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  1. SEO Toolkit M1

    Provide a new beginning for your Magento 1 with the SEO extension. Take advantage of an exclusive selection of SEO tools and upgrade your online store according to the latest search engines requirements.

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    • Build up comprehensive site maps
    • Easily generate relevant meta tags
    • Quickly export and import product tags
    • Create short attractive URLs
    • Use Hreflang to point Google what regional content to favor
    • Make you product reviews SEO-friendly
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  2. Improved Layered Navigation M1

    Provide clear Magento layered navigation to your store visitors. Equip your website with the chock full of customizable filters, sliders and 'from-to' widgets. Avail of SEO features to level up your position in SERP. Optimize the store for mobile devices to improve customer's experience. Entrust your navigation to premium 7-year-old Magento 1 extension.

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    • Ajax Layered Navigation
    • Shop by Brand
    • Price filters & sliders
    • SEO friendly urls & navigation
    • Multiple and single attribute selection
    • Fully optimized for mobile
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  3. Full Page Cache M1

    Speed up your Magento using cache to the full. Decrease pages loading time and improve user experience, which leads to a better conversion rate and higher search rankings.

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    • Magento loads pages much-much faster
    • Huge decrease of your server load
    • Better search engine indexing and higher rankings
    • Dynamic blocks / 'hole punch' support
    • Includes cache crawler
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  4. Product Feed M1

    Powerful Magento 1 feed tool for creating and operating product feeds for Google Shopping, Nextag, Amazon ads and many other comparison shopping engines. Don’t miss the chance to attract more customers and boost sales to your Magento store!

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    • +1 high-conversion sales channel
    • Create unlimited number of feeds
    • Automatic and manual generation of feeds
    • Flexible formatting to comply with all shopping engines
    • Ability to have different prices and other values in each feed
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  5. Improved Sorting M1

    Let your customers find the best products fast! Give them effective options for sorting - by bestsellers, biggest saving, etc. Add featured product blocks based on the sorting options for different categories.

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    • Enable customers to sort products by bestsellers, rating, etc
    • Create product blocks using the sorting options
    • Specify the order of the sorting options in dropdown
    • Set any sorting method for products listing on catalog and search pages
    • Show out-of-stock products at the end of the lists
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  6. Google Rich Snippets M1

    Improve your website appearance in organic search. Use easily adjustable rich snippets for highlighting any site information you need. Significantly increase your visibility with Magento microdata and draw highly targeted traffic to your online store.

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    • Use various types of rich snippets
    • Add Magento sitelinks search box
    • Enhance your visibility in search results
    • Get more targeted traffic
    • Boost your conversion rate
    • Raise your brand awareness
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  7. Meta Tags Templates M1

    Automatically generate tags for category and product pages as well as for any other pages of your web store. Quick and accurate website SEO optimization will lead your site to the top in search results.

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    • Meta info, keywords and H1 tag for products & categories
    • Generate short and full product descriptions
    • Generate meta tags for any store page by URL
    • Flexible templates with advanced parsing options
    • Set noindex or nofollow for site pages
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  8. Google Page Speed Optimizer M1

    Mobile page speed is an official Google ranking factor since July 2018.

    Make your store much more Google and user-friendly by optimizing your code structure with Magento Speed Optimization extension. Use advanced options to automatically improve your website performance and get a higher score in Google PageSpeed Insights.

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    • Improve your website pages performance
    • Make your code structure as clear as possible
    • Get high score in Google PageSpeed Insights
    • Automatically optimize product images
    • Use CSS and JS Minification option
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  9. Product Reviews M1

    Maximize SEO value of your e-commerce site with the help of customer reviews. Improve your store credibility by nurturing the relationship with clients.

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    • Display customer reviews right on product page
    • Avoid content duplication
    • Create SEO-friendly URLs for review pages
    • Boost more traffic on product pages
    • Make your navigation more user-friendly
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  10. Blog Pro M1

    Create responsive blog posts with a handy WYSIWYG editor, easily customize posts display with a layout constructor and make them user and SEO-friendly.

    magento 2 data migration
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    • Take advantage of responsive layout design
    • Use numerous handy widgets
    • Customize blog posts display
    • Make blog posts SEO-friendly
    • Send admin and customer notifications
    • GDPR compliant
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  11. Image Optimization M1

    Improve your online store performance for Google and your clients by optimizing the size of the images. With the help of the Magento image optimization extension, you will not lose the quality of your product images and will increase your ratings in Google PageSpeed Insights.

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    • Boost your online store effectiveness
    • Significantly compress images in Magento 1
    • Preserve image quality after compression
    • Make your product images SEO-friendly
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  12. Minify JS-CSS-HTML M1

    Growing competition makes e-commerce store owners look for new ways to win the higher positions in the Google search ranking. Magento Minify extension is among the most simple yet effective solutions to achieve a better score in Google PageSpeed Insights and get the corresponding benefits for the whole business.

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    • Optimize the website code structure
    • Minify JS in Magento 1 to boost store performance
    • Improve CSS structure
    • Compress product images
    • Rank higher in Google
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Everyone knows that Magento search optimization is an essential part of doing business online. You have to optimize your store for search engines in order to hit the top of search results. Amasty is happy to offer a wide range of extensions for your Magento SEO current optimization. Try & choose the best one!

To get to your customers and motivate them to stay with you for long, you need to perform Magento search engine optimization. And we’ll happily assist you.

Nowadays search engines become cleverer day-by-day. They are taught to react like a human, so your efforts in Magento search engine optimization should be aimed at people. This means that website interface, usability and text information should be tailored to customers’ needs. It’s obvious that Magento basic functionality is not enough for such tasks.

Luckily, there are a number of Magento SEO best optimization tools, which can become good friends of your store. This category is especially important for Amasty. We understand that the majority of visitors still come from search engines, so we constantly develop solutions that streamline SEO in Magento stores.

So what are the key features our Magento search optimization plugins can provide? Compact navigation, short seo-friendly urls and clear landing pages are the most explicit advantages of the SEO tools we offer. Proper creation of cross-links, fine meta information and elaborate brand pages with logos are there as well. Though the pros of using these Magento  SEO professional optimization modules are not that evident, they extremely important. They pave the way to customers’ hearts through the enhancement of the shopping experience.

Expand Magento functionality with SEO features in order to be the first to answer your customers’ questions in search engines. Don’t hesitate to invite search robots to your store any more, meet them as welcome guests.

The extensions by Amasty will do their best to make search engines and Magento the best friends ever.