Extended Product Grid with Editor for Magento 1

Add the necessary product attributes and edit product data on the product grid to immensely increase time efficiency of your catalog management process.

  • Extend product grid with any attributes e.g. brand, cost, etc.
  • Edit product attributes right on the product grid with fast AJAX
  • Filter and sort the products by additional attributes
  • Show thumbnails and find the products without images
  • Show product categories on the grid
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Looking for a tool to quickly edit product data and take product management to a new level?

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With the Extended Product Grid with Editor extension you'll be able to modify any product information just in a few clicks.

Adjust Your Magento Product Grid to Business Needs

Add attributes to the product grid

It is possible to add any attributes of 'text', 'text area', 'dropdown', 'multiple select' and 'yes/no' types to the product grid. So you can display all the necessary information on your Magento editable grid. With the filter by attribute feature you can easily  filter and sort products. Make your Magento admin grid a lot more informative and functional.

Individual display of attributes for each admin user

Each admin user can choose which Magento product attributes should be displayed on the grid. So if you have several product administrators which edit different attributes, each of the admins can make Magento grid customization according to his or her needs.

Display product thumbnails on the grid. Find products without images

Images are much faster to recognize than words, so now you will find the right products a lot easier with our enhanced product grid tool. You can see full view of the image by clicking on the thumbnail, the extension is integrated with lightbox. In addition, you can sort products by thumbnails, so it will be easy to find products without images.

Display related, cross-sell and up-sell products on the grid

The module enables you to show related, cross-sell and up-sell products on your configurable grid, so you can easily manage products in Magento and quickly see related items for each product.

Disable some columns in the Magento admin grid

You can also disable these columns if you need: Type, Attribute Set Name, Status and Websites and enable them back at any time.

Product dates on the grid

It is possible to display product creation date on the grid, sorting and filtering for this option are available. Also you can add last modified date to the Magento editable grid to see when the product was changed last time.

NEW | Display product thumbnails on category pages in Magento admin grid

So you can see product images when assigning products to a category and do assignments with much higher accuracy.


Manage grid view columns with drag-and-drop

Easily manage product columns by customizing grid in Magento according to your needs - display columns in the order, which suits you best. What's even more amazing, each admin user can set the order of columns individually.

Show product categories on the grid

Now can easily manage categories by showing them on the product grid, Magento grid filter for categories can be activated as well. You can even find all products that have no category specified.

Display attributes on category products tab when editing a category

Due to this handy Magento editor you can make the category product grid a lot more informative by adding more attribute columns to it.

Create custom grid templates with different column sets

Create product grid templates with different column sets according to your specific needs. Quickly switch from one set to another to easily find and edit necessary product information.

Identify products without categories

Some products may be not assigned to categories, for example after you've imported new products. This means they will not be displayed on the front end, won't be ordered and you will lose money. The extension makes it very simple to find such products.

Switch grid columns templates right on the grid page

Now there is no need to open any additional windows or pop-ups to set a template for the grid - you can quickly switch from one grid attribute columns set to another right on the grid page.

Save columns order per template, not per user

Of course, it is possible to allow various columns on the grid for different admin users to make the grid more convenient. Thus if you prefer to bring all the work to a certain standard, just create a template and set is as default for all admin users; it is just a matter of one checkbox.

NEW | Child products display

You can now reach child category products easier. When you browse your products on the grid, filtering them by category, you can make the products of the lower categories visible by activating the feature. It will save you time and allow you to have a broader view of your store instantly.

NEW | Any grid template for any web store

Your web stores may vary in presentation concept. Sometimes you need more attributes and columns on the product grid, sometimes you want it minimal. The extension offers you a possibility to create templates for any of your peculiar needs. Moreover, you can apply templates to each of your online stores.

NEW | Quickly find product without basic images

Sort products on the grid to quickly identify the items without base, small or thumbnail images and fix the problem.

Quickly Edit Product Information Right on the Grid

Edit vast majority of product information on the admin product grid

You can edit product name, descriptions, sku, price, special price, cost, quantity, visibility, status, stock availability, 'price' type attributes, such as MSRP and most of other product attributes in Magento right on the product grid. Edits are easy to do and safe.


