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Limit use of shipping methods by country, product names, brands, in fact any products attributes. You can also put shipping restrictions based on customer group, order total, weight and other shipping parameters.
Adjust shipping process to your legal and business needs
Block shipping carriers or some methods of shipping carriers
Limit shipping based on product attributes and order info
Restrictions based on country, state, other shipping data
Restrict methods for customer groups and store views
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Adjust shipping process to your business needs and legal requirements

Block separate methods of shipping carriers

Some carriers may have several shipping methods - ground mail, standard air mail, express mail, etc. With the extension you can limit only the method you need instead of blocking the whole carrier with all its methods. E.g. set short-life products not to be shipped by ground mail methods, which take at least a few days. You can choose whether to apply the restrictions only to front end orders or to backend orders as well.

Make your shipping process both legal and effective

Limit usage of shipping methods by a huge number of criteria to make sure your delivery process is absolutely legal and meets your business requirements. Make the restrictions to be flexible and get applied only when necessary.

For example it is illegal to ship certain products internationally. Native Magento international shipping restrictions allow you block shipping for the whole catalog, however this would badly hurt your business. With Shipping Restrictions you can put the limitation only on the products in quote.

Limit shipping methods only when necessary

Use any combination of conditions based on store views, customer groups, order and product attributes. You can create shipping rules which limit exactly what is needed and nothing more. For example, you can restrict flat rate shipping for Hawaii for cases, when the product is fragile, weighs more than 5 pounds and order total is less than $100.

magento restrict shipping

Extremely flexible functionality for restrictions setup

magento disable multi shipping

Create shipping restrictions based on Magento shipping weight, order total, address line, zip code, region, etc.

You can lose money with some shipping methods when orders are either too light or too heavy. So it makes perfect sense to block these shipping methods for very small or very heavy orders. You can also block delivery to some distant states or provinces, e.g. Alaska or Yukon.

Use product attributes to set restriction conditions for shipping methods

You can use any product attributes when specifying conditions for restriction of shipping methods. For example, you can set products of some premium brand not to be delivered by ground mail.

Use customer attributes for creating shipping rules

Along with product attributes you can apply customer attributes for shipping rule conditions. Various attributes concerning customer group, date of user registration, date of birth, gender, name and many others are at your service. Thereby you're able to set up special shipping conditions for individual customers.

Ability to include taxes and discounts into subtotal

Let's say you would like to limit free shipping for orders with subtotal under 100. A customer can add products worth 110 to the cart and then apply 20% coupon. If you have this option activated, Magento free shipping will not apply to such order, as subtotal after discount would be less than 100.

Conditions "starts from" and "ends with"

Now you can preset your Magento to restrict shipping by postcode. For example, you can specify that a restriction should apply to all zip codes starting from '123' or ending with 'XYZ'.

Disable shipping method for particular customer groups

Sometimes store owners want to give access to certain shipping methods based on customer group in Magento, e.g. free shipping only to wholesale customers. You can do this with the module.

Set Magento to remove shipping methods by store view and website

This feature can be very useful when you have a separate website or store view for each region or customer group.

magento remove shipping

Set restrictions for back-ordered items

For example you can block next day delivery for back-ordered items, as obviously it's impossible to ship the items you don't have on the same day.

Restrict shipping on particular days

Now you've got the opportunity to choose particular days of the week to restrict shipping with the rule.

Specify shipping method as carrier::method

With new shipping limit option you can restrict only particular shipping methods of a certain carrier. For example, you can work with DHL but restrict DHL::ground methods.

Restrict shipping methods for custom regions

Now you can create custom groups countries and specify shipping restrictions for the whole region with just one rule.

Restrict or allow shipping with coupon

Now you can specify restrictions that will apply when your customers use coupons. Let’s say you have a possibility of free shipping in your store, and you have implemented coupons for your customers to get them to purchase more. With shipping restrictions module in this situation you can implement 2 scenarios:

  • Allow your Magento to remove free shipping when the coupon is used
  • If you don’t usually ship for free, you can offer your customers free shipping as a bonus when they use coupons

Our other extensions which enhance shipping and payment functionality:

  • Shipping Rules extension - enables you to setup rules for modification of shipping rates. You can surcharge, discount and even replace shipping rates based on a wide range of parameters: shipping carriers and methods, product attributes, order and shipping data, store views and customer groups and more.

