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Product Categories for Magento 1

If you have a store that sells parts, e.g. printer cartridges, spare parts, accessories, then this extension is a must-have solution for you. With it you can show all categories, where a product is listed, on the product details page and make the customers confident to place orders.

  1. Customers are sure they find the right component
  2. Show the list of compatible products at product page
  3. Display categories as links and improve SEO
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Note. The module is fully compatible with Product Parts Finder and perfectly supplements its functionality. Though in some cases it's Product Parts Finder that you need.

Automatically show all categories, where a product is listed, on the product details page.

Display all categories a product is assigned to on the product page.

If you sell parts (e.g. printer cartridges, equipment components) and have arranged the major products (e.g. cars and printers) as categories, this feature is very convenient for displaying products that the part or component is compatible with. Customers will be able to make sure that they find the right part/component and will be confident to place orders.

Display Magento product categories as links, which improves site navigation and SEO.

So from the product page a customer can get to the pages of any product category in your Magento store, to which the product is assigned. Also the category names are indexed by search engines on the product pages and are easier to find.

Provide the customers with product compatibility details to prevent them from leaving.

Improves conversion ratio.

Seeing the list of compatible products, customers will proceed right to checkout instead of asking questions. And you will not lose orders due to untimely replies to questions. Some people might not even ask questions - they would just leave your store and you would lose customers.


Clearly shows compatibility information, which saves a lot of time.

From our own experience we know that you get a lot of compatibility questions, if you don't indicate compatibility properly (in our case with different Magento versions). Since we've specified the compatibility information, we've got more time for extension development, paid projects and other profitable activities.

Significantly decreases chance for human error.

The extension will automatically display a block with all the categories, where a component is sold (i.e. the list of compatible products). Of course, you can write all the compatible products in description, however you may forget to mention some items. Also the information will blend with other description data and will be a lot more difficult to notice.

Great complementary product.

The extension works even better in combination with Improved Navigation, which allows to show links to product attributes. And Product Parts Finder module, which simplifies compatible parts search significantly. Configure the block title and define the number of columns for Magento product category display. The extension is compatible with vast majority of design themes, its appearance can be easily customized.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
10 Reviews
Nov 09, 2013
Essential Extension
Thank you Amasty for this valuable extension! Was looking for something like this since weeks!
But it would be more than awesome if you add options to exclude certain categories!
Sep 03, 2013
Interesting SEO improvement
A small improvement to our SEO. You should not underestimate the extension because it has a good effect on SEO.

Have a nice day,
Aug 19, 2013
SEO and happy customers
The extension really works. Both for SEO and for customers, because customers can explorer products from the category just when they are reading information about other products.

Aug 06, 2013
SEO and more perchases
Now there are no now manually adding links to the products at the end of the description. Just one action and everything are done. This extension improved SEO and of course customers now view some more products from the link list.


Jul 25, 2013
Increase the Interest of Buyers
Quick adding products at the end of product description help as increase the interest of other goods. Now customers are able to see the products which they have the same interest.

Jun 11, 2013
For compatible products
We were looking for the extension which can show list of compatible products from the same category. And Product categories can do it easy. Now there is no need to write compatible products in product description.

Magento Connect
Jun 11, 2013
Increased our conversion rate
The extension helped us improve our conversion rate. Lots of questions were disappeared and customers don't need to leave the store because how everything is clear.

Magento Connect
Jun 11, 2013
for SEO
The extension helped us improved our SEO. As we discover category names are indexed by search engines on the product pages. It is very SEO-friendly extension.

Magento Connect
Jun 11, 2013
Compatible products
We use the extension for our products which are compatible between each other. It is very convenient for customers to see compatible products and convinced that they find the right product. And they will ready to place an order.

Magento connect
Mar 18, 2013
It worked for me!
Stephen Erickson
We sell both, bulked products and components separately. The extension works great for both. Highly recommended.

Stephen Erickson, Project Manager

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