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Order Management

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  1. Order Attributes M1

    Order Attributes extension allows you to efficiently collect and use all the necessary order info by adding custom fields to checkout page. Get all the order data you need during checkout and process orders faster.

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    • Collect enough order-related information
    • Improve order processing not to lose money
    • Grow customer satisfaction with faster order completion
    • Create any number of fields for checkout pages
    • Display the info on order grid, order pages, in emails, etc
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  2. Advanced Permissions M1

    Assign permissions to users for editing products and categories, Magento store-views and websites. No mess when having a lot of users in your store – vendors, category managers, etc – let them see and edit certain categories and products.

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    • Restrict access by store-view and website
    • Separate products management
    • Separate categories management
    • Duplicate roles quickly
    • Automatic compatibility with other extensions
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  3. One Step Checkout M1

    Place all checkout steps on one responsive page to streamline the whole shopping process. Use customizable layouts, easily manage checkout blocks and help customers to instantly fill in multiple fields with Google Autosuggestions and automatic credit card detector.

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    • Combine shopping cart and one step checkout
    • Customizable and mobile-friendly checkout page design
    • Manage checkout fields and blocks display
    • Automatically detect customer geolocation
    • Speed up the checkout with predefined field values
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  4. Pre Order M1

    Find out which products enjoy greater popularity and restock your items accordingly. Display customizable stock statuses. Enable customers easily pre order necessary products.

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    • Let customers pre order store products
    • Analyze customers’ demands
    • Fill the stock according to customers’ needs
    • Create pre order notes
    • Launch pre-sale campaigns
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  5. Efficient Order Export M1

    Need to export orders? Very fast and flexible solution for Magento will help you export orders with all data you need, including the one generated by third-party extensions.

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    • Rapid & easy export of order data to CSV or XML
    • Export billing, shipping addresses & product info
    • Automate order export process
    • Send export files by email or upload via ftp
    • Export order data created by third-party extensions
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  6. Order Archive M1

    Enrich the default magento functionality and delete orders or archive them with this extension. Keep your order grid clean and save time on store management activities. Use flexible settings to customize archive process according to your needs.

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    • Archive orders automatically
    • Discover magento order delete functionality
    • Display archived orders on a separate grid
    • Specify the number of days before orders get archived
    • Set archive frequency
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  7. Sales Reps and Dealers M1

    Take cooperation with sales reps and dealers to a new level. Assign customers to sales reps and dealers, so they can manage only their customers and create orders for them. Get convenient tools to control your sales reps and dealers.

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    • Divide customers between your sales reps and dealers
    • Reps can manage and create orders only for their customers
    • Assign personal managers to wholesale and VIP customers
    • Convenient tools to control and manage your dealers
    • Remove confusion between your staff members
    • Switch dealers between orders
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  8. Custom Order Number M1

    Take control over your order numbers. The extension enables you set any starting numbers and prefixes for all types of store documents such as invoices, orders, shipments, credit memos. Protect your private business info from your competitors and make your store more user-friendly.

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    • Set any starting numbers for all document types
    • Specify increment intervals and numbers length
    • Use prefixes and date postfixes for numbers
    • Mask important data to protect your business
    • Adjust numbers to your local legislation
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  9. Extended Order Grid M1

    Extended Order Grid module makes order list page much more functional. This admin extension empowers you with such abilities as displaying all the necessary order info, including product images, on the order grid page, searching and sorting of orders by product name, SKU and other product attributes.

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    • Show all necessary product data on the order grid
    • Search and sort orders by product data - name, SKU, etc
    • Display product thumbnails on the order grid
    • Coupon codes, shipping and payment methods on the grid
    • See all product info without going to the order view page
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  10. Delivery Date M1

    Enhance customers’ satisfaction by enabling them to specify preferable delivery dates and time intervals to receive orders. Easily define the dates and time available for delivery.

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    • Enable visitors to select days and time of delivery
    • Exclude any dates from your delivery plan
    • Let customers create delivery messages
    • Set minimal and maximum delivery intervals
    • Customize delivery data display according to your needs
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  11. RMA M1
    magento 2 data migration

    Equip your store with a powerful Magento RMA system. Create numerous custom request types and statuses. Provide visitors with advanced return/exchange opportunities and enhance their shopping experience.

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    • Easy RMA request management
    • All product types support
    • Guest RMA option
    • RMA requests per item
    • Unlimited custom statuses
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  12. Mass Order Actions M1

    Hate editing each order when you need to send invoices or submit shipments? This extension will definitely cheer you up by allowing to process orders in bulk. Create invoices and shipments, capture payments for multiple orders in one go!

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    • Invoice and ship orders right from the order grid
    • Easily change order status and capture payment
    • Apply mass actions to multiple orders
    • Print all docs in one click
    • Build great reputation with efficient order processing
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  13. Order Memos and Attachments M1

    Need to add information to orders while or after processing them? Magento Order Attachments enables you to make memos, add important data (like processing or actual shipping dates) to any orders after customers or admins have created them.

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    • Keep all order related data in Magento to find it easily
    • Prevent loss of important order data
    • Add fields for files, memos, other info to orders after creation
    • Filter and sort orders by the fields on the order grid
    • Let customers see and edit the fields and upload files
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Orders mean money. Therefore convenient and efficient system is a must. For this reason, we are glad to offer you a whole range of order management tools. These extensions cover major aspects of the processing, namely, providing relevant functions to store admins, sales reps and dealers, ensuring overall action transparency and comprehensive security.

The most important factor for purchase is an easy and clear checkout process. When you force customers to perform a lot of actions they get tired and leave your store. Reduce Magento checkout steps with our One Page Checkout extension. This smart Magento purchase processing extension will help you decrease cart abandonment rate.

Also, you may need to conduct research to know customers’ preferences, reasons to shop or not to shop at your store or just find out some personal info. For this purpose you can add custom fields to the checkout page and collect the necessary order data.

You and your customers can also add data to the already created orders, e.g. make order memos, add processing or actual shipping dates, upload order-related documents and other data needed for processing. All this information can be shown on the order grid.

If you need to report which orders, when and by whom were placed in your store, or need to transfer the order data to ERP or some other software, use our solution, which allows exporting all possible order information, including input of third-party modules in CSV or XML format.

Ordering is half of the bargain, sometimes you may have no possibility to ship products to some regions for legal or business reasons or use certain payment methods. In such cases you can set up payment and shipping restrictions based on country, state, product attributes, subtotal and other order data.

The customers are the engine of your store success, and the orders they place result in your profit. This is why the processing must be clear and convenient both for admins and customers. Our magento extensions are created to help you with that.