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Import Products for Magento 2

Integrate your catalog with other systems and marketplaces using Import Products for Magento 2. Save time with the simplified import processes. Avoid errors and data loss with a convenient verification system. Regularly update product info with automatic import profiles.
  1. Automate stock updates from third-party vendors
  2. Use 4 formats and 5 import sources
  3. Properly import any product data with fields mapping
  4. Prevent errors with the smart verification system
  5. Configure performance settings to migrate huge volumes of data
  6. This extension will be included in the all-in-one Import & Export M2 solution
60 Days Money Back
Free Lifetime Updates
90 Days Free Support


Though the native Magento functionality provides the environment for importing products, it imposes certain limitations. In vanilla Magento, admins have to fill a bunch of columns on a spreadsheet to update product content or migrate products. Besides, every import with default Magento is rather time-consuming since the importing speed is pretty low (especially for a huge amount of products) and manual stock import from vendors takes a lot of time as well.


With Magento 2 Import Products extension, you can keep your catalog updated automatically: just create a profile and set the schedule for import execution. You can also autofill the required fields instead of a myriad for a stock update. It saves you a lot of time and money: all integrations can be configured without the developers’ help. Furthermore, the extension has 2 additional interfaces to complete the most sophisticated import challenges.

What benefits you get for your store

Automatically keep your catalog up-to-date with the improved import UX

Enjoy high importing speed even for a huge amount of products

Avoid errors and data losses with the multiple sample files and validation system

Fine-tune the importing process upon your requirements

Choose import scenario upon your requirements

Specify whether you want to import new data and create new records for your Magento store, or you prefer to just update existing by overriding already created records. Thus, you’ll see different configuration settings depending on your choice.

Automate stock updates from third-party vendors

Easily keep your product catalog up-to-date by relying on automation, avoid manual mistakes and save lots of time. Quickly sync catalog with products from other vendors with no fear to miss something. Automate import profiles execution by scheduling them via cron and conveniently manage their status by monitoring import logs.

Massively import and create all types of products

Use this Magento 2 extension to import and create all types of products, including configurable, grouped, bundle, downloadable and virtual. Moreover, the module allows importing related products, cross-sell and upsell products.

Choose the volume of product data for the import

Using flexible configuration settings you can choose whether to import the basic product info only or import product attributes, attribute sets, product categories and reviews as well. Use sample CSV and XML files with handy presets of columns for more convenient configuration of the file content for further uploading.

Supported formats


Supported sources

File Upload, FTP/SFTP, Direct URL, Google Sheets.

Upgrade your experience of managing product catalog

Include all related product data into your file

Along with the basic product info such as SKU, product name, product description, price, etc. you can match other data by configuring fields mapping. Besides, you can import multiple product tier and grouped prices with products.

Prevent errors and data loss

Flexibly adjust import behavior for each of your tasks. Configure the extension so it will stop if the error is detected or skip it and continue importing. You can also allow counting errors so that the import will stop if only the number of errors reaches a certain amount.

Enjoy high importing speed for huge data volumes

Even if the data you are going to import is of a large volume, with this extension, you can be sure that the speed of importing will remain high. This is one of the basic features of the extension we guarantee.

Map fields while importing

Sometimes the same-purpose fields have different names which cause data mismatches for a huge amount of product items. Magento 2 Import Products provides a field mapping system to help you with migrating large volumes of data and avoid restarting import tasks because of the unmatched fields.

Provide default values

To create a product in a database, Magento requires a number of must-have fields with values. But sometimes the import file doesn’t contain this data. In this case, you can simply provide the default value that will be automatically filled during the import and thus avoid errors in the info matching.

Receive timely notifications on the import status

Personalize notification settings to receive emails when the import is finished, including notes about the errors and skipped records. Disable email notifications to monitor import statuses via system notifications only from the backend.

How to increase the efficiency of the catalog management in Magento 2?

Enlarge your toolkit for more efficient catalog management with Magento 2 Mass Product Actions The extension provides the functionality for applying massive changes like adjusting prices, managing attribute sets and categories, spreading custom options and images, and related products. Just select the products and choose the appropriate action to spread the modification to all the items.

Further releases

  • Support of Rest API Endpoint
  • Images import
  • Improved validation system
  • All types of custom options import
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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