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Product Supplements & Surcharges for Magento 2

Gain additional profit and increase average order value with Magento 2 Product Surcharges & Supplements extension. Save time by assigning surcharges to multiple products at once and reduce redundant expenses by adding, updating or removing precise extra charges.
  1. Add an unlimited number of product surcharges
  2. Create ready-made supplement templates
  3. Track all the templates on a separate grid
  4. Attach multiple charges to products via mass actions
  5. Set flexible fee dependencies
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About 45% of customers expect their orders to be processed and delivered the next day and they would rather leave your store than wait for too long. At the same time, about 30% are ready to pay for additional services, e.g. express delivery. Making particular products available for exclusive processing options can be beneficial for both admins and shoppers, but configuring such services via default Magento functionality requires a lot of time and effort.


With Magento 2 Product Supplements & Surcharges, you can apply additional services to particular items or all products in your store in a few clicks. Allow faster delivery, set fees for oversized or fragile products shipping, provide customers with the samples for expensive products or set any other options according to your business specifics. Create multiple extra charge templates and apply them to the necessary products in a split second.

What benefits do you get for your store

Reduce shipping expenses by including processing costs in product price

Avoid problematic and time-consuming surcharges management

Increase average order value by providing additional customer services


Drive more sales by providing customers with additional paid services

Magento 2 additional fee extension is a simple and convenient tool for setting mandatory and optional surcharges on products for delivery, customization and other related services. Charges are applied to products (not to a shopping cart), which helps admin to avoid complicated and time-consuming configuration of taxes and compatibility with payment methods, e.g. the fee for next-day delivery will be already included in product cost, not in the shipping one.

Save time by creating ready-made supplement templates

If you sell fundamentally different categories of products, the services you provide may be absolutely different as well. Using Magento 2 Product Surcharges extension, it is possible to create various extra fees templates and apply them to the necessary products. Let’s say you sell cakes and T-shirts and want to provide express delivery for cakes and custom prints for T-shirts. In this case, just create 2 different templates with charges and assign them to particular product categories.

Simplify extra supplements management using mass actions

When a template with an additional surcharge is created, there’s no need to assign it to each necessary product separately. Just tick the items or product categories and apply a template via mass action. Once the fee template is changed, it will be updated automatically for all products to which this template is assigned to. Nevertheless, it is still possible to customize extra supplements for particular products separately.

Regulate fee prices with fixed or percentage calculation type

With the extension for Magento 2, you can adjust additional fee calculation type and set either fixed or percentage cost. Thus, an admin may specify a 5$ fee for express pizza delivery and 5% of the total cost surcharge for the shipping of dangerous cargo. If a customer has both types of products in his shopping cart, the surcharges will be automatically calculated and the total sum will be displayed to a customer.

Cover each business need with flexible surcharges dependencies

With the Magento 2 Product Supplements extension, store admin can set multiple surcharges, that will be codependent. Let’s say you sell laptops. A customer orders a laptop and wants it to be delivered as soon as possible. But if he chooses extra delivery for 5$, he may also pay an extra charge for the shock-resistant package. In this case, the second option is dependent on the first one, which provides customers with additional order processing flexibility.

Improve customer shopping experience with advanced extra options display

To make additional options profitable, first of all, they should be visible and user-friendly to customers. Enhanced UI positively influences customer shopping experience and encourages shoppers to make a purchase decision faster. Supplements & Surcharges functionality allows admin to create a custom layout for any type of additional fee: text field, radio button, checkbox, Yes/No option, multi-select, vertical or horizontal dropdown, etc.

Still not sure if it suits you? Check the alternative!

Key features Product Supplements Extra Fee
Add extra surcharge to a particular product +
Set fixed or percentage calculation type + +
Let customers select the optional fees + +
Limit additional surcharges display + +
Customize extra options style +
Set flexible surcharges dependencies +
Provide extra supplements with additional taxes + +
Precisely calculate the total sum + +
Apply fees to an order as a whole +
Show a separate list with extra payments on the checkout +
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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Product Supplements & Surcharges for Magento 2

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