  • Shipping table rates extension gives you full control over shipping. Create any number of shipping methods: flat rates, weight-based rates, etc. Use flat and percent rates, combinations of address, weight, price and quantity to calculate shipping. Import rates and edit them manually. Use rates based on product type, e.g. for extra large, toxic items.

  • Payment Restrictions extension - with the module you can limit use of payment methods by country, state, groups, store view, customer and product attributes.

See our blog article to learn how to combine Amasty shipping extensions for advanced tasks.

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Product questions

I’ve created the rule for particular categories, but it doesn’t work with configurable products.
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You haven’t specified the category for child products of the configurable product. The categories for parent and child products should be the same.

Amasty Shipping Restriction conflict with Webshopapps Shippingoverride2
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To elimibate the conflict please:

  • open the file  /app/code/community/Webshopapps/Shippingoverride2/Model/Shipping/Shipping.php
  • add the following code:

 /* Fix for Amasty Shipping Restrictions module */
        $result   = $this->getResult();
        Mage::dispatchEvent('am_restrict_rates', array(
            'request' => $request,
            'result'  => $result,
    /* Fix for Amasty Shipping Restrictions module */

to the method:


after the line 182.



Easy Installation & Worked Perfectly
5 / 5
Functions as Described
5 / 5
I needed this extension to put a weight limit on shipping with a client of mine, and for it to display an error message when the limit was over.
Came across this extension, bought it knowing how good of a reputation Amasty has (a great one) and it worked EXACTLY as I wanted it to.
Wasn't able to rate developer support as I didn't need it!
Would definitely recommend this.
Je suis très heureux avec cette extension
Récemment, nous avons travaillé sur un projet qui avait des exigences d'expédition très complexes que nous avons pu rencontrer d'autres extensions. Nous avons acheté cette extension et Shipping Rules extension, et il a vraiment nous a permis de personnaliser les besoins d'expédition de nos clients. Les gars de Amasty non seulement nous ont aidés à traverser la configuration initiale et le dépannage, mais étaient très rapide et approfondie pour nous aider à mettre en place les règles d'expédition correspondants. Nous sommes très heureux de cette extension et de soutien.
Jacques M.
Nice mod
After the installation there were some compatibility troubles with another extension but the support was quick and very helpful. In general, it is a very helpful module for small merchant to handle shipping.
Mehul H.
schöne Erweiterung
Dies ist eine schöne Erweiterung. Alles funktioniert wie es soll. Danke!
Great commulication and support
I needed something to adjust shipping destinations in my store and found this extension. My first acquaintance with it was not very friendly as I didn't know how to manage it and Magento in general. This is my first Magento site, you know. I asked Amsty for help and they were extremely professional, friendly and quick. Thanks guys for making the process of configuring the restrictions smooth.
An indispensable extension for my store
Not all of my products can be shipped to Europe and now I have a tool to set restrictions according to my needs. It's really something my store can't live without.
Everything is ok
Really handy extension with good settings. Note that it's better to create a plan of shipping restrictions (especially if they depend on the day of the week) as it will be hard to configure the rules randomly.
I wish there were video tutorials for configuration. Please consider adding them.
I don't like writing too much, so I'll just say that the module is ok and I would recommend it.
gut. Aber ich warte auf Aktuelles
Ich brauche mehr Bedingungen und ich kann nicht mit mit Rabatt Zwischensumme in Bedingungen. Bitte fügen Sie diese Features
Not bad for its price
I'm quite satisfied with the module, everything written in the description is true. But when I tried to create a restriction based on particular shipping method name (Ground), the restriction was automatically applied to all shipping methods containing 'ground' in their names. And there are no settings, to fine tune this without the help of support guys.
The extension makes it possible to restrict shipping by customer attributes. I couldn't ask for more! Great thanks
Works with zip codes
It works with zip codes - that's exactly what we've been looking for, apart from that their aftersale service is on high level. That was our first app by this developer, but we'll definitely by more in future.
Works great, for the most part
This works well. I got it to restrict ground shipping by zip code. If you are having troubles with large lists of zip codes (and i mean large) you can go to the "am_shiprestriction_rule" table in MySQL and change the "conditions_serialized" column to a LONGTEXT type.
I would like more conditions, namely the condition to restrict methods by day of the week (so I can further customize ground 1 day versus ground 2 day) and possibly the ability to recognize holidays or other blackout days.
Other than that, excellent little addon.
Love it
I purchased this extension to restrict a delivery option for re tail customers and it works perfectly with a basic rule setup. We have two user types in our store: retail users and wholesale users. We used extension settings so that retail customers do not see the delivery option during checkout, whereas wholesale customers can see and select the delivery option. Works superb!
Works fine with other shipping addons
No conflicts with other addons, easy to install and configure. The great plus is constant updates.
It works exactly the way we need
We were look for the tool to restrict delivery to 3 different locations at particular time, luckily we stopped on this one.

