Can I use Color Swatches extension with custom options for product?

What is Magento 2 custom options swatches extension for?

Magento 2 Custom Options Swatches Extension is used to customize price display options and create advanced color swatches. It helps to enhance the user experience of your store. If some of the simple options for a custom product are not currently available, you can display them and let customers subscribe to an email notification. This is an effective way to enhance store retention.

Yes, you can. In Magento 2 Custom Options Swatches extension the product’s price is based on the simple (child) product’s price.

If the configurable (parent) product has a custom option, the option’s price is summed up with the simple product’s price.  

How to add custom options to a Magento simple product?

To add custom options to a Magento simple product, open the product in the edit mode and go to the Customizable Options section. Click Add Option and New Option. Fill in the Option Title and choose the option type of the data. Define if the option is required. Click Add New Raw and fill in Title, price, price type, and SKU. Also, by the same path, you can check if a Magento 2 product has custom options and edit them.

Do you want to use custom options for products in Magento 2? Check out our Color Swatches extension.

See more details on Color Swatches Pro page

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