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Shipping per Product | v1.0.7

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Automatic shipping calculators provide incorrect shipping rates? There is a solution! Now you can set flat shipping rate for each product. Handle heavy, lightweight or fragile items properly!
Indicate individual flat shipping rate for each product
Forget about incorrect shipping rates
Use default rate for the products without individual one
Accurate data migration
Ability to specify minimal and maximal margins


The module adds a new shipping option. If you are looking for modifying cost of existing methods, like UPS ground, please consider our popular Shipping Rules module.

Set individual shipping rate per product

Solve the problem of incorrect shipping rates

If you have big and light items, shipping calculators could charge more than needed. Also when shipping to specific countries (e.g. Iceland, Canada, etc) or using dropshippers, shipping costs could differ a lot, which makes table rates almost useless. This is where our Magento shipping per product extension comes into play - with it you can indicate individual shipping rate for each product and be sure that the right amount is charged for shipping.

Magento product export/import functionality is fully supported

Our Magento shipping per item module adds a new product attribute for storing the rate information, which can be used both for import and export of shipping rates. This can be used for migration of data to magento from other ecommerce solutions and also to update shipping rates in bulk.

Use default shipping rate settings to automate the process

Apply the highest product shipping rate for the whole order

Due to this feature you can automatically set the highest product rate to be the shipping cost for the whole order. For example, your customer has several products with different shipping rates in his/her shopping cart. If you activate this feature, the total shipping cost will be equal to the shipping rate of the highest product from the order.

Specify default shipping rate

The extension provides you with an option to automatically use default rate for all products, for which individual shipping rate hasn't been indicated.

Set individual flat shipping rate for each product

You can set individual shipping rate for each product when creating new product or editing existing one in admin panel. This will help to handle heavy or fragile items properly.

Apply shipping rates to products regardless of the number of product items in the cart

If you enable this feature, customers will pay the same amount for shipping of a product without regard to the number of items – shipping rate will be the same for 1 or 5 or 10 or etc items of a product. E.g. if shipping price is $5 for product A and this feature is enabled, shipping will cost the same $5 for product A whether there are 3, 5, 10, etc items of it.

Set minimal/maximal margins for shipping costs

The minimum and maximum apply to the whole order, not to each individual item. Let's say you have 2 products in the cart. Shipping for one is $5 and for the other $7. If minimal value is set to 15 - the shipping rate for the whole order will be $15, not $12. Maximal value works on analogy.

Additional module capabilities

  • The module supports all product types

    Such as bundled items, configurable products and others.

  • Is compatible with shopping cart price rules

    For example you can have 'free shipping' promotions with the new shipping method.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code

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Good extension
We used this extension to set individual shipping rates for a few products that we wanted to charge inexpensive shipping rates for. We ended up setting a base shipping rate for these products that can be increased in individual product settings if we choose to. When paired with the Shipping Restrictions extension, we were able to limit this shipping option to our chosen products and remove it as an option if anything else was added to the cart.

Installation was easy and only took a few minutes.
So glad I bought this!
I’ve bitten the bullet trying lots of free extension s that allow to set custom shipping rates. But they wasn’t stable and the functionality was very poor. Eventually, I’ve decided to try a paid module. While looking to kick the tires I found info about this mod. It was the exact shipping solution I needed. The module is very useful for phone orders when we negotiate price and shipping and allows our sales reps to control the shipping cost. Finally, I can get the business working to full speed! Thank you guys so much.
Exactly what we needed
We bought this plugin back in October 2011 to help us manage shipping for our website.
At the time, we had a need for one flat-rate shipping option for our 'home' country, and a different flat rate for 'overseas'. After a couple emails back and forth to work out the details, we purchased the extension with installation and the developer installed it twice for us so that it would do exactly as we needed (one installation acted as the 'home' rate and one the 'overseas' rate).
Fast forward to a week ago. After a couple of years of successful sales, made easier through the use of this extension, we decided that we were going to try make shipping easier for our customers again, this time by charging only once, total, for highest shipping rate only (if they have 2 items, one's shipping is $10, and the other $5, it would only charge $10, not add them both for $15). A quick look at the settings for the plugin we had installed showed that it wasn't able to do this.
A quick google search for what we needed had me come across the Amasty page for this plugin again - and the updated version did exactly what we wanted, again!
After some more back and forth with the support folks at Amasty, they updated the unique installation we had on our shop so we could continue to use the plugin, but with the now added functionality they had included since our initial purchase and installation.
In short, this plugin does exactly as described. I've had a great experience with everyone I've contacted at Amasty, and highly recommend them.
Magento Connect
Highly recommend!
Shipping is one of the most tricky questions for e-commerce segment. To cope with numerous issues coupled with it we started looking for some extensions that could help our managers in this area. Shipping per product allows us effectively manage our shipping rates avoiding any mistakes and saving our working time.
High quality module
This extension really made my work with margins. The ability to set minimal and maximal ones has visibly optimized my work.

The module helps to set the right rates for any products
I think this is the best way out for our shop where we have deal with different products and need to set shipping rates individually for each item - this is a very time consuming job.



Optimizes work with shipping rates
The module puts everything in its places. Now we don't worry about our calculations, we set individual rates per each product. Guys, thanks you so much!
No more mistakes
Very flexible tool allowing set rates per products as well as min and max values for orders. It prevented us from lots of calculation issues we faced before.

great extension
The greatest thing about this extension is accurate calculation, I adore this feature that works perfect, no more headaches with wrong numbers. Thank you guys!

Fast installation, easy navigation
Just set the numbers you need and the tool will do everything for you. A very helpful thing for stores with multiple orders.

Thank You
Installed in few minutes and it works very well. Perfectly. Thank You!
Perfect work
Bought this to add per item charges with a maximum total shipping cost. Installed in a couple of minutes and works perfectly. Thank you!

Magento Connect

Our dream came true
The extension appered to be something we had been looking for for ages! The option allowing to set individual rates per product is absolutely great. We do not get any calculation mistakes any more, though we used to have them a lot when relying on automated calculation only.
Plus it's really useful that we can also set minimal and maximal values for shipping for each order.
Thanks, Amasty!



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Version 1.0.7 - January 25, 2017
– Fixed zero shipping issue if Individually Shipping Rate was zero.
Version 1.0.6 - June 09, 2016
–Option to use individual rates of simple products when purchase configurable product.
–Option to treat products inside bundle as separate items to calculate shipping cost, but ship them as one single item.
–Compatibility with Magento CE 1.9.x and Magento EE 14.x
Version 1.0.3 - September 09, 2013
– Option to use highest product rate as shipping cost for the whole order.
– Compatibility with Magento CE and Magento EE 13.0.2.
Version 1.0.2 - February 14, 2013
– Corrected calculation for cases, when the same product is added to the cart with different custom options.