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updates to amasty extensions october

We do not stop at what we have previously done and continue to improve the modules so that you can use the extensions to their maximum potential. The most significant updates this month have gone to the Gift Card and Free Gift. Read on for more details. 

New features to Magento 2 extensions

Gift Card

  • We added the ability to set the maximum number of Gift Codes to be applied by customers.
  • Now it is possible to download generated Gift Card images from the Gift Code Accounts grid and form.
  • Now you can get Gift Card accounts by Order ID via REST API.
  • We added the validation to the 'Apply Gift Card Code' field when pressing the Enter key.
  • The issue with a Gift Card message displaying in the confirmation emails was resolved.
  • Gift Cards refund via API were fixed.
  • We corrected minor UI issues.
  • The issue with Gift Cards creation when Open Amount Min and Max values are not specified was resolved.
  • We resolved the issue with the ‘Apply Gift Card Code’ field displaying.
  • Compatibility with the Braintree Google Pay was fixed.
  • Gift Card editing from the cart was corrected.

Free Gift / Free Gift Lite

  • We added the possibility to sort Free Gifts in the popup by position in a rule
  • We fixed the discount calculation when another Cart Price Rules with a higher priority are added to the cart with a Free Gift.
  • The problem with Free Gift popup displaying when rule with ‘Auto add the same product’ action is being used was resolved.
  • We fixed the Free Gift auto add functionality when Free Gift or main product were being removed from the cart.
  • The displaying issue with the 'Add to cart' button and Slider dots buttons was resolved.
  • The compatibility with Amasty Request a Quote was fixed, so now you can request a quote from the Cart page as intended.
  • Now promo items quantity in the Free Gift popup shows correctly.

Product Feed 

  • We added possibility to merge Attributes value by special modifier in Condition-Based Attributes.
  • Feed generation and indexing processes were improved, as we added the possibility to force Feed generation unblocking.
  • The issue with the display order of Product images in the Feed was resolved.
  • Now Feeds Data is being generated correctly in case of Single-Store Mode.
  • We solved the Products price issue in the Feed when Catalog prices include Tax.
  • The Profiles generation error occurred once updating to Magento 2.4.4 was fixed.
  • We resolved the issue with output UTM parameters in parent product URLs.

FAQ and Product Questions 

  • The extension is now compatible with Magento 2.4.5-p1.
  • From now, a meta title will display the question text unless it is changed by admin.
  • We fixed the issue with deprecated strip_tags() functionality that occurred on PHP 8.1.
  • The problem with HTML tags not applied when Don’t show question direct URL is set to No was resolved.
  • We eliminated the issue with incorrect sender name and email address on multi-store environments.
  • We introduced fixes to improve compatibility with the GraphQL component.

Admin Actions Log 

  • Compatibility with Magento 2.4.3-p1 was improved and active sessions management was stabilized.
  • We replaced cogpowered/finediff library by d4h/finediff library.
  • The issue with wrong Urls in the Admin Actions Log grid when products quantity was changed in different sources was resolved.
  • We fixed the Admin Actions Log Date Filter work.
  • The issue with the Logging Action execution error in System Log was resolved.
  • The compatibility with Amasty Custom Stock Status was fixed, so now the message about no search results is displayed in the popup as it should.
  • We fixed the error occurred when the compilation mode is being used.
  • The problem with the search popup displaying was solved.
  • The issue with the loading Amasty_Xsearch/js/wrapper component was resolved.
  • We eliminated error messages duplicating when Recently Viewed widget is enabled.
  • We corrected Recent and Popular searches widgets work.
  • We added compatibility with OpenSearch.
  • Now our module handles multi-word synonyms search.
  • The ability to handle the direct API requests for searching was added.
  • We improved the work of Relevance Rules.
  • We fixed the error occurred while indexer:reindex command running.
  • The issue with error on Category pages was resolved.

Reward Points

  • Now it is possible to add Registration link for website guests in the Highlight point messages.
  • We improved system messages to avert problems with Reward Points applying.
  • The module translation issue was resolved.
  • We solved the problem with Rewards expiration date data migration.
  • We corrected the Reward points adding in case of Customer email changing.
  • The compilation issue with the css/customer-account.less file was fixed.
  • We corrected the ‘Reward Points Earned’ email sending for Newsletter subscription.
  • The problem with percent redemption limit applying was eliminated.
  • The issue with the ‘Reward Points Earned’ email sending during the registration was resolved.

Order Archive

  • We added ‘Never’ option to Archive Frequency to disable automatic order archiving.
  • The issue with shipments, invoices, and credit memos remaining in the module tables after deletion was fixed.
  • We resolved the issue with the Back button on the archive order grid.
  • We removed the archive-related mass actions for users with restricted resources.

Import Products 

  • New: we added the possibility to import product images by specifying links to them in the import profile.
  • Fix: we solved the reindexing problem so now products quantity is displayed correctly after the import.

Export Customers / Export Orders / Export Products

  • We added the ability to filter the data once the modifiers were applied.
  • New modifier ’Apply Timezone’ was added.

Import and Export 

  • We added the ability to filter the data while Exporting once the modifiers were applied.
  • New Export modifier 'Apply Timezone’ was added.
  • Now the History data is being updated after Import as expected.

Product Availability Status 

  • We eliminated the problem with adding Configurable products to cart via QuickOrder.
  • The issue with the error occurred on Category pages was resolved.

Product Labels 

  • We solved the Labels duplication issue on Configurable Product pages.
  • We improved the compatibility with PWA 12.6 Studio.

GDPR Pro / Premium

  • We added compatibility with Hyvä Theme for GDPR Cookie. You can find package for installing in composer suggest (Note: the compatibility is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription).

Automation Rules for RMA (Add-On)  

  • We solved the problem with the RMA Automation Rules being applied to products that do not meet the conditions.

Store Locator / Store Pickup with Locator

  • We resolved the problem with stores popup address information displayed when clicking on location marker.

Received minor improvements

Gift Wrap

Custom Form 

Mobile Login

GDPR Pro / Premium

RMA Pro / Premium

Cancel Orders

Reward Points

Google Account Login

Product Attachments

PDF Customizer

Facebook Pixel

Subscriptions & Recurring Payments

Amazon Payment for Subscriptions & Recurring Payments (Add-On)

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November 2, 2022
October 20, 2022
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