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For more details see the Multiple Coupons extension page.

Guide for Multiple Coupons for Magento 2

Increase customer loyalty by enabling registered clients and guest visitors use numerous discount coupons for one order.

  • Use several coupons per order
  • Allow guest visitors to use multiple coupons
  • Display the list of applied coupons in the shopping cart and checkout
  • Limit usage of specific coupons together with other promo codes
  • Apply/remove multiple coupons when creating orders in the admin panel

Coupons Configuration

To configure coupons for your store please go to Marketing → Cart Price Rules

To create a new rule by clicking “Add new rule” or edit the already existing one.

In the Rule Information tab, you can describe the rule. Please select Web sites a Customer Groups for which this rule will be applied.

Coupon - Please select ‘Specific Coupon’ in this field to create a coupon.

You can create Coupon Codes manually or use Auto Generation if you need multiple coupon codes.

To specify unique codes please go to Stores → Configuration → Multiple Coupons

Unique codes - these are codes that can be applied only individually, e.g. if any of the codes from the list are applied, all other coupons will be canceled. For example, you would like to start a sale '50% off for everything', but at the same time, you have an offer 'buy a bag and get a belt with 30% off'. If you don't want to sum up these sales, choose the main offer (e.g. '50% off for everything') and write its coupon code as a unique in this field. You can specify multiple unique coupon codes separated by a comma.

It’s possible to apply and remove multiple coupons when you create orders in the admin panel. (Go to Sales > Orders > Create an Order)

All codes should be separated by comma.

Multiple coupons on the shopping cart page

It’s possible to apply and remove multiple coupons on the shopping cart page.

Multiple coupons on the checkout page

A customer can apply and remove multiple coupons on the checkout page. All the applied coupons are displayed in the Order Summary block.

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