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Facebook Pixel for Magento 2

Quickly link your Magento-based store with Facebook using the Facebook Pixel for Magento 2 extension. Ensure the effectiveness of your advertising and get a better understanding of the actions people take on your website.
  1. Optimize your ad configurations
  2. Choose which events to track
  3. Set up remarketing audiences
  4. Create lookalike audiences
  5. Configure custom events
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Easily connect your Magento catalog to Facebook
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How does it work?

The Facebook Pixel extension for Magento 2 saves time on connecting your Facebook Account to Magento. Technically, it helps to add a piece of the JS code to Magento-based stores for further data gathering and analytics in your Facebook Business Account.

Why is it important?

The tool can help you build lasting relationships with people, find new loyal customers, and consequently increase sales. It becomes easier to reach the people who matter to your business and analyze their behavior.

How can Facebook Pixel
help my business grow?

Reach the right people with better targeting and lookalike audiences

Better understand the behavior of your customers

Track and adjust the performance of your ad campaigns

Make your strategic decisions data-driven

The Pixel itself is a piece of the JavaScript code which, if added to your website, can help you track the activity of site visitors, analyze their behavior and adjust your ad campaigns.

Event is a particular action of the site visitor on your website which can be tracked by Pixel and then sent as data to Facebook for further analysis and audience configuration.

Boost conversions on your website

With the Pixel, it becomes possible to track how many users reach particular steps of your conversion funnel, e.g. add to cart, download price lists, or register for the events. This data can be aggregated and then used for the creation of new ad campaigns on Facebook with the call-to-action most relevant for them.

Optimize your Facebook ads

It is much easier to measure the effectiveness of the ad campaigns using the Facebook Pixel tool. As you get more relevant data about the behavior of your shoppers, it becomes easier to decide what ads to remain, what to adjust and what to delete at all.

pixel for magento 2
facebook pixel events manager

Create audiences for the remarketing

The Facebook Pixel for Magento 2 can be used to configure the combined audiences like “all the site visitors for the last 30 days that haven’t bought anything”. Knowing who these people are gives you the direction for new ad campaigns and a clear perspective on how to boost your revenue.

Create lookalike audiences

The Facebook Pixel and the Facebook tool for analytics can help you find and adjust audiences that are similar to your actual one. The lookalike audience takes into consideration many parameters like gender, age, behavior, interests, and others.

Use different Pixel IDs per different store views

Avoid overlap of the target audiences and get more clear data for the analytics by tracking the events separately. For example, you can distinguish the events data from your English-speaking audience ('EN' store view) from the data from your French-speaking audience ('FR' store view).

Use Magento logs for easier debugging

All the data for Facebook analytics is tracked by Magento 2 Facebook Pixel and stored on Magento backend. You can reach this data anytime and check the logs to make sure your configurations were correct or where any kind of fix is necessary.

What people say

“The ability to measure sales was the first sign that our business would be a success. Our first day of breaking 100-plus sales always sticks out. Point blank, our marketing plan is Facebook, Facebook, and more Facebook... Facebook is 100% the backbone of our customer acquisition efforts and it's been made even better with the improved Facebook pixel”

Ali Najafian, co-founder, Trendy Butler

magento 2 facebook pixel

How to connect Magento catalog to Facebook?

Having all the catalog data imported to Facebook will help you to get more precise results from the analytics and more correct work of the Facebook Pixel events related to products. Just for that purpose, we can suggest you to use our Facebook Feed for Magento 2 extension to export products from Magento and then import this data into Facebook.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Facebook Pixel for Magento 2

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