Black Friday

Online store owners should be prepared in advance for any kind of discrepancies and unexpected events on Black Friday. This is a proactive step to minimize interruptions and hassles due to heavy traffic. There are some measures suggested by M-Connect Media, a leading Magento development company, which can setup your online store to generate maximum sales. You can implement them to make sure that your web store is ready for the holiday shopping season. And don’t forget to inspire customers to shop! Give them some reward points in your Magento 2 store on Black friday.

Measures to Prepare your Online Store for the Black Friday:

Be ready with a disaster recovery plan

This is a very important step and should be placed on your priority list. If you have not made a disaster recovery plan then a single downtime may put off your online shopper and he may never return again. Therefore, you need to be technically ready to meet and solve any runtime errors and disasters due to heavy traffic. Make sure all your navigation system, filters, checkout work well and any visitor can experience infinite scroll on any of the category pages.

Connect with your data centre

Another significant thing that ruins customer experience is the delay in transaction. Make sure that you manage for the heavy peak load time so that the transactions are smooth and hassle free. Owners need to ensure that their online store runs 24×7 and is always connected to its data centre for quick and easy transaction.

Backup is a must

You need to be prepared for the worst case scenario in which you lose entire data during peak time. This puts you at the risk of losing all sales details as well as records of the potential customer. To prevent such a disaster, you need to have a backup plan in place.

Early testing would prevent disasters

One of the toughest tasks is to brand your products during the peak time. It would then only reach millions of customers and cannot afford a downtime at this time. For this, you need to make your online store go through several tests and make it error proof and robust enough to perform during heavy load.

Saving cache for high speed

To make a high performing website with least load time, you can save cache so that frequently accessed pages are loaded quickly. This will prevent any loss of potential customer as well as revenue and make transactions smooth.

Test the third-party scripts

Most online stores display promotions and ads depending on third party scripts. As these scripts require calling an outside server, it weakens the performance of the website and disappoints the buyer. To avoid such issues, you need to test and optimize third party scripts so that the website is all set for sales.

Focus on the content

Your website content should be given a boost through Content Delivery Network (CDN). This will improve its performance globally by storing the content on external server. When stored on external server, the data can be accessed from anywhere and so can respond to every user request.

Arrange for secure connection

Use DNS and SSL certificates to prevent unauthorized hacking or data manipulation. Moreover, this certificate will help you win customer’s trust and therefore it becomes important for your site to have an SSL connection. Update your SSL certificate and make your site up to date.

Limit page elements for high user experience

Big load time directly affects the conversion rates. Delay in page load may divert potential traffic to your competitors. To avoid this, your website needs to go through speed tests to enhance the performance of the webpage. This can also be done by limiting the page elements like product images, codes, links etc.

Track down the competitors

This is a very important step in creating a flawless marketing strategy. You need to track your competitors and see what they are doing for improved sales. You may take some clues from them or avoid mistakes made by them. Remember you will not be the only store selling stuff on the holiday. There will be several competitors and so, you need to have an edge over others. Just work towards getting this edge and things are done for you.

Consider a comprehensive tool

It can be a difficult task to design and maintain web pages during the peak hours. For this, you can take help of comprehensive tools to make smooth functioning of your eCommerce store during Black Friday. Ensure proper checking of DNS and SSL to response uptime of website.

Apply the above mentioned points to prepare your online store for Black Friday. Start with research and end with removing all the technical glitches. This are simple yet effective steps to prepare a web store ready for the peak load times and high performance. Apply and check for yourself. All the best!

M-Connect Media researched and mentioned some of the most effective measures in Holiday Sales Marketing & Sales Improvements Guide to prepare online store for the Black Friday. You can easily apply these steps to create an online store that balances peak traffic and supports high performance.