Shipping Suite Pro for Magento 2

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Take your delivery process under full control with Magento shipping software. Use the synergetic work of the 3 smart managing tools: shipping table rates, rules, and restrictions.

  • Create an unlimited number of custom shipping options
  • Assign rates to specific products and product groups
  • Add rules and restrictions based on a variety of attributes
  • Allow customers to choose a suitable delivery date and time
  • Calculate delivery price based on volumetric weight
  • Hyva-ready storefront and compatibility with Hyva checkout
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Optimize your shipping management with smart all-in-one solution

Build cost-effective shipping strategy with flexible rules and restrictions

Strengthen customer loyalty by providing convenient delivery options

Create custom shipping methods and rates

To effectively manage your store shipping process and easily calculate the shipping costs, you need to build an effective system of table rates. Magento 2 Shipping Suite provides you with such a tool. With the extension, you will be able to create an unlimited number of flexible shipping methods with individual rates. Thus, you can generate multiple shipping methods in Magento 2 with flat and percent rates based on the delivery address, cart weight, and product quantity. You can apply any shipping method you create to a specific product or to a group of products.

Key settings that available for every method you create:


Specify countries to which your shipping method is applied to

Activate free shipping for the particular shipping types

Add comment and custom image for the method

Specify the method name for all your Store Views

Set a min/max rate or sum up rates for mixed-type cart

Make your method available to specific stores and customer groups


Key settings that available for every rate you create:

Assign rate to specific products and product groups

Set rates based on shipping parameters

Set different type of rates: percent, flat or rates combination

Specify and display the estimated delivery time in days

Create rates combinations to adjust them to any specific requirements

Use shipping types to set specific rates for different product groups


Custom shipping methods and rates: use cases

  • Create a new method "In-store pick up" with 2 days of estimated delivery;
  • Set Free shipping for your “Winter collection” or any specific group of products using shipping types;
  • Charge $3 per order and 1% of a product price simultaneously;
  • Assign higher rates to toxic or fragile freight, extremely large items or items located in distant storehouses;
  • Set a $5 flat rate (or percentage) for orders with total weight from 5 to 10 pounds and price between $15 and $75 when 5 or fewer items are added to cart;
  • Offer free or cheap shipping when customer purchases 10 or more items from a specific warehouse.

Check out our client’s use case to see how the Magento shipment extension improved management process in a real store. READ MORE →

Create smart shipping rules and restrictions

Once you have created a custom shipping method you can flexibly modify it according to your business needs using the Shipping Rules and Restrictions tools. Set rules and restrictions based on product, cart, and customer attributes. Restrict or hide the existing carriers and methods if necessary. Customize shipping rates using a variety of conditions. Apply additional delivery options to surcharge, discount, or replace shipping rates. The extension will help you to make the Magento shipping integration process both legal and cost-effective.

Create a shipping rule or restriction based on:


Certain carrier or shipping methods

Attributes and conditions including postcode and shipping address line

Coupons or shopping cart price rules

Customer groups or store views

Days and time


Key settings that available for the rules and restrictions you create:

Modify rates per individual products or whole orders

Allow free shipping for specific products

Surcharge, discount or replace rates preset by carriers and methods

Apply mass actions for your rules and restrictions using a grid

Manage tax and discounts inclusion


Shipping rules and restrictions: use cases

  • Increase UPS shipping cost from $10 to $15 or get it down to $2 to create a discount;
  • Add $25 shipping surcharge for the whole order and $5 + 10% of the each individual product price;
  • Set no shipping discount for the whole order, however 5% discount from each individual item price;
  • Your carrier (DHL) proposes several shipping methods such as land, air, sea shipments, etc. You want to restrict only freight shipping method with this Magento extension (‘DHL ground’) of the carrier instead of blocking them all;
  • Use the extension to block a Magento delivery method for a very heavy or very small orders;
  • Restrict ground mail methods of a specific carrier for the perishable products as it usually takes about a week to deliver them;
  • Exclude ground mail from delivery methods in case the order contains some premium brands;
  • Remove next day delivery shipping method for the items that are temporarily out of stock;
  • You have launched an advertising campaign with discount coupons. Offer or remove free shipping if the customer uses a coupon;
  • Give an access to your free shipping method only to wholesale users;
  • You’re working worldwide and have several online shops. You want to choose shipping methods for a particular store view or a website;
  • You configured the Magento 2 extension to apply autoshipping for free when someone's subtotal is over $149, but if a customer uses a coupon that drops the order value below $149, free shipping wouldn’t be applied due to the discounted subtotal;
  • Restrict delivery method on weekends or on holidays;
  • Hide a shipping method from particular region or customer group;
  • Restrict the shipping of particular products to some countries;
  • Restrict delivery to distant regions such as Hawaii and Alaska.

