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Reindex from Admin for Magento 2

Reduce time on keeping your store data up-to-date. Prevent the store from lags and cart abandonments in one click without developers' help.
  1. Reindex data from Magento 2 backend in one click
  2. Automate and simplify reindex process
  3. Manage reindexation in a handy grid
  4. Easily check reindexation live status
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As data changes, the indexed data also needs to be changed (or reindexed). An admin can’t run reindexation via command line and ssh. So, there is a time gap between the changes and reindexation that can badly influence the store performance and result in cart abandonments.


With Magento 2 Reindex form backend an admin can automatically check the index statuses in one click and start a reindex process if some of indexes are outdated. This helps to save valuable time and enhance the store performance by reindexing data as soon as any changes occur.

What benefits do you get for your store

Automate the routine processes of manual store data reindexation

Boost your store performance by reindexing pages right from the admin panel

Prevent the store from cart abandonments with easy-to-use reindexation


Reindex the store directly from the admin panel

Usually, reindexing becomes a time-consuming task and can’t be managed conveniently. With the extension, an admin can easily reindex data from the admin panel by applying mass action to the chosen indexers to reindex them.

Manage reindexation in a handy grid

Automate and simplify the reindex process and keep all indexation info at a hand with Reindex from Admin panel for Magento 2. Easily track and manage reindexation without additional actions. Reset all indexers or stop reindex processes in a handy grid if needed.

Reindex without ssh access

Usually, store owners are not able to reindex Magento 2 data without ssh access. But for the extension SSH access is not necessary. There’s no need to open it and run commands, which requires technical skills. Reindex your Magento 2 store data programmatically.

Reindex all data in one click

Save time on reindexing all data in bulk with the ‘Reindex all’ button. Create your own Magento 2 reindex schedule using Cron. Thus, the extension will automatically keep all info relevant according to the settings.

Check reindexation status live

To be informed and timely find out possible errors, you can easily check the stage of reindexation for each indexer in a handy grid. The ‘Status’ column displays in which status each particular indexer is at the moment. Track the indexers that are already reindexed or still processing in one place.

Run Magento 2 data reindex on save

Configure Magento 2 reindex extension to reindex data automatically as soon as you save data changes. It will help to deliver the relevant info to customers as soon as possible and avoid misunderstandings from their side, which improves customer loyalty, especially if you have to change product info too often.

Give your customers no chance to abandon shopping carts

Assist your customers with the checkout process and reduce support time on credentials requests with Login as Customer for Magento 2. Provide better shopping experience and get deeper insight on how the store performs from your shoppers' point of view.

By the way, if you're having any trouble with exporting a huge number of orders in bulk, try out magento 2 programmatically orders export. According to the statistics, the extension can cover each business need in synergy with the following solutions: magento shipping plugin and magento 2 delete orders.

Efficiently manage all cron tasks

Timely find out cron tasks execution errors and prevent all possible negative impact on a webstore performance with Cron Scheduler for Magento 2 tool.

How to reindex data from the backend in Magento 2?

  • Install the extension.
  • Navigate to System → Index Management.
  • The appeared grid shows all necessary information in one place.
  • Choose the indexers you need and tick them to reindex data. In the Actions dropdown choose the Reindex option.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Click the Reindex All button to reindex all data in bulk.

How to reindex Magento 2 from the admin panel?

  • Install the extension.
  • Navigate to System > Index Management.
  • On a grid, you can see all the necessary information.
  • To reindex data, choose the indexers you need and tick them.
  • To reindex Magento 2 from the admin panel in the Actions dropdown menu choose the action Reindex.
  • Click the Submit button.
Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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5 Reviews
Jan 07, 2021
Good extension
Marcin Piechota
The extension works great. I highly recommend.
Marcin Piechota also bought the following extension(s):
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Jan 11, 2021
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Dear Marcin, thank you for recommending the extension and for choosing Amasty. We're happy to hear that the module is working as expected, and we're proud to have you as our customer!
Mar 25, 2019
Very handy
As small as this extension is as handy it is! Makes this going fast and easy for people that do not have the skills to use SSH.
Michael also bought the following extension(s):
Photo Amasty employee
Amasty answer
Mar 25, 2019
Natalya Chekanina / Head of Sales Team
Dear Michael, thank you for your review! We would be happy to see you in our store again!
Mar 03, 2019
cool to use
Finally I can control indexers, reindex fast, make timely updates - and store doesn’t lag as before with no SHH access.
Feb 27, 2019
No delays
I tried 2-3 modules of the kind, and it’s always been one big thing - I couldn’t reindex on my own. I had to ask my devs to do it, and they always put this tasks off doing it without me. Now I finally reindex by myself, and all updates are out timely.
Feb 21, 2019
all in all good
There was some glitch. I installed this module but it just didn’t open, I mean I couldn’t click anything. Support made fixes fast, just in 3 hours. Now it works perfectly. And I also scheduled auto reindexing after saving updates. So reindex and updates are in sync.

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Last Update: Mar 03, 2020
1.1.1 - Mar 03, 2020:
  • Fix we solved the problem with using timezone for 'Updated' field during AJAX request
1.1.0 - Dec 12, 2019:
  • New we added an indexer reset button for each index. Now it is possible to reset certain indexes from the admin area
  • Improvement we improved the visual part of reindexing from admin process
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