Save edits either one by one or in bulk

If you choose to save edits one by one, each piece of information, for example some product quantity, will be saved right after it is modified. If you choose bulk editing, you can edit multiple pieces of information and then save them all in one go. Single saving works great for cases when you need to edit only one or two cells. Multiple saving is more convenient when you edit larger volumes of information.

Save a lot of time on product editing

Some of you have to edit products day in and day out. Now you won't need to go to the product page to make a small edit - you can do this on the product grid. Ajax-based quick saving of data will dramatically improve your time efficiency.

Product data validation based on attribute class

The validation feature prevents you from making mistakes when editing product information on the grid. In case you leave any field empty, or for example, enter letters instead of numbers in the price field the module won't save wrong values. Therefore, your product data will always stay clean.

Export lists of products right from the grid

Sometimes you may need to export products belonging to a certain category, manufacturer or based on some other characteristic. The module makes this extremely easy - just add the necessary parameters to the products grid, filter products by the parameters and click export button. Both CSV and XML formats available.

NEW | Grid columns management and attribute columns validation

Now admin users can easily manage product columns display: standard, attribute and extra columns can be changed right from the grid. There is no more need to switch between numerous pages to customize product grid according to your needs. Also the extension provides you with the validation feature for 'Attribute Columns' to avoid possible errors.

NEW | Ability to quickly check out your changes on the front end

The module lets you show a column with direct links to the product pages on front end. So you can quickly go to any front end product page right from the grid and check if all your changes have been applied correctly.

Control Product Quantity Efficiently

Add and deduct product quantity

When you receive another installment and need to modify product quantity, it is easy to miscalculate the updated quantity and mess up inventory. With the extension you can just add the number of items which arrived to the number you have in stock. For example you have 72 items and 450 items arrived, so you just type 72+450 in the quantity field and job done. You can deduct quantities the same way by using minus '-' symbol. Please be aware that this feature only works on product grid, it doesn't work on the 'edit product' page.


Automatic Quantity Based Availability

You can set availability status to change it automatically to 'In stock' when quantity is positive and to 'Out of stock' when quantity is zero or negative. If you prefer to indicate availability status manually, feel free to disable this feature.

See product quantity sold for specified period

Straight on the product grid you can see product quantity that have been sold during the certain time period. All you need is to specify a calendar scale you want to check.

Compatibility with Other Extension

The extension does not replace default product grid page, so it will be compatible with majority if third-party extensions out of the box. If you will have any issues - be sure to let us know.


Full Page Cache compatibility

With the Full Page Cache extension you can trigger the product view page re-cache when editing store items from the grid in bulk.

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Amasty extensions work with all plugins we issued and with most 3rd-party plugins. If you come across a Magento 2 compatibility issue with any third-party module, we’ll definitely try to help you. If you face any technical issues, please create a ticket...
Will I get free support and updates?
Product updates for extensions purchased before Feb 1, 2022With the transition to product subscriptions, you will receive product updates for all extensions purchased before Feb 1, 2022 throughout the entire grace period — up to Aug 1, 2022. If you ...
Do you have the installation service?
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Amasty doesn’t provide any trials of Magento extensions. There's one exception: Amasty extensions are provided for testing or demo purposes to our official Platinum Partners as a part of the “access to Amasty extensions for testing purposes with Composer...
Can I test an Amasty extension on a staging site before transferring it to a live one?
Yes, you can install any Amasty extension on a test site and configure all the settings there before doing it on your live store.
How can I get a refund?
Amasty offers to its Customers a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee for the Software. In case the acquired extension didn’t meet your expectations, our support team is always ready to help you. Fees for support subscriptions and any services provided...
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To leave your feature request, log in to your customer account and open the Products tab. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and leave your feature request in the following form: As soon as you send your request, it is considered by our ...
How can I prolong support?
If you have an active support service subscription, it grants you access to support services for all products purchased before Feb,1 as long as your subscription is active. Alternatively, support services are only available as the part of a product ...
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Usually, no, you can’t exchange modules. Please, contact our support managers and they’ll consider your case individually. → Learn more about our special offers
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Usually, we don’t provide any discounts. But you can contact us, and we’ll consider your case individually. → Learn more about our special offers
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Our license allows you to use a single extension license agreement on one Magento installation.If you run several domains on the same instance of Magento, you can use one extension license. However, if you run each website on a new installation of Magento...
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You can pay for our extensions in any convenient for you way as a full range of payment methods are supported. The most common means are credit card or PayPal. Security and fraud protection are guaranteed. If you need to pay for the order with a non...
Can different sets of columns be used by other admins?