Explore our advanced features to solve the most sophisticated shipping issues

Smart targeting to specific locations

With Magento 2 Shipping Suite, you can use location attributes in a different scale to define your rule or restriction: country, state, shipping address line or ZIP-code. Create custom regions of several countries and make shipping rules or restrictions for the whole region.

Complex and flexible conditions

Set rules or restrictions separately or simultaneously combining different attributes (order, product, customer, geo) in one condition.

CSV import/export for rates and methods

Besides manually edition of your rates and methods, Magento 2 Shipping Cost extension lets you import or export a CSV file with all your shipping table rates in a few clicks for tuning your shipping process.

Non-numeric postcodes support

Besides numeric postcodes we do partial match for non-numeric postcodes so you may work with zip codes containing 'XYZ'. This includes supporting postcodes of USA, UK, Netherlands and Australia. (order, product, customer, geo) in one condition.

Volumetric weight calculation

With this Magento 2 extension you can calculate a custom shipping price in 4 ways: volumetric weight attribute, volume attribute, dimensions attribute, separate dimension attribute.

Set up custom price for Magento 2 shipping method

Easily add a Magento 2 custom shipping price for any created method in your store. Expand the default flat rate Magento functionality using the Amasty Shipping Table Rates extension. You can configure the method settings to define a fixed price per item, per order, or per unit of weight added for each lb/kg.

Build a cost-effective shipping strategy

That perfectly suits your business model

Shipping Suite

  1. $249
  • Generate numerous shipping methods with custom rates
  • Set flexible restrictions for shipping methods and whole carriers
  • Increase rates accuracy via volumetric weight calculation
  • Create special conditions to restrict certain shipping methods
  • Provide customers with a free shipping option

Shipping Suite Pro

  1. $499

Shipping Suite features included

Shipping Rules 

  • Add more flexibility to shipping methods by creating custom rules
  • Easily apply shipping rules to specific stores or customer groups
  • Modify shipping rates for a product or whole order
  • Surcharge, discount, and replace the existing rates
  • Create complex conditions for extension rules and restrictions

Shipping Suite Premium

  1. $999

Shipping Suite features included

Shipping Suite Pro features included

Delivery Date Manager

Shipping & Payment by Customer Groups

Shipping Cost Calculator

Free Shipping Bar

  • Fulfill any delivery schedule scenarios by creating extra delivery channels
  • Allow customers to select desirable delivery date and time
  • Keep delivery load under control by setting order limits
  • Show or hide shipping and payment methods for certain customer groups
  • Allow customers to calculate shipping rates before the checkout
  • Increase average order value by adding a free shipping bar

Magento 2 Custom Shipping module is perfectly complemented by other modules

Compatibility with One Step Checkout

Magento 2 Shipping Suite is fully compatible with One Step Checkout extension. Gain extra profit using these two modules combined to provide your shoppers with an option to ship their purchases to multiple shipping addresses in Magento 2 while placing orders. Also, you can easily determine the maximum number of addresses to which an order can be shipped.

Compatibility with Custom Checkout fields

More convenient choice of shipping methods for your customers with Magento 2 Сustom Сheckout Fields.  Allow your customers to order online and pick up products from a nearby store at a suitable day and time using Magento 2 Store Pickup with Locator extension.


Amasty Magento 2 shipping suite is a plugin that will help you control the shipping process and improve its profitability. It allows you to manage shipping table rates, rules, and restrictions, create flexible shipping options, and let your customers specify the desired delivery date and time. For instance, you can create an unlimited number of shipping methods with individual rates in Magento 2 to estimate the shipping costs and effectively manage the shipping process.

magento 2 shipping extension

Magento Shipping plugin is a tool for controlling all shipping proceses of your store and build an effective shipping strategy that will fit your business needs. It makes shipping process easy and allows to provide you customers with a smooth multi shipping experience in Magento 2 store.

magento shipping plugin

This Magento 2 extension supports an unlimited number of flexible methods with individual rates. You can create as many custom methods as you need to meet your customer expectations. Don't miss the chance to get all Magento 2 shipping methods you require with just one extension.

magento shipping plugin

Magento shipping software is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize the shipping and order fulfillment processes for e-commerce businesses using the Magento platform. It enables businesses to manage shipping methods, carriers, rates, restrictions, and tracking all within a centralized system. With automation capabilities, it simplifies shipping calculations, label generation, etc., resulting in improved efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Magento international shipping can be set up by creating custom shipping rules and restrictions to meet your strategy of international trade. For example, you can include or exclude different countries, states, regions, cities, zip codes, etc. from the shipping area if needed. For this, go to Sales → Shipping Areas.

