Special Promotions for Magento 1

Attract customers with advanced promotions like 'Buy X product get Y product with 30% discount', 'Each 2nd shirt for 50%', 'Get 10% off if placed more than 3 orders before', 'Buy 3 products and get 50% off for the cheapest' and many more.

  • Deals with cheapest and most expensive items
  • Discount items to a fixed price and by percent
  • Deals with quantity steps, of ‘Buy X Get Y’ type
  • Create popular specials with free products
  • Ability to skip items with special price
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A powerful promotion tool

Nowadays customers are literally flooded with discounts and it's difficult to impress them with regular Magento onsale deals. This Magento discount module adds 10 new discount actions to help you provide customers with really catchy promotions.


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Here are just some examples of the discount rules you can create with the module:

  • Buy 2 T-shirts and get 3rd with $30 off
  • Buy pants and get a belt $15 off
  • Buy a coat and get a hat with the 30% discount
  • Add a pair of jeans to the cart and choose any belt you like just for the fixed price of 25$
  • Buy 2 shirts and get any tie for just $10
  • Category tier pricing: buy one for 100, two for 90 each!
  • Get any 4 items from category "Accessory" for 50$
  • Get each 3-rd cheapest (or most expensive) item with 20% discount
  • Get 10% off two most expensive products
  • Buy 3 and get 1 cheapest (or most expensive) free, get 6 and get 2 cheapest (or most expensive) free
  • All contact lens (bags, shirts, etc) for $10
  • Buy 2 books and get the 3rd one for free (or for 40%, 50% etc. off)
  • Get $5 discount from each $500 spent’

Shows discount breakdown

The savings people make are a powerful factor when considering whether to buy or not (and also whether to keep coming back or not:-) So lets present the facts in front of them in an easy to understand way, as very often customers want to make sure they get all the discounts they are promised. Now you can display the list of discounts with products that are being discounted. For example, they will see: 'Get each 2nd phone with 50% discount: HTC Diamond -$375'. The feature works staring form the CE 1.4.2 version.


Create catchy banners for your promotions

With Promo Banners Lite, the Magento extension can highlight 'on sale' products. Display promo banners to draw attention to your specials. You can display informative banners on the product page for each price rule individually. Place them on top of the product page or after the product description. It is possible to show banners, considering the product's SKU and category.

Attract customers with great promotion combinations

Configure discount combination with cheapest/ most expensive Magento products - 'Buy X Get Y Free'

Due to our Magento 1 promotion extension you can create rules like 'Buy One Get One Cheapest (or Most Expensive) Free', 'Buy 4 products, get the most expensive for 50% off' and so on. Magento BOGOF selling model is a great tool to motivate customers make more purchases; it can also help you keep your stock cleared.


Create promotions like 'each second (third, fourth, etc) camera, phone, etc for 30% or 40% off or for free'

This Magento on sale extension adds 'Each Nth with Discount' rule, which you can utilize to offer deals like 'Get each 5th product for free (or with discount)', 'Buy 3 products from a certain category and get one of them with 40%/50% discount (or for free)' - offer a kind of tier pricing based on category or some other attributes (e.g. attribute set, manufacturer, etc).

Create promotions like 'Buy three shirts and get 2 ties for 50% off' and 'Buy 2 pairs of jeans and get a belt for just $5!'

This is possible with Magento actions 'Buy X get N of Y with Discount' and 'Buy X get N of Y for Fixed Price', which work with simple and configurable products. You can select products which are discounted (by whole categories or just individual items) and the products which trigger the discounts. The actions work in a similar way, the only difference is 'Buy X get N of Y with Discount' enables you to provide a percent discount and 'Buy X get N of Y for Fixed Price' lets you discount products to a fixed amount.

Create promotions like ‘Buy each 2d item with a 15% or with $20 discount after 3 items are added to the cart‘

To create such promotions use 'Each M-th After X-th for Fixed Price' and 'Each M-th After X-th with Discount' actions. You can set a discount quantity step, as well as discount amount and the number of items that should be bought to meet the conditions of the price rule. With these actions you can create rules like 'Buy 3 books for full price and get each second one with 15% discount'.

Offer deals of the kind ‘Get $10 discount from each $100 spent’

The extension adds ‘get $y discount from each $x spent’ rule, which will stimulate customers to spend more money in your shop. Customers will know they will be rewarded with a discount, when they spend a certain amount of money, which will motivate them to buy more.

Create promotions like ‘Get group of special items for 100$’

Advanced promotions extension adds to Magento ‘get group of N for fixed price’ action. You can specify the number of items, which customers will be able to buy for a fixed price. Of course, it is possible to select the products to which the discount should be applied. For example, you can let customers get any 3 products from categories ‘Shirts’ and ‘Ties’ for $100.

Use custom options in the conditions

You can create conditions based on custom options. For example, you sell cups in your store and there is a custom option to add an engraving to a cup. Now it is possisble to make the promotion rule apply only for the cups with engraving.