Yes, each of your admins can make product grid customization in keeping with his/her needs. Thus, different admins can run a handy grid template. Read on to see the details.

Can I add product attributes to the show on the Product Grid?

Yes, you can add any product attributes like Stock Availability, Product thumbnail image, color, brand, etc.

Can I edit custom product attributes on the grid?

Yes, our Extended Product Grid extension allows adding custom product attributes and edit them right from the Magento admin grid.

Can I set the order of columns?

Yes, you can choose in which order the columns should be displayed, a drag-and-drop option is available to adjust the layout.

Can the product quantity sold be displayed on the grid?

Yes, right on the Magento custom product grid you can see items quantity that's been sold in a fixed time period. All it takes is to specify the time period you want to check. Follow the link to see the screenshot.

How can I edit anything on the grid?

You can edit any product information right on the Magento product grid. You can change product status, visibility, attributes, etc. Read on to see the complete instructions.

How to add special price to Extended Product Grid?

You need to enable special price in the product grid settings. You can add any product attributes as columns to your product grid right from the Grid Attribute Columns list. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

How to install Magento 1 Amasty extensions?
Each Amasty extension package is provided with the extension files, installation & setup guides and a license agreement. Some extensions include import file examples as well.Before installing any extension, please create a backup of the root folder...
I need to filter products by category. Is that possible with your extension?

Yes, the Magento grid filter allows for filtering products by category when browsing products on the grid. To see the screenshot read on.

Is it possible to download/export the grid view?

With the Extended Product Grid Extension, you can export all advanced product grid data to CSV or XML file.

