via backend
  • Fix fix for recurring profiles
1.4.0 - Sep 10, 2015
  • New added ability to change dealer for customer on the `Account Information` tab of the Edit Customer page
  • New added dealer name to the `Personal Information` fieldset (`Customer View` tab) on the Edit Customer page
  • New added Dealer column to the Customers Grid (`Manage Customers` tab) on the `Edit User` page
  • New ability to select website for Login as Customer feature, if `Share Customer Accounts` is Global
  • New ability to use {{var dealer}} variable in the order emails
  • New default Dealer - all new orders will be assigned to this dealer except if a specific customer is already assigned to another dealer
  • New Default Dealer - all new orders will be assigned to this dealer except if a specific customer is already assigned to another dealer
  • New we added the Dealer column to the Customer Grid
  • New now you can assign customers to a dealer via mass action on the Customers Grid
  • Improvement now you can hide the `Manage Customers` tab on the `Edit User` page
  • Improvement we reorganized the settings to make them more convenient to use
  • Fix fixed the Login as Customer issue if `index.php` present in Magento Base URL
Version 1.3.10
Last Update: Jul 16, 2015
1.3.10 - Jul 16, 2015
  • Compatibility full compatibility with Magento security guidelines
  • Improvement you can add the `Login as Customer` button only for user with appropriate permissions
  • Improvement introduced a separate node in ACL for the `Login as Customer` function
1.3.9 - May 08, 2015
  • Compatibility Login as Customer feature now works on Magento versions older than
  • Improvement now you can send delivery date reminder e-mail to appropriate sales rep (if have Delivery Date extension installed)
1.3.8 - Dec 23, 2014
  • Compatibility the code has no additional rewrites, except required for EE
  • Improvement translations file were added
  • Improvement we implemented new email template
  • Fix fixed filtering on the Reports tab
  • Improvement added customer group restriction on create new order
1.3.7 - Aug 11, 2014
  • New now you can select dealer during registration
1.3.5 - Jun 25, 2013
  • New now you can assign a dealer to multiple user groups
  • New the module now can display dealer info to customers
1.3.3 - Jun 14, 2013
  • New now admins can login as customer from backend
1.3.2 - Aug 15, 2012
  • New an ability to set multiple roles as dealers was added
  • New an ability to allow dealers to assign orders to other dealers was implemented
1.3.1 - Jun 25, 2012
  • Improvement now the dealer-to-admin messages block is not displayed at the shipping page
  • Compatibility we enhanced the EE compatibility
1.3.0 - Apr 10, 2012
  • New ability to reassign dealers
  • New now you can search and sort orders by dealer
  • New now you can send email notifications when new dealer is assigned to an order
Version 1.2.3
Last Update: Oct 28, 2011
1.2.3 - Oct 28, 2011
  • New admin has an option to assign a customer group to a dealer, so that the dealer can add customers only to the group
  • Compatibility better 1.6.x Magento versions compatibility
  • Fix several minor bugs were fixed
1.2.0 - Jul 28, 2011
  • Improvement now you can send a copy of the order email to the sales rep/dealer, when new order is created by a customer
  • Fix several bugfixes and queries optimizations
Version 1.1.0
Last Update: Jun 07, 2011
1.1.0 - Jun 07, 2011
  • New now you can view the list of orders placed by customers assigned to users

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