Discount product prices to a fixed amount and have Magento promotions like'Buy a shirt and get another one for only $10' or 'All socks for just $5!'

With the extension you get a new 'Each N-th for Fixed Price' action. The action lets you discount price of any item to a fixed value (considering that the product meets the conditions of the price rule). For example, you can create promotion 'all contact lens for $20', 'buy a pair of shoes, get another one for $30' or similar ones using this action.

Create promotions offering fixed discount amount, e.g. ‘Get each 3rd t-shirt with 40$ discount’, ‘Buy Levi’s pants and get Burberry belt $50 off’, ‘Buy 5 pens for full price and get each additional one with $3 off’

Such promotions are possible with ‘‘Each N-th with Fixed Discount’, ‘Buy X Get Y with Fixed Discount’ and ‘All products after N with Fixed Discount’ actions. You can use any fixed sum of money as a discount for a certain product.


Create promotions like 'Buy 3 or 4 or 5, etc items for full price and get each additional one for $50 ($100) or with 20% (30%, etc) discount'

Such promotions are possible with 'All product after N for Fixed Price' and 'All product after N with Discount' actions. The extension always selects the most expensive items for 'full-price' ones, the cheaper products get discounted. You can limit the number of items to be discounted. With these actions you can create rules like 'Buy 2 books for full price and get 2 more with 50% discount' or 'Buy 3 bags for full price and get each additional one for $100'.

Create promotions for product sets

With two new actions added now you can set promotions for particular product sets. Use the following promotion types:

  • Fixed price for a product set ("By a mobile phone, a memory card and a case for 99$! in total")
  • Percent discount for a product set ("If you buy the jacket and shoes together. each item gets 10% off discount")

Base shopping cart price rules on time conditions

Now you can create rules that will be active regularly on specific days of the week or during a certain time intervals.

Virtual products support

The Magento discount module goes all out in support of virtual products. This is the way you can without hesitations apply all the described promotions to virtual items and get a lot of benefits.

Special promotions for bundle products

Now you can create promotions for bundle products. Easily set shopping cart price rules to offer bundle items with various discount types.

Enhanced functionality of shopping cart rules grid

Now you can greatly ease rule management and overview the detailed rule data (the type of discount action and discount amount) right on the shopping cart rules grid. Moreover, now its possible to perform such actions on the grid as:

  • duplicate the rule if you want to create a similar one;
  • activate and deactivate rules in bulk;
  • change rules' priority in bulk;
  • easily delete demo (or test) rules, invalid coupons which are no longer needed.

Full compatibility with Magento standard features

Exclude products with special price from discounts

Specially priced items are already cheap. Applying discounts to them in most cases means that you would lose money on such products. Now you can prevent this to maximize the profitability of special priced items. The extension enables you to skip products with special prices created with Catalog price rules as well.

Limit maximum discount amount for the rule

Now admin user can set up a maximum discount amount for any promotion rule, including native Magento 1 rules. For example, a customer has bought 5 items and according to the rule his discount should be $300, but maximum discount amount for this rule is set $200, so he’ll get only $200. This will prevent giving out unprofitable discounts.

Take full advantage of Magento price rules functionality

Now it is possible to impose limitations like category or sku and so on to create rules like 'Buy more than 1000 worth of products and get the most expensive item from "gifts" category for free'.

Manually choose discount base

Admin user can define what price will be chosen as a discount base for the action – special price, the price after previous discounts or the original item price. It is also possible to directly apply for the biggest discount.

Completely integrated with Magento 1

The module supports multi-store and multi-currency environment at the general configuration level, also works correctly with Magento tax functionality.

Optimized promotions efficiency

The Special Promotions module is a flexible tool to greatly expand native Magento 1 promotions rules functionality.

Choose your perfect promotions solution

Build a smart discount system according to your needs

Special Promotions


  1. $99
  • 20 extra promotion types
  • Buy X Get Y rules
  • Fixed and percent discounts
  • Detailed discount breakdown
  • Promotions based on spent amount
  • Promotions with quantity steps

Special Promotions Pro


  1. $159
  • 20 extra promotion types
  • Buy X Get Y rules
  • Fixed and percent discounts
  • Detailed discount breakdown
  • Promotions based on spent amount
  • Promotions with quantity steps
  • Promotions based on customers' order history
  • Apply customer attributes as rule conditions
  • Product custom options as rule condition

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How Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules Help to Create Promotions

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How to set up the promo 'Buy one product, get another one'?

To launch a 'buy X get Y free' promo with the Special Promotions Pro extension, you need to create a relevant Cart Price rule, set up a discount, choose 2 in the Discount Qty step and apply the rule to a product you need . See all the settings in the full guide.

How to use "Buy X Get Y - Fixed Discount: Buy X get Y with $10 Off " action

With the use of the Special Promotions extension, you can launch a 'buy X get Y with fixed discount' promo. The feature permits specifying individual products (not only categories) for which the condition will be applied. To see a full guide, follow the link below.

