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Create an XML Sitemap for your site in an easy and efficient way. Help Google to correctly index your web store and increase positions in search results.
Include product, category, cms pages and tags
Add any extra links
Include images in the sitemap
Set max item quantity per file
30 Days moneyback
50% Off updates
120 Days free support
This extension is also a part of Magento SEO Toolkit.

Why do you need an XML sitemap for your e-commerce site?

XML sitemap is an easy way to let Google know about publicly available pages of your site. Actually, XML sitemap helps all search engines during the crawling process. When there are thousands of items in your Magento store, it's essential to help Google properly index all product pages.

Meet Google requirements

 google sitemap guidelines

As soon as Google has specific rules for sitemap creation, you should carefully build your XML sitemap in order to meet all the requirements.

With the Magento Google  sitemap extension  you'll be able to properly create your XML sitemap:

No more than 50,000 URLs in a sitemap;
The size shouldn't exceed 50MB;
No SID query in URLs.

Hide SID parameters from URLs to save resources of your server and significantly improve your SEO process.

Include necessary links

The XML sitemap Magento tool enables you to add any links to your sitemap as well as exclude unwanted ones.

Available types of links:

Category pages;
Product pages;
CMS pages;
Any extra links;
magento google site map content

Images in the sitemap

magento XML site map images

Due to clear Google sitemap Magento module you can easily include images in your sitemap. It’s obvious that images can bring you more traffic when Google indexes them. So, why not use this opportunity to bring your store to the top in the search results?

You can add the following images to the XML sitemap:

Product images;
Category images.

Moreover you can use templates for image titles, e.g. "enjoy {product_name} from e-store".

Sitemap size

Set maximum number of items per file. Google accepts only up to 50000 URLs per sitemap or a file size of 50MB.

The extension provides helpful settings to meet the above mentioned Google requirements.

magento google site map size

Include the date of the last page modification

The extension allows you to specify the date when a product, category or CMS pages were last modified.  Why do you need such an option? Because some of  your store pages  may be already indexed.  And this way you help Google to concentrate only on the fresh ones.

Include blog posts into the sitemap

This module is fully compatible with Blog Pro extension. Include links to blog posts and categories into robots.txt file of the website for better indexation; it would also help to drive more traffic to the store with your blog.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code

Online Extension User Guide

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good but pricey
The extension works okay (it would be surprising if it didn't - the features are quite standard). Maybe it's just a little but pricey, most of the same extensions are cheaper. But I got it on a holiday sale so that's okay for me now =)
Perfect sitemap extension
Excellent replacement for Magento Sitemap Module
Super easy to use
Great extension very easy to use and important for SEO. Also excellent customer support.
Accurate sitemap that includes all necessary links
Due to the detailed manual instruction I generated 3 sitemaps for 3 different store views. Of course, I coped with the settings not so fast, being a magento newbie. Either way even if such a dummy managed to do everything without any outside assistance, I bet more experienced users will set up everything within a couple of minutes.

I do appreciate the developer included the option for category and product pictures display and I hope this will help to generate more traffic and increase sales.

However, it’s too early to analyze the results, but the addon works as described and I believe I can rely on this vendor. As soon as I notice positive impact I’ll definitely change the review to five stars.
My SEO specialist likes it
I’m not into SEO and all these things but our new SEO specialist said we need an xml sitemap. As I’ve understood native Magento XML sitemap functionality is quite poor so we bought this extension.
Supports HTTPs
My store uses HTTPS and it's really hard to find the tool that supports it, most of the XML generators still support only HTTP (such a shame!).
This extension generated my XML sitemap without any error. Of course, you should check it before submitting as it may contain the pages you don't need here. But in general, it's cool.

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Version 1.1.11 - April 18, 2017
– Fixed date and time display
– Fixed cron execution time
– Removed brand pages with no products
Version 1.1.10 - March 14, 2017
– Dots (.) removes for URLs which have no suffix (like .html)
Version 1.1.9 - February 27, 2017
– Compatibility with Blog Pro extension improved
Version 1.1.8 - January 30, 2017
– Store filter added to improved navigation pages
Version 1.1.7 - December 16, 2016
– Sitemap is now being generated as a single file if no file size limits specified
Version 1.1.6 - December 12, 2016
– Fix for checking file size; caused an issue in some cases when generating XML file via cron job
Version 1.1.5 - November 24, 2016
– Minor modification for sitemap path when it's in the root folder of a website
Version 1.1.4 - November 14, 2016
– Old sitemap file is not removed until new is created during generation process, to avoid sitemap being unavailable ever for a shorter period of time
– Compatibility with Unique Product URL extension when using multiple stores
Version 1.1.1 - July 29, 2016
– Added support for Improved Navigation `Pages`
– Minor fixes
Version 1.1.0 - January 05, 2016
– Option to exclude any URL
– Compatibility with Blog Pro module
Version 1.0.14 - November 05, 2015
– Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
Version 1.0.13 - October 29, 2015
– Added cron job frequency setting
Version 1.0.12 - October 27, 2015
– Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
Version 1.0.11 - September 10, 2015
– Each map item is at a new line, it's is better for debug
– No SID part in the URLs
Version 1.0.10 - August 05, 2015
– New date format for LAST MODIFIED field
– No disabled pages in the sitemap
Version 1.0.9 - July 17, 2015
– Cron job minir optimization
Version 1.0.6 - April 10, 2015
– Now, if we include landing pages, we use URL suffix from the catalog settings
Version 1.0.5 - March 30, 2015
– Install script modifications
Version 1.0.4 - March 26, 2015
– Compatibility with Unique Product URL module