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Magento Navigation & Search Extensions

Magento store has to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, otherwise customers just won’t be able to find the products they are looking for and won’t place orders. We offer a wide range of Magento navigation extensions, which considerably enhance product search, catalog browsing and checkout process.

Product Parts Finder
Product Parts Finder M1

Create product filters based on key criteria, which help to locate the right products very quickly. Make it easy for customers to find spare parts and components - add year-make-model or similar filters to your website.

  • Year-make-model and analogous product filters
  • Display product finders at home page and category pages
  • Add unlimited number of product finders
  • Create filters with unlimited number of selection options
  • Optimized for large volumes of data
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AJAX Shopping Cart
AJAX Shopping Cart M1

AJAX Shopping Cart is e-commerce software that facilitates a user shopping experience. It lets customers add products to carts instantly without multiple reloads of the same page. This tool is designed to improve an online stores usability, page performance, conversion rate, as well as cope with a shopping cart abandonment. Main requirement – JavaScript enabled in a user's browser.

  • User-friendly shopping process
  • AJAX-based modern technology
  • Support of configurable products and custom options
  • Attractive and flexible cart overview window
  • Items quantity editing in popup
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AJAX Scroll
AJAX Scroll M1

Meet an original way of catalog browsing! Such bonuses as easy shopping process, improved usability and customer loyalty as a result are attached!

  • Draw customers' attention to products in catalog
  • Much more usable catalog pages
  • Auto loading & Up-Scroll of the pages
  • Loading of pages on request
  • 'Back to top' button
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Upgrade usability of layered magento navigation by enabling customers to choose multiple values at once and filter products a lot more accurately with price slider, convenient category filter and a large number of other improvements. Many people shop by brands – why not create a page with the list of brands, so customers can quickly find the products of the make they like?

Year-make-model filter is a must for websites, which sell spare parts to make it easy for customers to find the right product parts.

According to multiple researches, customers are strongly influenced by selections of other people, so make their choice easier by letting them sort products by bestsellers, top ratings, reviews and other parameters.

Having found the products, customers can get a really good view of them with zoom and lightbox effects to see all product details and make sure this is what they want. With nice-looking magento ajax cart your clients will love the process of adding the products to cart.

If customers add products to cart, it doesn’t necessarily mean they buy the products – in general Magento cart abandonment rate is very high. This is why usability of checkout is not less important than that of the catalog. With flexible and fast one page checkout customers will not even notice once they’ve completed the order.

To be successful, each store needs to offer a nice and comfortable shopping experience starting with product search and finishing with checkout. And Magento extensions by Amasty are here to help!

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