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For more details see the Color Swatches Pro extension page.

Color Swatches Pro for Magento 2

Add more options to your Color Swatches functionality. Display prices of simple products together with corresponding swatches. Let customers copy and share URLs to specific product configurations. Automatically reload information of selected simple items to make the whole shopping process fast and clear.

  • Display prices of simple products with swatches
  • Let customers share URLs with selected product configurations
  • Use automatic page reload tool for better content perception
  • Enable out of stock subscription for simple options of a parent product

The module perfectly works with the Out of Stock Notification extension and lets customers subscribe to out-of-stock items to be timely informed when their favorite products come back to your store.

General Settings

To get the access to the 'Color Swatches Pro' settings please go to: Stores → Configuration → Color Swatches Pro {{ :magento_2:color-swatches-pro:magento-2-color-swatches-pro-general-settings.png?nolink |

Enable Module - Set this option to 'Yes' to activate the extension.

Enable Using Share Link - The option lets customers copy and share URLs with selected product configurations.

Display Price of Simple Products in Swatch Title - Enable this option to show prices of simple products below corresponding swatches right on a parent item page.

Enable Subscription to Out of Stock Products - The option works only if you have the Out of Stock Notification extension installed. It lets customers subscribe to out of stock options of a configurable product to get notified once the product comes back to stock.

Reloadable Information Settings

Reload Product Information - Select page elements that should be automatically reloaded when a customer selects specific product configuration.

DOM-Selectors Settings - In case all page elements reload correctly, you don't need to chage these settings. If one of the blocks chosen in the ‘Reload Product Information’ option doesn’t reload properly, please specify your own data it.

To copy and share URLs with a specific product configuration customers need to select necessary options and click on the 'Share' button.

Product Prices in Swatch Labels Example

The feature works for products with only one configurable attribute type available.

Out of Stock Subscription Example

The option works only together with the Out of Stock Notification extension.

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