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URL Rewrites Regenerator for Magento 2

Automate SEO-friendly URL rewrites regeneration and make your newly-uploaded products ready for search engines. Configure URL parameters and regenerate URL rewrites from the Magento 2 admin panel.
  1. Regenerate rewrites for categories and products without the command line
  2. Use all Magento SEO settings to create suitable URLs
  3. Apply rewrites on a store view level
  4. Skip reindexation and cache flushing
  5. Monitor regeneration progress and get notifications on errors
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URLs matter for both customers and search engines: the first ones want to see trustful and understandable links, while the second ones expect URLs to be SEO-optimized. When you have a Magento store, you can use the default options to adjust the links. But still, if you migrate products from M1 or, for instance, just want to create another website and transfer products from the main one - URLs will remain default (and unfriendly).


Regenerate URL rewrites for Magento 2 categories and products in one click. Apply all SEO parameters configured in your Magento instance to the new URLs without SSH and a command line to make links appropriate much faster. Segment links by product and category ID ranges, choose the required website and a store view and apply deferred reindexation to setup the regeneration process.

Why do you need the regenerator?

Put newly-uploaded products higher on a search results page with the SEO-ready URLs

Save developers’ time by generating URLs from the Magento admin panel

Speed up product management with the one-click links rewriting system


Regenerate rewrites for category URLs

Frequently, before getting to a product page, customers (as well as search engines) come to a category page first. By default, after migration, your categories will get the URLs like / To make categories understandable for shoppers and well-optimized for engines, you can make either all or specific category URLs SEO- and user-friendly right from the admin panel. As the extension uses previously configured Magento SEO settings, just set category ranges or particular IDs and run automatic regeneration.

Apply all Magento SEO settings

Magento offers some SEO settings to make your URLs look better: configurable category/product URL suffixes, paths, separators, canonical links, etc. All these settings will be used during the regeneration for new products to keep the URL base unified. Find more about out-of-the-box SEO options here.

magento 2 rewrites
magento 2 regenerate url rewrites

Modify URLs for products

Similar to categories, by default newly-uploaded product URLs will be formed in the following way: / Search engines can’t index such pages properly, while customers have no idea what they will find by following this link. Generate URL rewrites for Magento 2 product pages to avoid such situations. As in the categories, specify products range (e.g. 100-123) or separate IDs (e.g. 25, 34). By the way, you can use both settings, and the regenerator will process the range first, and then will come to IDs.

Monitor the process and validate URLs

To make sure everything is correct, you can see how the regeneration is going in a pop-up window. If any issue appears, the extension shows a notification and provides a detailed log so that you could resolve it. Thus, the process becomes vivid and safe for your store.

Rewrite URLs for store views

Let’s imagine you’ve created another store view and want to transfer all categories and products from the main one. If you do this, the links will be generated from scratch and become non-optimized again. Just run regeneration on a store view level and avoid manual URL management.

Manage regeneration with CLI commands

Even though you can do everything without the SSH, still it is possible to generate Magento URLs using the CLI commands. The feature is helpful in cases of the auto-deploy or automatic updates, during which some rewrites may be required.

Skip reindex and cache flush

By default, every time a new rewrite occurs, Magento starts reindexation and cache flushing. To reduce the load on your server and speed up regeneration, you can turn both processes off and reindex all as the final step. The same can be done with the cache flushing and cleaning.

Use all features of Amasty Unique Product URL

The extension is fully compatible with the Unique Product URL extension for Magento 2. The regenerator takes into account all the customization of links and breadcrumbs provided by the extension.

magento 2 seo toolkit

Implement best SEO practices

Get a 100% SEO-optimized store with the all-in-one SEO Toolkit extension. Boost the positions on search results pages and drive x2 traffic to your store with the 6 optimization SEO tools included.

Product questions

How to add a custom attribute to the shipping address in Magento 2?

Magento 2 has no option to regenerate URL rewrites for products. This extension adds a CLI command to regenerate all product SEO URLs for your shop.

Read the FULL answer
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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URL Rewrites Regenerator for Magento 2

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