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Product Alerts Reports for Magento 1

Get more revenue through better stock management and pricing!

  1. Optimize your pricing to get maximum profit
  2. Restock only the products, for which there's proven demand
  3. Track price change and 'out of stock' subscriptions
  4. Sort Magento stock reports by the number of subscribers and SKUs
  5. Let customers subscribe for options of configurable products
Please, consider buying one of our paid extensions or services to receive support for free modules.

Note. Our Out of Stock Notification extension contains all the functionality of the Product Alerts Reports module. Get it if you like the extension and want new features and improvements. Also, you can get the additional insights on how your Magento store performs with the additional reports functionality.

This simple tool enables you to greatly improve price and inventory management.

Discover for which products people sign up for price change.

You can track down the products, in which people are interested, however do not buy due to high price. So you can update the price accordingly. People who signed up for the products will react rapidly to price changes and will place more orders.

Know which products customers look forward to be back in stock.

The advanced Magento stock report lets you see which 'out of stock' products are expected by customers. Timely renewal of ‘hot’ products will increase your income and customers’ loyalty.

Find out when the last subscription for each product was submitted.

This information will help you to decide whether the subscriptions are ‘fresh’ and which products need to be restocked or updated.

Know demand for products

Product Alerts Reports collects data on how many people would like to see a product in stock again or with lower price. Thus, Magento stock reports enable you to optimize your Magento inventory and prices.

Sort Magento inventory reports by the number of subscribers and product SKU.

The sorting options will make the Magento stock report information easier to analyze and use.

Enable subscriptions for 'out of stock' options of configurable products.

By default customers can't sign up for 'back in stock' alerts for options of configurable products. You can give such ability to your customers with the help of our Custom Stock Status extension. It also allows to display on front end the 'out of stock' options of configurable products, which is not possible with standard functionality.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
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