Store Locator


for Magento 2

Let customers quickly find the nearest offline stores with your products by displaying them on a handy Google map. Specify additional information for each store location to maximally streamline shopping process.

  1. Import GEO IP data
  2. Display additional info for each store location
  3. Assign products or categories to store locations
  4. Upload images for any store location
  5. Highlight store clusters with different colors
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Sell products offline and want to help shoppers easily find your physical store locations? With the Magento 2 Store Locator extension you'll be able to display all necessary locations on the map and navigate customers to the nearest ones, thus providing them with ultimate shopping experience and boosting your sales.

Exploit the module's functionality to the full: create an unlimited number of store locations, customize google mark templates, equip each location with a custom image, detect customers' geolocation and automatically display the closest stores.

Navigate customers to offline stores

Show the nearest offline stores

Let customers find the nearest physical store in a couple of clicks. All they need to do is to open the Magento 2 store locator page, click the 'Locate nearby' button and see the list of locations sorted by geoposition. All the locations will be also displayed on the map.

Enable customers to set the search radius

To make the search process maximally convenient you can allow store visitors to specify the search radius and distance units (either kilometers or miles) and get the results tailored to their specific needs.

store locator for magento 2

Manage store locations display

Create multiple store locations

The Magento 2 store finder enables you to create and display an unlimited number of store locations. Just specify a few settings and a store location will be automatically added to the map.

For each store location you can specify:

  • Location name;
  • Store view;
  • Country and city;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • Exact address info;
  • Additional description;
  • Custom image;
  • Website URL;
  • Sort order;
store locator for magento 2

Preview locations on the backend map

Due to the 'Preview' option you can check locations right on your backend map before making them visible on the locator page.

Specify geographical coordinates

To correctly display store locations on the Magento 2 google map you need to specify the longitude and latitude for each store location. The module also allows you to determine the coordinates automatically with the 'Auto Fill' option.

Assign products to specific store locations

Use flexible condition settings to assign particular products to specific store locations. Once a product is assigned, the link to the corresponding store location will be automatically added to the product's page.

Use map clustering for neighbored stores

The automatic map clustering option unites neighbored stores in 'clusters' and highlights them with different colors. The option is extremely useful for merchants who run numerous stores and don't want to visually overload the map.

store locator for magento 2

Advanced tag functionality for a proper store filtering

There is an attributes' functionality to provide additional store information such as parking availability, payment methods, brands, ATM availability and etc. By these tags, you can filter stores on a store locator page on the frontend. It is convenient if there are many stores available and customers know approximately what they need. For instance, they need some apparel brands or availability of exact payment method. This can save heaps of time when you search for necessary items.

Customize locator page

To fine tune the store locator page display you can:

  • Specify page title;
  • Insert Google mark template;
  • Create a short page URL;
  • Insert Google API key (find more details here);
  • Specify URL name for product pages;
  • Set units for search radius measurement;

Fast Geo IP data import

Use advanced geolocation settings

In case you don't want to detect store visitors' location with the 'Browser location' feature, you can download and import a ready-to-use CSV file with GEO IP data. It's also possible to use both options together. This is the best solution for those cases when customers use browsers which don't support geolocation option and don't provide browser location data. And, of course, you can upload your own CSV file with necessary info.

To activate Geo IP feature upload the following files:

  • GeoLiteCity-Blocks.csv;
  • GeoLiteCity-Location.csv;

You can download the necessary CSV file right here.

store locator for magento 2


Redirect customers to relevant info according to their geolocation

Automatically detect customers' IP addresses and segment them by geolocation. Redirect visitors to the pages with corresponding language and currency to increase purchase probability. Use GeoIP Redirect extension to display relevant content to customers from all over the world.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Great support
One of the best supporters ever! I had a small installation issue, so I submitted a ticket and get a feedback in an hour with a solution that was clearly described. The extension works fine, I get what I expected)
Super-useful features
Thank you so much for tag filtering! I have a chain of sporting goods retailers with about 100 brands in total. Now I see how helpful for customers is brand filtering. But it'll be awesome if you could add a filtering by categories, hope that it's possible.
It works out of the box, I have a small store and the features are enough for me, it's important because I don't have a developer.
I wish you could add some new features in the future - for 'order to collect at a local store' functionality. Thanks in advance, and happy holidays.
I like the extension, handy and cool. I used their module for previous Magento version, this one is as good as that.

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Version 1.4.3 - December 12, 2017
– Improvement: now state is showing on location list
– Minor security improvements
Version 1.4.2 - November 13, 2017
– Code improvement for compatibility with PHP 7.1.
– Fixed the issue with an error when customer uses filter.
Version 1.4.1 - October 16, 2017
– Improvement: google maps api key is added to url.
– Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.4.0 - September 08, 2017
– Magento 2.2 compatibility introduced
– New Feature: Email, phone number and site URL in store tooltip
Version 1.3.4 - August 23, 2017
– Fix for import logic
Version 1.3.3 - August 07, 2017
– Display issue fixed
Version 1.3.2 - July 19, 2017
– The issue concerning null value images was fixed.
Version 1.3.1 - June 26, 2017
– Improved import
Version 1.3.0 - June 08, 2017
– Added possibility to set custom marker on map for each store
– Added possibility to set phone number/e-mail on store list in sidebar
– Fixed incorrect page display on mobile devices
Version 1.2.1 - January 18, 2017
– Fixed ACL permissions
Version 1.2.0 - December 27, 2016
– Added tag functionality that allows to provide additional store information (parking, payment methods, brands and so on)
– Filter by custom store tags on store locator page
– Added possibility to add open and close timings for each store
– Added CSV import functionality to instantly create or update store locations and store data
Version 1.1.2 - August 10, 2016
– Minor fix for JavaScript
Version 1.1.1 - July 01, 2016
– Added translation file
Version 1.1.0 - May 23, 2016
– A number of compatibility improvements and general workflow enhancements