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Delete Order for Magento 2

Extend the default Magento 2 order management functionality with the ability to delete orders. Erase unnecessary documentation and related information. Set automatic order grid clearance periods to keep it up-to-date.
  1. Completely remove orders and related information
  2. Configure automatic order archiving
  3. Access archived documentation on a separate grid
  4. Hide archived docs on the frontend
  5. Manage recordings using API
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Magento 2 Delete Order extension is a tool to structure the database by removing unnecessary orders. In default Magento, there’s no way to delete or somehow hide orders. It leads to database overload and makes order management complicated. Use the module to delete orders to clean the grid and archive them to restore later.

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Enhance order processing in your store

With the Magento 2 Delete Orders extension, you can increase your productivity and speed up documentation processing in the store. Get rid of unwanted orders in two different ways depending on your management policy.

Delete orders

Delete all Magento orders and related data from the grid. The action can not be reversed. That's why the store admin should double-check every recording before performing this action.

Archive orders

Transfer selected docs to the separate order grid to clean up the main one from the unwanted info. You will have the ability to restore the archived orders later. On top of that, this feature can be automated to save your time.

Delete Magento 2 orders from database
with backup in mind

Removing documentation from the admin panel is sometimes not the best practice because you may need certain information later. With the Magento 2 Delete Orders extension, you can hide the unnecessary info and restore it later. On top of that, you can set up automatic order archiving to save time and avoid routine actions.

Define the number of days for archivation

Specify the period of time in days after which the order should be placed into the archive. Depending on your needs, you can automatically move items and related data to the order archive grid after 30, 90, or any other specific number of days.

Separate order archive grid

All saved purchases are placed in a separate grid where they can be stored and will not interfere with active or recent recordings. From this grid, you can recover particular ones and their related information.

Mass order actions

Move multiple orders to archive, restore them back, or permanently remove many Magento 2 orders at the same time. The extension enables you to apply mass actions to multiple data in a few clicks. All related info will also be affected.

Delete Order for Magento 2

Automatic archiving

Magento Delete Orders extension enables you to automate some docs-saving routine actions. Generally, you can archive orders individually after a certain number of days, by their statuses, or using the established frequency.

Establish archivation frequency

Choose among five predefined types of archive frequency. Archive docs hourly, two-times per day, daily, weekly, or monthly. The extension allows you to set up the most suitable frequency for saving procedures or manually configure cron job actions for any specific archive time.

Connect archivation to status

Delete Orders for Magento 2 module allows you to manage recording according to particular statuses. Define the statuses that should trigger the movement and enjoy automatic archiving for completed, closed or any other required order status.

Delete Order for Magento 2

Extra functionality for store admins

Interact with customers' accounts

Removing or archiving orders is only half of the case. The extension lets you hide previous purchases from accounts of your customers to provide them with relevant information about their recent orders.

Utilize API for order management

You can modify the delete order status using API. Remove, archive, and restore orders without visiting the admin panel of your store.

According to the statistics, the extension can cover each business need in synergy with the following solution: magento 2 cancel order.

How to delete orders in Magento 2 without SQL commands?

  • Install and enable the Amasty Delete Order.
  • Navigate to Sales > Orders.
  • Look through the list of orders and select everything you want to delete.
  • Then, open the Actions dropdown and choose the Delete Permanently option.
  • Note that this action can’t be restored.

How to implement Magento 2 delete orders functionality to your store?

  • Install the Delete Order exnetsion.
  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Order Archive.
  • Complete General Settings.
  • And if you want to delete orders permanently then go to Sales > Orders and choose the orders you want to delete on the grid and apply the action.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
4 Reviews
Dec 10, 2020
good but could be better
Like already suggested in the past, it could be very usefull to add a feature who permit to unload database by removing all archived orders from the main magento order table and to switch them in an archive table (table that could be located on another database for a real better performance)
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Dec 14, 2020
Alena Hamolka / Product Team Lead
Dear Florent, thank you for your feedback and for sharing your idea for improving the extension, we greatly appreciate it. The module currently moves archived orders to separate tables to optimize the performance of the grids. However, indeed, it doesn't move them to another database. Our Product Management Team has created a task to evaluate this feature for possible enhancements and updates of the extension in the future. Thanks for helping us improve our products, and we'll be happy to see you in our store again!
May 01, 2018
Nice extension to work faster with order grid
It's very handy to automatically delete canceled orders and archive complete ones. As the number of orders in sales order grid came down it became much more convenient to browse it and the grid itself loads a lot faster.
Feb 10, 2018
For both delete and archive
No installation hassle and works as described. We use it not only to delete oders altogether but also to archive those that we need. It can do the job automatically, so you can just install, configure and forget about periodically cleaning your order grid up. Recommended.
Nov 15, 2017
Good extension
In general, the extension works fine, yet in the beginning, I had an issue with deleting orders in bulk. Though this is an included mass action, it didn't work well actually. perhaps, the only thing that could make me less disappointed was the guys on the support team. They were very responsive and really did their best. Since then everything works as it should. But I wish they were perfect on the first try. So just 4, sorry, guys.

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My Downloads
Version 1.1.12
Last Update: Dec 09, 2020
1.1.12 - Dec 09, 2020:
  • Fix we fixed the issue with invoices, shipments and credit memos that were not archived with orders
1.1.11 - Nov 16, 2020:
  • Fix we added the notification to resolve the issue when no order can be archived due to the fact that it does not meet the conditions
1.1.10 - Apr 22, 2020:
  • Fix we fixed the issue with adding of orders to Orders grid from Archive Orders grid after changing of orders information
1.1.9 - Mar 03, 2020:
  • Improvement we added batch archiving for avoid errors, where admin archive a lot of orders
  • Fix we fixed issue with validation order tables
  • Fix we fixed issue with timeout when opening the order page from the admin panel
1.1.8 - Mar 26, 2019:
  • New the ability to manage all existing cron tasks on a Cron Tasks List grid in backend was added. Run cron tasks and generate their schedule by clicking the ‘Run Cron’ button. Also, delete tasks in bulk, use filtering and sorting options when it is needed
1.1.7 - Jan 24, 2019:
  • Improvement minor visual improvement for the extension settings in the admin panel
1.1.6 - Nov 22, 2018:
  • Fix the issue with archiving invoices, shipments and credit memos for orders that shouldn't be archived was resolved
1.1.5 - Aug 09, 2018:
  • Fix the order archive restriction for user roles permission was improved
1.1.4 - Jul 09, 2018:
  • Improvement now, an invoice or shipment is visible in the archive
  • Improvement the proper invoice/shipment numbers are shown inside an archive
  • Fix the issue with including invoice and shipment into an archive while running via cron was resolved
1.1.3 - Dec 26, 2017:
  • Fixed an issue with the exception when the table prefix is not empty
1.1.2 - Dec 19, 2017:
  • Fixed an issue with file export into CSV
  • Fixed an issue with the exception after deleting an order
1.1.1 - Nov 03, 2017:
  • Fixed issue with mass action "Delete permanently".
1.1.0 - Oct 16, 2017:
  • New feature: API support is added;
  • Magento 2.2 compatibility is tested and confirmed;
  • Compatibility with Custom Order Attributes is added.
See previous updates
Version 1.0.2
Last Update: Sep 28, 2017
1.0.2 - Sep 28, 2017:
  • Minor changes.
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