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For more details see the Product Option Templates extension page.

Guide for Product Option Templates for Magento 2

Boost your sales by providing multiple product variations with Magento 2 Custom Options. Easily create an unlimited number of custom options templates, and quickly assign them to your products via mass action.

  • Easily create product options templates
  • Assign options templates to multiple products in a few clicks
  • Add free and paid accompanying items to products
  • Smoothly edit existing templates
  • Efficiently manage your templates on a grid

Easily create product option templates

With Magento 2 Product Custom options extension, you can create multiple custom options templates and accurately arrange options for any product. Thus you can easily add such product variations as size, color, print, material, brand, related items or services, etc. To do this, please go to Catalog → Products.

Please, open any product configuration page and go to Customizable Option Templates by Amasty tab.

Click Add New Template button.

Template Name - give a name to your template.

Each template can contain multiple customizable options incorporated into it. Create as many options as you need via the button Add Option. In this tab, you can specify the Option Title and Option Type. Mark the option Required if needed. Use any input type according to your specific needs: text field, text area, file, drop-down, multi-select, checkboxes, radio buttons, date, time, date & time.

Then, add the option values (product variations) via the button Add Value. Fill in the option values prices, if the overall product price should differ depending on product variations (e.g. different type of material, size, etc.) In this case, the price specifies the surcharge of the option and its value depends on the price type.

Fixed - select this price type and the exact sum of money will be added to the product price.

Percent - choose this option to add percent amount to the product price.

Leave the price fields empty if the overall product cost doesn't change depending on option values.

Specify the option values SKUs. Easily delete any value via the recycle bin button. Note that this operation cannot be undone.

Note, that each change made inside a template will be immediately applied to each product where this template was added.

Now, you can Save the product with the template.

Assign options templates to products

Once a template is created, you may easily assign it to a particular product or to multiple items. Therefore, there are 2 ways to assign options for goods: in each product settings or via mass action in a product grid. Any template changes will be automatically applied to all assigned products.

Please, return to the Product Grid: Catalog → Products.

Let's see how to assign a template to a particular product on the product settings page. Open any product settings page and scroll to Customizable Option Templates by Amasty tab.

Click the Add Existing Template button to open the templates list. Choose the template, you'd like to add to the product and hit Add in the top right corner.

Check the template options on the product settings page and save the product.

You may apply either one or multiple templates to any product.

Also, you can save your time by assigning a template to multiple products via mass action. Choose all the products you need, using filters.

In the Actions tab, click Assign Custom Option Template and specify the one, that should be applied to all chosen products.

You can also remove a template from the products in bulk. In such a case you should choose the necessary items and hit Remove Custom Option Template in the Actions field.

Manage templates

See all the existing product options templates in a grid: Catalog → Template List. View each template status and the number of products for which it is applied. Delete any of the templates if needed, and it will be automatically removed from all the products.

Frontend examples

Display multiple options for the products in your store.

Easily add various related items and services to products as custom options.

Find out how to install the Product Option Templates for Magento 2 via Composer.

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