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Lightbox and Zoom for Magento 1


Bring your Magento online-store closer to a real one with Magento lightbox and zoom extension. Give customers a chance to buy lifelike products!

  1. User-friendly process of image viewing
  2. Enhance product presentation
  3. Keep your store up-to-date
  4. Magento Lightbox effect
  5. Zoom effect
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Note. Our Color Swatches extension contains all the functionality of Magento Lightbox and Zoom module. So you get new features and improvements for the same price.

An amazingly easy way to improve product presentation.

Enhance product presentation.

Shopping online is risky, especially if you sell items, the main characteristics of which are size, quality, color, etc. You have to show them to customers in a favorable light to convince of high quality products at your store.

Keep your store up-to-date.

The whole world is changing every day thanks to the latest technologies. You can't stop the progress in usability of online-shops, so the only way is to follow it.

Improve the credibility of your store.

Convince clients that they won't be deceived, show them that your store and activities are spread before the eyes.

Show customers what they want to see.

Customers like to see all the details of the product and this is not very convenient when using standard Magento functionality. Viewing of images a very essential part of shopping experience. The extension considerably enhances this aspect of your online store and make it more user-friendly with Magento LIghtbox and Zoom features.

Just like a surgeon the extension performs various operations.

User-friendly process of image viewing.

Customers get a nice display of entire-size images. They can zoom pictures, when they are interested in some particular details.

Magento Lightbox effect.

It's obligatorily for customers to view full-sized images. Another significant point is user-friendly navigation between pictures, it's a must have for any online store. You get 2 in 1 thanks to this feature.

Zoom effect.

If necessary, users can zoom a part of image. In some cases customers need to closely examine all the product details.

Change size of product thumbnails and preview images.

The feature is used to adapt thumbnails and preview images to custom design themes.

Browser compatibility.

The extension has been tested and is compatible with all major internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari).

Cross-extension compatibility.

Our Magento Lightbox and Zoom extension is compatible with our other image-related extension Color Swatches Pro.

See Lightbox and Zoom in action.

  • Zoom feature:

  • Lightbox feature:
  • Reasons to choose

    Other Features

    • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
    • Follows Magento Code Architecture
    • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
    • Simple installation via Composer
    * The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
    Great performance - quality extension
    Everything runs like a clockwork. We have never had any issues with this extension. Well done, Amasty guys:)
    Positive results came at once
    I want to thank Amasty for this extension. By letting customers better see what they buy we've boosted our site credibility. And these are not just words. We've already got customers' feedback that proves this. I guess this is not our last purchase here. Well done!
    Visible results
    I hadn't believed to the reviews until I installed the module. No I can prove that conversions really boost due to usability enhancement this module provides.
    Clear products view
    I've already got a couple of positive reviews after I installed the extension! My customers highly appreciated the possibility of full-sized product viewing as well as easy switching from one picture to another.
    High results right after installation
    The best thing about it is that it's highly compatible with other modules and and starts showing its effectiveness right after its installation. Thank you, Amasty
    Perfect product presentation
    This is a wonderful tool for building site credibility, as it improves the presentation of the products allowing my customers see them almost like in a real store.
    Boosts conversion rate
    This extension happened to be a real bargain for me! Yes, it's worth the price I paid. The conversion rate has risen by %15,2 percent since we've implemented this module. Thank you guys, I'm definitely going to by your products in the future.
    Like in a real shop!
    The closer customers see the product the more loyal they become. Now my store seems more credible for users.

    Magento Connect
    20% increased store visits
    With Lightbox and Zoom our store became 20% more visited because of improved product presentation, People are really eager to buy, when they see all the details.

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