Magento Shipping Extensions

Shipping process is an integral part of eCommerce. Online stores sell products all over the world using different shipping services, such as UPS, FedEx or others. If shipping process is cost-effective and there are no troubles with product delivery, customers trust the store and return back to buy more products.

  • Shipping Restrictions

    44 Review(s)
    Shipping Restrictions
    • Block whole carriers or specific shipping methods
    • Limit shipping based on product and customer attributes
  • Shipping Rules

    24 Review(s)
    Shipping Rules
    • Shipping rules based on order, product and customer attributes
    • Modify rates both for the whole cart and a single product
  • Shipping Table Rates

    29 Review(s)
    Shipping Table Rates
    • Specific rates for a product or a group of products
    • Rates based on product type, e.g. for extra large, toxic items
  • Auto Shipping

    5 Review(s)
    Auto Shipping
    • Automatically display default shipping methods
    • Identify customer's address with GeoIP
  • Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups

    16 Review(s)
    Shipping & Payment By Customer Groups
    • Manage access to payment and shipping methods by groups
    • Customers see only the methods assigned to their group
  • Shipping per Product

    13 Review(s)
    Shipping per Product
    • Indicate individual flat shipping rate for each product
    • Forget about incorrect shipping rates
  • Delivery Date

    15 Review(s)
    Delivery Date
    • Enable visitors to select days and time of delivery
    • Exclude any dates from your delivery plan
  • Percent Shipping

    8 Review(s)
    Percent Shipping
    • Multiple percent-based shipping methods
    • Minimal and maximal shipping prices for each method
  • Extra Fee

    2 Review(s)
    Extra Fee
    • Create numerous fees for extra services
    • Configure fees based on payment and shipping methods
  • Edit Order Address

    14 Review(s)
    Edit Order Address
    • Improved order addresses management
    • Edit addresses with just a couple clicks
  • Free Shipping After Discount

    Free Shipping After Discount Sale
    • Offer free shipping based on cart value after a discount
    • Make free shipping calculation accurate

There are several ways how magento shipping extensions can improve the shipping process at your store. First of all, they enable you to create different shipping methods for all kinds of shipping, such as ground, air, next-day delivery, etc. There are pretty much limitless opportunities for you to set up the rates you need - specific rates for each region, city, zip; fixed rates per order and per item; percent and weight-based rates; ability to set individual shipping prices for specific products or groups of products and so on.

At the same time you can use magento shipping modules to modify existing rates or even limit usage of certain shipping methods for some regions, e.g. you can block shipping to Alaska and Hawaii and surcharge shipping of fragile items. You can modify rates and set the restrictions based on a number of order, shipping parameters or products attributes. Let’s say show only ‘next-day’ Magento delivery options for short-life products, or surcharge shipping for very heavy items like wardrobes and sofas. With ability to modify rates and set restrictions you get complete control over the Magento shipping rates and methods and can prevent situations when you have to partially pay shipping from your own pocket or vice versa – customers are frightened off by unreasonably high rates.

Another truly great feature of is the ability to create rules with discounts for shipping and combine them with shopping cart price rules.

Proper combination and implementation of shipping magento extensions will make your shipping rates adequate and shipping process well-organized. This will both save your money and increase customers’ trust to your store.