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Version 4.15.5
Last Update: Apr 21, 2020
4.15.5 - Apr 21, 2020
  • Fix we fixed the issue with price saving on Products grid using website Catalog Price Scope
  • Fix we fixed the issue with filtering for 'Creation Date' column
4.15.4 - May 11, 2019
  • Improvement we have added validation for Attribute Columns to avoid possible errors
4.15.3 - Apr 29, 2019
  • Fix the problem with information display in 'group pricing' column was resolved
4.15.2 - Apr 08, 2019
  • Fix the issue with duplicating product grid templates was resolved
4.15.1 - Oct 03, 2018
  • Improvement the \"From-To\" interval was added to the \"Qty Sold\" column filter
  • Improvement the \"Qty Sold\" cell will display the value \"0\" when no products are sold
4.15.0 - Aug 22, 2018
  • New the ability to filter products on the grid to find out when their base, small or thumbnail images are absent was added
Version 4.14.7
Last Update: Aug 13, 2018
4.14.7 - Aug 13, 2018
  • Fix the problem when creating 50+ attributes while using flat tables was resolved
4.14.6 - Jul 17, 2018
  • Improvement the image carousel display on the grid was enhanced
  • Fix the issue with the category editing was fixed
4.14.5 - Jul 11, 2018
  • Fix the issue with the sorting by attributes when catalog_product_flat is enabled was resolved
  • Fix the issue with the product settings when editing the grid for a store view was resolved
4.14.4 - Jun 11, 2018
  • Compatibility the compatibility with the Amasty Advanced Permissions extension was improved
4.14.3 - Jun 05, 2018
  • Fix the issue with editing in grid was resolved
  • Fix the issue with Total row was fixed
4.14.2 - May 31, 2018
  • Fix the issue with adding columns where the 'display_totals' is enabled was fixed
4.14.1 - May 30, 2018
  • Fix the issue with upgrade script was fixed
  • Fix the issue with total_display column was resolved
4.14.0 - May 28, 2018
  • New the image carousel on the product grid to display more than one image and the ability to display excluded images on the carousel were added
  • New the 'Total' row was added to the product grid
  • New the ability to display more than 200 products on a grid (500, 1000, 5000) was implemented
  • New the 'Backorders' column was added to the grid
  • New the ability to select an image attribute to display in the 'Thumbnail' column was added
  • Fix the issue with the inline editing after adding the 'low stock' and 'availability' columns to the product grid was resolved
  • Fix the issue with the multi store attributes was fixed
  • Fix the issue with adding more than 55 attributes to the grid was resolved
Version 4.13.1
Last Update: May 10, 2018
4.13.1 - May 10, 2018
  • Fix the issue with a duplicate column in DB was resolved
4.13.0 - Oct 20, 2017
  • New feature: Manage Stock Disabled option for the Availability column is added.
Version 4.12.22
Last Update: May 22, 2017
4.12.22 - May 22, 2017
  • Fixes for Qty Sold field
4.12.21 - May 02, 2017
  • Compatibility with Admin Actions Log extension improved
4.12.20 - Apr 05, 2017
  • Minor code improvement for getting current store ID
4.12.19 - Mar 31, 2017
  • Now fields on the grid are editable right after extension is installed; no need to specifically setup it under settings
4.12.18 - Nov 02, 2016
  • Fix pagination for Anchor Category Filter
4.12.17 - Oct 18, 2016
  • Added templates switcher for single store mode
  • Date format now uses locale settings
  • Option to show products from children categories for category filter
4.12.16 - Sep 07, 2016
  • Option to include children categories products with \"Is Anchor\" = \"Yes\"
4.12.15 - Aug 16, 2016
  • Improvement for Quantity Sold column indexing
4.12.14 - Aug 06, 2016
  • qty sold works better with import orders extensions like m2e
4.12.13 - Jul 08, 2016
  • Fixed issue with new templates creation
4.12.12 - Jun 23, 2016
  • Improvement for filtering products that have no category assigned
4.12.11 - Mar 01, 2016
  • Several minor improvements
4.12.10 - Jan 15, 2016
  • Fix for editing multiple select attributes
  • Minor visual improvements for cell editing
4.12.9 - Dec 09, 2015
  • Use of database prefix for index tables (quantity sold index)
4.12.8 - Dec 06, 2015
  • Improvement for the quantity sold calculation mechanism
4.12.7 - Dec 02, 2015
  • Now it's possible to switch grid columns template directly from the grid page
  • General performance and compatibility improvements
4.12.6 - Nov 06, 2015
  • Fix for backend URLs for products export
  • Improvements for working with date type attributes
  • Improvements for scrolling on the product grid
4.12.5 - Oct 27, 2015
  • Admin routing patch (SUPEE-6788) compatibility
4.12.4 - Aug 19, 2015
  • Minor improvements
4.12.3 - Aug 06, 2015
  • Improvements for date type attributes save routine
  • New visual style for drop-down elements on the grid, with search by value feature
4.12.1 - Jul 21, 2015
  • It is possible to save columns order per template, not per user.
4.12.0 - Jul 09, 2015
  • Allows to save columns order per template, not per user.
  • Compatible with Magento security patch
Version 4.11.9
