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Magento Order Management Extensions

Orders mean money. Therefore convenient and efficient Magento order functionality is a must. For this reason we are glad to offer you several magento order management extensions.

The most important factor for purchase is easy and clear checkout process. When you force customers to do a lot of actions they become tired and leave your store. Reduce Magento checkout steps with our One Page Checkout extension to increase store usability and decrease abandonment rate.

On the other hand, sometimes you may need to conduct a research to know customers’ preferences, reasons to shop or not to shop at your store or just find out some personal info. For this purpose you can add custom fields to the checkout page and collect the necessary order data.

You and your customers can also add data to the already created orders, e.g. make order memos, add processing or actual shipping dates, upload order-related documents and other data needed for order processing. All this information can be shown on the order grid.

If you need to report which orders, when and by whom were placed in your store, or need to transfer the order data to ERP or some other software, use our solution, which allows to export all possible order information, including input of third-party modules in CSV or XML format.

It is great when customers place orders, however sometimes you may have no possibility to ship products to some regions for legal or business reasons or use certain payment methods. In such cases you can setup payment and shipping restrictions based on country, state, product attributes, subtotal and other order data.

The customers are the engine of your store success, and the orders they place result in your profit. This is why order processing must be clear and convenient both for admins and customers. Our magento extensions  are created to help you with that.

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