Magento DIY

“Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” is a book by Viktor Khliupko and the Firebear team about Magento Community Edition. There are a lot of publications related to the most popular ecommerce platform, but this one is unique, since it explains how to pimp an open source ecommerce solution and turn it into an Enterprise-level online store.

What’s inside?

During 5 chapters, the authors introduce readers to various Magento extensions and services developed to improve performance, SEO, security, shipping and other vital aspects of every ecommerce enterprise. “Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” consists of the following chapters: Setup; Sales Generation; Growth; Enterprise; and Custom Magento Development.

In the first one, you will find advice related to the launch of a new ecommerce website. It starts with a download and installation guide and explains all the nuances related to Magento hosting. Then, the team tells about extensions and templates, payment gateways, and shipping. The next topic of the Setup chapter is the import / export procedure, which is scrupulously described. Thus, having read this passage, you can migrate to Magento from any other ecommerce platform.

The most important part of the chapter is dedicated to performance. It covers both the server side and the application side as well as explains, how to speed up every Magento store as fast as possible with the help of extensions and third party services. For those users who don’t want to spend much money on the improvements, there are some free alternate solutions. The team members insist that paid extensions and services provide more robust enhancement, but free tools are also helpful to some extend.

Then, the chapter introduces readers to security tricks and modules, search engine optimisations, and final preparations or pre-launch checklist. That’s how Setup ends.

The second chapter is about generating traffic. It discovers major sources of visitors and sheds light on reliable traffic-driven techniques. Banner ads, AdWords and its competitors,  social media advertising and SMM campaigns, blogs, marketplaces, real time social experience and other topics are covered in Sales Generation.

Magento DIY

As for Growth, it explains how to turn the generated in the previous chapter visitors into buyers. CRO, cart abandonment, referral and affiliate marketing, customer support, and various aspects related to a rapidly growth ecommerce store are described in the chapter.

Then comes the most interesting and unique part of “Magento DIY” – Enterprise. It explains how to get all the Enterprise Edition features on a Community platform introducing extensions and services necessary to implement the missing features. In addition, you will discover a plethora of other useful improvements which are nonspecific even for Magento EE. Multi-channel marketing, PIM, ERP, CRM, SAP, dropshipping, B2B, multi-vendor marketplace, dynamic pricing, as well as other ecommerce opportunities and features are available on Community Edition, and the Firebear team knows, how to implement them with minimal time and effort.

The last chapter is the smallest one, as it only shows where to find qualified Magento specialists necessary for further custom improvements. Since every business has its unique requirements, some Magento features can be changed in order to provide a store with competitive advantages. Therefore, custom Magento development is the only way to achieve this goal.

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As you can see, “Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” is a complex book aimed at various specialists. First of all, it is interesting for ecommerce merchants and marketers, but at the same time Magento developers will also find a lot of new and useful tips in this work. Each part of the book features the easiest and at the same time the most advanced steps, leading through all difficulties of Magento ecommerce. Thus, in the end, every reader should know how to give it a go without any help from third parties.

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