Last Update: Jun 19, 2015
4.11.9 - Jun 19, 2015
  • Fix for Magento issue with incorrect date value being saved for product attributes in some cases
4.11.8 - Jun 18, 2015
  • Improvement for extension upgrade procedure
4.11.7 - Jun 16, 2015
  • Minor improvements for custom attribute columns
4.11.6 - Jun 11, 2015
  • Compatibility improvements
4.11.4 - Jun 03, 2015
  • Fix columns sorting
4.11.2 - May 29, 2015
  • Minor improvements
4.11.1 - May 25, 2015
  • Minor code improvements
4.11.0 - May 21, 2015
  • \"Grid Attribute Columns\" window user interface major refactoring/improvement: now everything in one place to manage grid columns
Version 4.10.0
Last Update: Apr 14, 2015
4.10.0 - Apr 14, 2015
  • Possibility to create column templates for fast switch between column sets
Version 4.9.5
Last Update: Mar 31, 2015
4.9.5 - Mar 31, 2015
  • Added JS validation based on attribute class
4.9.3 - Feb 05, 2015
  • Amasty Full Page Cache re-cache is now triggered when editing products from the grid in bulk
4.9.0 - Dec 11, 2014
  • New column added to display quantity of sold items: from/to date settings can be configured under System - Configuration; uses indexes to improve performance
Version 4.8.1
Last Update: Jul 02, 2014
4.8.1 - Jul 02, 2014
  • Low Stock information column added
Version 4.7.1
Last Update: Apr 02, 2014
4.7.1 - Apr 02, 2014
  • Correct handling of percent-based special price for bundle/grouped products
4.7.0 - Mar 07, 2014
  • Support for custom \"date\" type attributes
Version 4.6.3
Last Update: Mar 06, 2014
4.6.3 - Mar 06, 2014
  • Minor fix for export to CSV/XML (unnecessary columns removed)
  • Modification of number conversion algorithm (better currencies support)
4.6.1 - Jan 31, 2014
  • Code refactoring to improve extension speed
  • Bugfix for weight attribute
Version 4.5.2
Last Update: Oct 21, 2013
4.5.2 - Oct 21, 2013
  • Minor bug fixes
4.5.1 - Oct 21, 2013
  • Bug fix for indexer after stock update.
Version 4.3.7
Last Update: Sep 04, 2013
4.3.7 - Sep 04, 2013
  • New great feature: ability to show a column with links to front end product pages. This way you can quickly go to a product page and make sure the changes got applied.
  • Automatic re-index after stock data edited.
  • Bugfix for sorting columns.
4.3.4 - Jul 11, 2013
  • \"Display categories column\" now can be set by each admin user individually from the \"Grid attribute columns\" popup.
Version 4.2.1
Last Update: Jun 11, 2013
4.2.1 - Jun 11, 2013
  • Ability to show attributes on Category Products page when editing a category.
  • Display of related / cross-sell / up-sell products on the grid (with settings).
  • Bugfix for editing products in a specific store.
  • Bugfix for price editing.
Version 4.1.7
Last Update: May 23, 2013
4.1.7 - May 23, 2013
  • Bugfix for editing price attributes with currency symbols.
4.1.5 - May 03, 2013
  • Bugfix for dot symbols in price value.
  • Syntax error fix in layout file.
  • Bugfix for export to CSV.
4.1.0 - Dec 05, 2012
  • Last modified date can be now displayed on the product grid.
  • Bugfix for cost/special price being added twice.
Version 4.0.0
Last Update: Nov 15, 2012
4.0.0 - Nov 15, 2012
  • Possibility to change order of columns on the product grid by drag-and-drop.
Version 3.0.0
Last Update: Oct 03, 2012
3.0.0 - Oct 03, 2012
  • Display of product thumbnails on category page in admin panel.
Version 2.9.1
Last Update: Oct 03, 2012
2.9.1 - Oct 03, 2012
  • Ability to display product creation date on the grid, sorting and filtering for this option also available
  • Each admin user can individually setup display of additional attributes on the product grid.
Version 2.8.1
Last Update: Jul 05, 2012
2.8.1 - Jul 05, 2012
  • Support of 'weight' attribute for Magento 1.7.x versions (worked before in older versions)
  • Support of 'price' type attributes, such as MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price)
2.8.0 - Jun 22, 2012
  • Automatic Quantity Based Availability.
Version 2.6.0
Last Update: May 21, 2012
2.6.0 - May 21, 2012
  • Ability to export filtered lists of products.
Version 2.5.0
Last Update: Apr 03, 2012
2.5.0 - Apr 03, 2012
  • Support of multiple select attributes.
Version 2.4.1
Last Update: Mar 12, 2012
2.4.1 - Mar 12, 2012
  • Ability to disable some columns for the product grid.
2.4.0 - Feb 22, 2012
  • Ability to save multiple edits with one click. Admin can choose whether to save edits one by one or in bulk.
Version 2.3.0
Last Update: Jan 16, 2012
2.3.0 - Jan 16, 2012
  • Ability to zoom product thumbnails on the product grid with the help of lightbox.
Version 2.1.0
Last Update: Nov 11, 2011
2.1.0 - Nov 11, 2011
  • Edit text area type attributes on the grid, for example short description and description.
Version 2.0.0
Last Update: Aug 09, 2011
2.0.0 - Aug 09, 2011
  • Display of categories on product grid.
Version 1.2.1
Last Update: Aug 04, 2011
1.2.1 - Aug 04, 2011
  • Ability to display product thumbnails on product grid.
Version 1.1.0
Last Update: Jul 19, 2011
1.1.0 - Jul 19, 2011
  • Ability to display and edit special price and its from/to dates on the grid.

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