How to use "Buy X Get Y - Fixed Price: Buy X get Y for $9.99" action

With the use of advanced Special Promotions discount rules, you can predetermine a fixed discount for a product instead of a percent one. By this rule, if a customer orders three printers, he/she can buy any laptop for $200 only. To see more details on the configuration, see the complete answer. 

How to use "Buy X Get Y - Percent Discount: Buy X get Y Free" action

The extension allows for creating such promos as 'buy X get Y with N% discount'. By setting up the 'Actions' you can define a percent benefit your customer will get in case he/she meets the conditions. To see all the configuration steps, go on reading a complete answer.

How to use "Each Group of N - Percent Discount: Each 5 items with 10% off" action

The special offer permits providing your customers with a percent discount in case he/she buys a specific number of products. For the promo launch, you need to create a cart price rule with the corresponding actions, specify the quantity step and a discount amount. Go on reading to use bit-by-bit instructions.

How to use "Each Product After N - Fixed Discount: each 3d, 7th, 11th with $15 Off after 5 items added to the cart" action

Thanks to this action you can create various effective promotions like ‘Buy 3 books for full price and get each second one with $20 discount’. Read on to see all the configuration steps.

How to use "Each Product After N - Fixed Price: each 5th, 7th, 9th for $89.99 after 5 items added to the cart" action

With the use of the action, products are discounted to a fixed amount. You can create promotions like ‘Buy 3 books for full price and get each second one for $20 only’. Go on reading to see all the settings.

How to use "Each Product After N - Percent Discount: each 1st, 3rd, 5th with 15% Off after 5 items added to the cart" action

Thanks to this action you can create promotions like ‘Buy 3 books for full price and get each second one with 15% discount’. Continue reading to see how to make all the settings correctly. 

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Version 1.15.2
Last Update: Dec 19, 2019
1.15.2 - Dec 19, 2019
  • Fix issue with Each N-th Product in the Cart was fixed.
1.15.1 - Nov 20, 2019
  • Improvement we reviewed and enhanced the code according to Magento code standards
1.15.0 - Oct 31, 2019
  • New We added an option \"Maximum discount\" for default Magento cart price rules
Version 1.14.8
Last Update: Jul 08, 2019
1.14.8 - Jul 08, 2019
  • Fix the issue with incorrect discount in description was resolved
1.14.7 - Jun 05, 2019
  • Fix the issue with maximum function nesting was resolved
1.14.6 - May 15, 2019
  • Fix the issue with applying shopping cart price rule with catalog price rules for configurable products was resolved
1.14.5 - May 03, 2019
  • Fix the issue with multiple addresses checkout was resolved
  • Fix the issue with applying SKUs for several rules was resolved
1.14.4 - Mar 06, 2019
  • Fix the issue with the rule not triggering if \"Discount QTY Step = 0\" was resolved
1.14.3 - Jan 09, 2019
  • Fix the issue with applying the biggest discount for original price was fixed
  • Fix the issue with applying rules after specifying Y-product and Y-categories on the rule was resolved
1.14.2 - Nov 05, 2018
  • Fix security fixes
1.14.1 - Oct 22, 2018
  • Fix the issue with a discount exceeding an item's price was resolved
  • Fix the issue with sorting for \"Each N-th\" and \"Each Product After N\" actions was resolved
1.14.0 - Sep 24, 2018
  • New the debug mode for the shopping cart was added. Now you can see the discounts applied to each item in the cart
  • Fix the issue with actions 'buy X get Y' for products with the same price was resolved
  • Fix the issue when applying the biggest discount amount was resolved
  • Fix the issue with the discount amount for the 'Group N percent' rule was resolved
Version 1.13.9
Last Update: Aug 23, 2018
1.13.9 - Aug 23, 2018
  • Fix the issue with labels displaying on products images was resolved
1.13.8 - Aug 16, 2018
  • Fix the issue with the time format was resolved
  • Fix the issue with applying the biggest discount setting was fixed
1.13.7 - May 24, 2018
  • Improvement the localization was updated.
1.13.6 - May 23, 2018
  • Improvement 'Usage examples' URLs are now opening in new tab
  • Localization updated
1.13.5 - May 04, 2018
  • Dependencies updated
1.13.4 - Mar 26, 2018
  • Fixed logic of 'Each Group of N' action. Now it will apply discount on group of cheaper items
  • Fixed an issue with 'Promo Items' field not accepting SKUs with spaces
1.13.3 - Mar 06, 2018
  • Fixed an issue with 'Stop Further Rules Processing' setting
1.13.2 - Jan 19, 2018
  • Fixed 'Max amount of discount' setting behavior
1.13.1 - Nov 22, 2017
  • Links to User Guide added
  • Some minor UI changes
1.13.0 - Oct 20, 2017
  • New Stock Qty and Weigh can be used as product conditions
  • Minor localization fixes

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