Since we've purchased this mod I've never heard any complaints from our sales manages. It runs like a well oiled machine. Looking forward for more updates. Thank you, sirs!
One of the best shipping plugins
I'm really really happy I've purchased this plugin. Previously I had negative experience with similar tool by another vendor - conflict with my shipping rules plugin. This vendor keeps the word and helped to fine tune the plugin according to my request. Brilliant module, brilliant developer!
Keith Martin
We have been using this extension on several stores of our client's and everything was good.
Pavel Litvin
Exactly what I was searching for !
Simple and excellent extension, that fixed a problem I had for months (excluding certain type of items for a specific country + limiting the weight per order for a specific attribute).
Worked straight out of the box.
Would be perfect if the error messages displayed were not limited in length !
Great extension and support!
This extension does exactly what we need it do. So easy to use! We paid for installation services and they had it installed with in the hour. Now, that's excellent service!
Easy to use & helpful
Bought the plugin about a year ago – it appeared to be a breath of fresh air. Due to our store specifics (food products), there are a lot of shipping limitations, as we don’t deliver short-life products to some regions. And shipping restrictions tool became a great solution!
It took us a couple of hours to cope with the rules and restrict the delivery to some regions. It’s also very convenient to disable shipping for different store views – therefore, the app meets all our needs. It does what it promises, but it would be awesome if you released more updates with new restriction possibilities.
Magento Connect
fast and good support
The extension conflicted with one of my other extensions, but after one email, it was solved.
Kudos for Amasty!
jobvannoorloos, Magento Connect
Reliable partner
Bought this module after a year ago. Extension works good. Amasty support stuff always quickly answers all my questions and helps to solve problems.
Great Amasty Extension With Great Amasty Support!
Elegant solution to a fundamental problem. We just simply need to restrict international shipments of a certain product type in our store, and this extension solves the problem.
amhustle, Magento Connect
Unique extension
Best on the market. Highly recommended! Easy set up. Easy to use. Great support ... No complaints.
danyno45, Magento Connect
Unique extension
Exactly what I was looking for, "Shipping Restrictions by attribute" My customer sells leather and is not allowed to ship any kind of leather to California... This extension made my life so easier.
Thanks a lot for the fast support.
Awesome extension
I'm starting a new Magento store and will be converting our existing stores to Magento, and this extension has already solved a couple of problems for me. I was able to set up a restriction to limit UPS/FedEx Ground shipping to only the states and territories where it is available. That was pretty simple.

The other problem was a bit more complicated. We sell products that are manufactured to the customer's specifications when we send the order to the supplier. Because it's not possible to know in advance how long the manufacturing process will take, customers get upset when they select three day, second day or next day deliver and expect the product to ship the next day.

Since these products are going to have their own attribute sets, I was able to set up rule based on product attribute sets that only allows shipping by UPS/FedEx Ground or Priority Mail.

The only thing that would make this extension better would be the ability to set a condition based on a specific product attribute.
I Endorse This Product
These guys surprised me. Extension wasn't working as I had expected, they took the time to look at it and help me configure it so that it worked exactly as I had hoped it would. A rare experience to get a good extension for a good price and top notch support. I wouldn't hesitate to buy any extension from Amasty.
Awesome support
I was having an issue with the extension. I contact support and they resolved the issue quickly, even though it another extension causing the problem.

