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For more details see how the Google Customer Reviews for Magento 2 extension works.

Guide for Google Customer Reviews for Magento 2

Boost your store in Google Rating by collecting customer feedback in a trustful way. Show Google Rating badge on a storefront and use a ready-made survey by Google.

  • Enable Google Customer Reviews badge
  • Display reviews on multiple websites and store views
  • Adjust the position and language of the badge and the survey
  • Add the survey opt-in to the order success page
  • Automatically send a survey email as the customer agrees to leave a review
Keep in mind that you must have at least 100 reviews from a country during the past year for your seller rating to appear on your Google Customer Reviews badge for users in that country. If you have less than 100, the badge will be shown with the 'No Rating Available' status:

Google Integration

To enable the extension, you need your Google Merchant ID. To get it, proceed to Google Merchant Center and log in (or create a new account if you don't have one).

Proceed to Settings → Account Settings.

There you need to specify the country and the language of your store.

Keep in mind that a review service is unavailable for particular countries.

The next step is to integrate your account into a webstore. Navigate to Settings → Business Information → Website.

Here you need to validate your website and claim it.

You may choose any type of verification, e.g. via pasting the necessary code into your home page heading.

In this case, go to your Magento admin panel and proceed to Content - Design - Configuration. Find the necessary design setting and click Edit.

You can open the HTML Head tab and paste the code into Scripts and Style Sheets field.

Save the changes and hit the verification button in your Google Merchant Account. When a store is verified, claim URL using the appropriate button.

Then, go to Growth → Manage Programs → Customer Reviews and enable reviews.

The integration is ready. You can start configuration.

Remember, that you will need your Merchant ID, which can be found in the top-right corner.

General Settings

Return to the Magento admin panel. Go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Google Customer Reviews.


Enable - set to Yes to activate the extension.

Google Merchant ID - paste the ID you've copied from your Google Merchant Account.

Language - choose the language to display review elements. Select auto detect to use the language of a browser that a customer uses.

Survey Opt-In

Here you can configure a popup that is displayed by Google to collect emails. In this popup, a customer can agree to leave a review or deny it.

Enable for Selected Customer Groups - choose particular customer groups for which a survey request will be displayed. You may leave this field empty to disable survey gathering (for exampe, if you have already collected the necessary amount of reviews for a high rating).

Position of Popup on Order Success Page - set the position on a success page to show a popup.

Estimated Delivery Days - specify the number of days after which the email with a review form will be sent.

On the frontend this popup is shown in the following way:

If a customer agrees, the extension will automatically send an email with the form:

IMPORTANT: You can't change the content of a popup and a survey, as it is provided by Google itself.


Show - set to Yes to display a badge with your average rating on store pages.

The badge is available for a desktop only, as Google does not support it on mobile and tablet devices.

Position - place a badge either on Bottom Left or Bottom Right.

This is how a badge is displayed on the frontend:

WARNING: You are not able to customize the badge as a layout is provided by Google.

Find out how to install the Google Customer Reviews extension via Composer.

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