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For more details see the Store Pickup for Magento 2 extension page.

Guide for Store Pickup for Magento 2

Give your customers the opportunity to pick up their orders from a suitable store. Boost sales by providing customers with a comfortable shipping method. Improve customer loyalty by allowing them to save time and money for shipping. Display a brief order summary on a customer’s account Regulate store pickup method availability for particular stores and customer groups Notify customers about store pickup details

  • Add store pickup method to the checkout
  • Create an unlimited number of sale points
  • Display a brief order summary on a customer’s account
  • Regulate store pickup method availability for particular stores and customer groups
  • Notify customers about store pickup details


To configure the extension, go to Stores → Configuration → Sales → Delivery Methods → Store Pickup by Amasty.

Enabled for Checkout - set to Yes to display store pickup method on the checkout page.

Title - specify the title for the shipping method.

Ship to Applicable Countries - set to All Allowed Countries if you want to offer store pickup method for customers from all countries. If no, choose the Specific Countries option in this tab.

Ship to Specific Countries - select the countries for which store pickup shipping method will be available.

Displayed Error Message - specify the restriction message that will be displayed instead of a blocked shipping method.

Compare postcodes as - choose the format for the postcodes: Numbers for numeric postal codes or Strings if the postcodes contain letters as well. To get more information about the postal codes system, check this post.

Sort order - specify the position of the ‘Store Pickup’ in the shipping methods list on the checkout page. The lowest number signifies the first position.

Show Method if Not Applicable - choose No to hide store pickup methods if unavailable.

General Settings

To adjust the module, please go to Sales → Store pickup.


Name - specify the name for the shipping method. Use {store} variable to automatically generate store names and addresses that will be displayed to a customer. Comment - fill in an encouraging message or just provide customers with additional information about the method. Use HTML tags if needed. Image - upload an image to be shown. If you want to add an image to the comment, use {IMG} variable in the Comment field. Status - Activate or Inactivate the method.


Create specific labels to customize each store view and draw customers' attention to a new opportunity.

Method Label - fill in a method label. Use {store} variable to automatically generate store title and that will be displayed to a customer. Comment - provide some extra information about store pickup method.

Stores & Customer Groups

Expand this tab to configure the method’s visibility.

Stores - define the stores in which the shipping method would be available.

Customer Groups - select customer groups for which store pickup will be allowed. Leave empty if there are no restrictions.

Pickup Stores

In this tab, you can view and manage all the stores in a convenient grid.

Delete a store in a single click or Edit it by simply clicking the necessary store.

Store Configuration

To create a new pickup point, click Add New Store.

In Destination, the tab specifies the conditions according to which the store will be displayed: Country, State, City and the range of Zip codes.

Store Name - set a store name that will be used for the {store} variable in the Store Pickup method name.

Base Rate for the Order - specify the rate for the method if needed.

To display the pickup point relevant to the customer’s address, make sure that the conditions of different stores do not overlap with each other, otherwise, only one store will be displayed on the frontend. If you have several stores in the same city/country, you may leave some fields empty.

To provide your customers with multiple store selection, create a new shipping method.

For example, we have two stores in Calder and want to let customers choose the store to pick up from. So we create a new shipping method via the Add New button in the Amasty → Store Pickup tab.

After configuring method settings, we expand the Pickup Stores tab and click the Add New Store button.

There we select the Country and State but don’t specify the city so that not to overlap the store from the previous method.

Click Save and see how it works on the checkout.

Order View

If a customer chooses Store Pickup as a shipping method, you will see it on the Order View page in the Shipping & Handling Information block.

Use the Comment field if you want to notify a customer about the important info about Store Pickup method.

Frontend examples

Display Store Pickup method on the checkout page.

Show order summary with saved shipping charges.

Let customers check the shipping method details on their account.

Find out how to install the Store Pickup for Magento 2 via Composer.

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