The extension works great Tons of options to restrict by, including any of your custom attributes.
Great features with great support
This extension fulfills all our demands - and brings us some new ideas. Flexibility at it's best - with fast support if there are any questions.
This extension did exaxtly what was necessary
We needed to limit shipping to Texas (we are selling alcohol), but at the same time we wanted to deliver our products to the rest states of USA. This extension did exaxtly what was necessary, and didn't conflict with other extensions. And also thank you for support, Amasty!
Great extension, does exactly what we need
Great extension, does exactly what we need. After sales service by Amasty was fantastic with accurate instructions for configuration and quick response time. Thanks so much Amasty!
as usual the support & quality of the plugin are great!
This is our fourth extension from Amasty -as usual the support & quality of the plugin are great! This module is very customisable. Used it to restrict free shipping & only show a 'special item shipping' on certain 'special' SKU's - the module was clever enough to restore free shipping if a normal SKU was carted, as well as remove 'special item shipping' when no special items were in cart. Error free install on Does everything it says & more! Great work again chaps, thanks!
Great extension, great service
Had an issue with including HTML in the error message, but the developer replied quickly to my support ticket and helped me troubleshoot. thanks so much!
My customer ship's perishable items and I was searching for a long time before i came across this extension. I am able to send product based on a category by next day air and hide other shipping methods such as ground or 3 day from different carriers. works as described. Easy to install and setup. Highly recommended!!

Magento connect
This extension fulfills all our demands - and brings us some new ideas. Flexibility at it's best - with fast support if there are any questions.

Magento connect
Great features with great support
The best magento developer
As a Magento veteran with years of experience dealing with countless extensions from different developers, I unequivocally recommend Amasty for their quality coding, Magento technical expertise, and community support. You honestly won't find a better Magento development team outside Ebay.

Warm regards,
Kevin Woolf,
Good extension
Tested the functionality of the shipping restrictions extension and itworks GREAT!

Laury Woollery,
Space Age Gizmos, Founder
Perfect For Out Of Area Charges/Surcharges
This really is a gerat extension - great for use with their custom carriers module. We use it for surcharges to particular postcode areas and to restrict certain carriage methods to certain areas. Does exactly what it should, is highly flexible and the support is really great too. Would have no issues recommending this to anyone. Using on CE 1.7.
Exactly what I was looking for
This extension has made my life SO much easier. Most of the products on my website are available for hand-delivery only, but there are some that can be shipped. In addition to that, some zip codes are not eligible for shipping. I was trying to juggle the USPS integration with a shipping matrix and was going nuts. This extension was very quick to install (so says my developer) and easy to configure. I'm kicking myself for the hours lost on trying to solve this problem when this extension was available all along. Thank you for making it!

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Version 1.1.8 - October 27, 2015
– Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
Version 1.1.5 - August 26, 2015
– New tab for coupons
– Option to restrict shipping with coupon and vice verse allow shipping with coupon
– Option to specify shipping method as carrier::method
Version 1.1.2 - April 08, 2015
– Option to restrict delivery methods by day of week or/and time of the day.
Version 1.1.1 - April 07, 2015
– Ability to include product names used in rule as variables {all-products} and {last-product}. Works for
– conditions type "ALL is true"
Version 1.1.0 - March 31, 2015
– Option to apply restrictions when customer provides some coupon code
Version 1.0.11 - March 20, 2015
– No message when there are no restricted methods at all
Version 1.0.9 - January 12, 2015
– New setting - "always show error message".
Version 1.0.8 - October 08, 2014
– Ability to use customer attributes as the conditions.
Version 1.0.7 - July 11, 2014
– Possibility to use a particular day for restrictions.
Version 1.0.6 - September 09, 2013
– Ability to use city conditions to restrict delivery.
Version 1.0.5 - April 30, 2013
– Ability to use customer attributes when Special promotions Pro is installed
– Compatibility with edit order extensions
– Fix for 1.5 and below Magento versions
Version 1.0.4 - December 14, 2012
– New conditions "starts from" and "ends with". Especially useful for zip codes - you can specify, that a restriction should apply to all zip codes starting from '123' or ending with 'XYZ'.
Version 1.0.3 - August 21, 2012
– Ability to skip restrictions for admin orders (optional).
– New condition for backorders.
Version 1.0.2 - August 14, 2012
– Condition option for address line, e.g. you can set restrictions for addresses with PO Boxes.
– Fix of cache issue for product attributes in the conditions.