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Image Gallery (Pre-order) for Magento 2

Create an enchanting product presentation that inspires customers to make a purchase using Magento 2 Image Gallery extension.

  • Carousel with lightbox: show every side of a product
  • 3 zoom types: provide the ability to explore product in detail
  • Image flipper: add animated product preview on product listing pages

Drive sales with catchy product presentation

It takes 3-5 seconds for a buyer to make a purchase decision after visiting your site. Growing businesses continuously develop their UX/UI design quality to build smooth, clear, and profitable customer flows all over the e-store, and thus, increase their income.

Why businesses use the Image Gallery tool?

To create a winning product presentation


To attract more leads and boost sales


To provide smooth and modern UX/UI

Highlight important product features

Provide buyers with a nice viewing experience and underline beneficial product accents via a customizable lightbox for Magento 2. Enable animated slideshow and smooth image viewer to overall improve the usability of your product pages.


Show the product from all sides

Customize your Magento 2 image carousel according to your website design and motivate shoppers to make a purchase decision faster.

Pay attention to nuances

Stay true to your customers and bring more transparency through the close-up views provided by Magento 2 product image zoom. Equip your product pages with one of the three zoom types available: outside, inside, or lens.


Engage shoppers on category pages

Engage site visitors more into the shopping on the product listing pages using the image flipper. Show extra images of your product right on the mouse hover to interactively highlight the product’s best sides.

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What's a pre-order product?

An Amasty's pre-order is a purchase of an upcoming extension that hasn't been on the market yet. Once it's released, you get the package immediately.

What benefits do I get making a pre-order?

Making a pre-order allows you to decrease expenses on the extension. As a rule, a pre-ordered extension will cost you from 0% to 50% of its price after release. The discount also covers all the additional services you include in the order.

How soon will I get my pre-ordered purchase?

You will get an extension not later than 3 months after the payment. We assess the estimated lead period for releases of pre-ordered products in 5-7 weeks and we do our best to meet the deadline.

Are there any additional charges I'll be charged after the extension release?

The amount you pay for the pre-order is final and no additional charges are required after the product release.

How will I get the pre-ordered extension?

The product becomes available in your account immediately after its first release. You'll receive an email once we release the mod.

How do the Free Support, Money Back, Lifetime Updates conditions work in case with pre-ordered products?

There are absolutely no changes in comparison with regular product purchases. You get standard
- 90-day of free support;
- 60-day money-back guarantee;
- free lifetime updates.
The free support and money-back guarantee periods start only when you receive an installation package (i.e.
right after the module release). Furthermore, you can issue a refund for pre-ordered items during the whole
pre-release period.

What if I want to purchase both regular and pre-order products at once?

That's ok: released products are ready for installation and usage right after your order is processed and the pre-ordered items will become available right after the release.

What if I want to extend the support period after the extension release?

You can do that the same way as for ordinary products: once the 90-day support period is over, it's possible to extend it for 50% of the module price - this includes another 90-day period of support.

Also, you can choose additional options like prolonged 6/12-month of support and/or priority support service.

How will I find out that a module is released?

We'll inform you via the email once the extension you pre-ordered is released. At this very moment, the mod gets available in your personal account on amasty.com.

What if you never release the extension I pre-ordered?

It's an edge case since we allow pre-orders only for the products that included in our roadmap for upcoming sprints. But if it happens you'll receive your money back and get a discount for any other purchases at amasty.com.

Are you going to provide a demo version of the extension before its official release?

Most likely no. However, we apply an individual approach to every customer's case, so, contact our sales managers via chat and we'll see how we can help you out.

Is it possible to refund a pre-ordered item?

Yes, you can issue a refund whenever it's required: either while the item is still not released and during 60 days after its release according to the Amasty Refund policy.

How the pre-ordered items will look like in my personal account?

The pre-ordered items will look like ordinary extensions. All the appropriate records will be displayed on the Account Dashboard, My Orders, My Downloads, Rewards &amp; Credit pages. The only distinction is that on the My Downloads screen the items that have not been released yet won't have a version number and the Download button will trigger just a warning message.

Will I receive a store credit for pre-orders?

According to the rules of Amasty's Reward Program, you get $15 back to your store credit per every $100 spent regardless of what kind of product you purchase. These Points are valid for 60 days from the purchase date.

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