You can create Magento 2 custom shipping methods and rates via the flexible settings of the Shipping Suite solution. Define shipping area, weight and price limitation, type of shipping method, and specify stores and customer groups for created methods or rates to make your shipping strategy more efficient.

With the Magento 2 Custom Shipping module, you can manage tax inclusion for created shipping rules and restrictions. To include taxes, simply navigate to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Shipping Rules/Shipping Restrictions, open the General settings tab, and set Include Tax in Subtotal to Yes.

  1. Step 1: Create a new module. The example module for use here is Vendor_CustomShipping . 
  2. Step 2: Add the module configuration. To add a module configuration use the following source code snippets. 
  3. Step 3: Create the carrier model. 
  4. Step 4: Enable the module.

You can use address attributes in Magento 2 shipping extension as conditions to create any number of shipping rules and restrictions according to your business needs. It is possible to apply different address attributes: postcode, country, region, state/province, and shipping address line to allow or restrict shipment.

In general, Magento shipping methods are the price and method of shipping products to customers in the order management process. Offering a variety of shipping methods that are tailored to customers can lead to a better customer experience

Magento 2 ShipStation is an extension that connects Magento 2 stores with ShipStation, a popular shipping solution. It allows merchants to streamline their shipping processes by automatically syncing orders, printing shipping labels, and managing shipments directly from ShipStation's platform.

Magento 2 offers a variety of shipping extensions that integrate with different carriers:

  • APC Magento
  • Magento 2 Aramex shipping
  • Australia Post extension for Magento 2
  • Magento 2 Canada Post shipping
  • Magento 2 DHL shipping extension
  • DPD shipping extension for Magento 2
  • Magento 2 FedEx shipping extension
  • Magento 2 Purolator shipping
  • Magento 2 Royal Mail extension
  • UPS shipping extension for Magento 2
  • Magento USPS

If you'd like to equip your store with the additional shipping features that you haven't found in the Shipping Suite for Magento 2 extension like shipping tracking, you are welcome to order our Magento Custom Development services. The first consultation is free. 

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Version 1.3.0
Last Update: Mar 27, 2024
1.3.0 - Mar 27, 2024
  • New we added the ability to import and export Shipping Rules data (Note: the compatibility is available as a part of an active product subscription or support subscription)
  • Fix we fixed the Order Total calculation when using the 'Surcharge' rate calculation type
Version 1.2.0
Last Update: May 25, 2023
1.2.0 - May 25, 2023
  • Compatibility we added the compatibility with Hyvä Theme for Shipping Suite Pro (Note: the compatibility is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription)
Version 1.1.4
Last Update: Mar 28, 2023
1.1.4 - Mar 28, 2023
  • Compatibility we tested the module with REST API. Now you can get shipping table rates, select the shipping method and place the order with one via REST API
  • Improvement now the {delivery_name} and {delivery_method} variables can be added to the restriction messages
  • Improvement we enhanced the calculation algorithm of distance priority by using Google Maps Platform services to correctly determine the closest source to fulfill shipments
  • Fix we fixed the issue occurred in case of using {all-products} variable in Custom Restriction Message
  • Fix we resolved the problem with using restriction method by condition Billing Address Country
  • Fix we resolved the problem with circumvent shipping rates when entering leading or trailing spaces in postcode
1.1.3 - Mar 14, 2023
  • Compatibility now the extension is compatible with Magento 2.4.5-p2, 2.4.6
1.1.2 - Nov 17, 2022
  • Fix we corrected module composer.json file
1.1.1 - Jul 25, 2022
  • Improvement: minor changes in the extension namespace
1.1.0 - Jun 02, 2022
  • New for all Amasty solutions, we have compiled separate packages, each of which includes a unique set of extensions. So that you can more easily find all available updates for your package in the Change Log tab, please find the menu on the left and choose the extension(s) included in the package. (A list of extensions included in a package can be found under the Description tab)
Version 1.0.2
Last Update: Apr 27, 2022
1.0.2 - Apr 27, 2022
  • Compatibility compatibility with PHP 8.1 was improved
1.0.1 - Jun 23, 2021
  • Improvement we added a module code name for registration of install on Magento instance

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