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Cancel Orders for Magento 2

Increase customer loyalty by allowing them to cancel their order right from the frontend. Easily manage cancellation requests and restock products with the Magento 2 Cancel Order extension.
  1. Let customers cancel orders in accounts
  2. Display a user-friendly cancellation popup
  3. Specify cancellation reasons
  4. Manage annulation requests in the grid
  5. Send notifications to your managers
  6. Restock products of the canceled orders
60 Days Money Back
Free Lifetime Updates
90 Days Free Support


From time to time customers make mistakes while placing an order, or they may just change their mind. As shoppers don’t have an opportunity to cancel their orders, they have to write to store admins and wait for the response, which takes time. Also, the return process can be expensive for business owners.


Magento 2 Cancel Order extension provides your customers with the possibility to cancel or edit pending orders by themselves right in the accounts. The improved user experience influences customer satisfaction, while store admins save time by avoiding manual order canceling.

What benefits do you get for your store

Improve your customer loyalty by offering seamless cancellation process

Reduce losses of time and money by managing and processing valid orders only

Decrease the burden on managers that operate returns and refunds


Let your customers cancel wrong orders

Say, you were choosing between two T-shirts. When you finally decide which one you want, you place the order, but a few moments later, you change your mind and want to choose the other one. What to do? Usually, you need to write an email to the vendor and ask to change the item or annul the order. It may take a long time. With Magento 2 Cancel Order extension, processing orders can be canceled by a customer on the ‘My Orders’ page.

Specify reasons for the order cancelation

To find out the most common reasons, you can add a list with reasons for cancellation to the confirmation popup. As an admin, you can add custom reasons, delete, or change default points or disable this option.

Collect info with a confirmation popup

If you want to collect valuable info about order cancellation details, just enable a confirmation popup with a user-friendly comment filed. By letting customers add their comments, you will avoid the issues with misunderstanding and reduce the time spent on order processing. All details a customer provides in this window will be shown in the order section in the admin panel. To cancel the order without asking a reason from your customer, just disable the popup.

Customize the confirmation popup layout

The Cancel Order module allows you to configure additional buttons and popups so that they meet your brand style. To make the window more appealing, all elements are adjustable: you can change colors, fonts, images, etc.


Keep your managers informed

If the order is canceled by the customer, Magento 2 Cancel Order will automatically send an email to your admins to notify them. For this, you need to set an email sender, email receiver, and email template in the backend. You can customize the default email template with additional information to make it more informative.

Smartly manage cancellation requests

The Magento 2 Cancel Order extension allows you to see all the canceled orders on one grid, archive them and delete. To speed up order processing even more, apply bulk actions. In addition to this, you may analyze the most common cancellation reasons by gathering all the info in one place.

Automatically cancel pending orders

As an admin, it is possible to set a certain period after which a pending order will be canceled, e.g if a customer doesn’t complete the payment within the specified period. In such cases, an automatic restock system will immediately update product quantity, which helps to avoid any mistakes possible during manual management.

Set cancellation restrictions

To make canceling options even more flexible, store admins can enable extension opportunities for only specific customer groups or restrict cancellation for particular ones according to your management requirements. For example, you may disable options for guests or wholesalers.

Why is customer care important for your store?

It may be difficult to understand the real importance of high-quality customer service. Sometimes it looks unnecessary or not obligatory. But according to statistical data, US companies lose $75 billion because of poor customer service every year. And this number is growing from year to year. According to researchers, around 80% of business owners are sure that they offer great customer care. The same survey shows that only 8% of customers agree with it. So every step towards better customer service will give you a competitive advantage.

How to build a loss-free return management system?

Our RMA extension has all the features to create a unique return system that will refer to your business needs. Set specific refund rules for any category or disable returns for particular items, provide users with step-by-step instructions and support them via online chat. Automate the processing of refund requests and feedback collection. Create a strong system that will save you time and money.

How to delete outdated orders from Magento 2?

Extend vanilla M2 functionality with our Delete Order extension. Given installed and set up, it will automatically archive unnecessary orders with all the related data. You will have a separate archive grid and will be able to hide the orders on the frontend. Also, you can delete and archive orders using API. Configure automatic order grid clearance periods to keep the info updated.

See also: Try our Mass Order Actions and Extended Order Grid plugins and make your managers work with orders fast and comfortable.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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