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For more details see the Out of Stock Notification for Magento 2 extension page.

Guide for Out of Stock Notification for Magento 2

The module allows your customers to subscribe and receive notifications on price and inventory updates. And let you have more information on subscribers preferences and demands.

After Installation

Please, note that after you install the extension, it is recommended to compile all the LESS files. To get more details, see these guidelines. Benefit from the advanced inventory reports using the customizable graphs and data grids.

General Settings

To configure the extension settings, go to Stores →Configuration →Out of Stock Notifications.

Use Configurable Image - When subscription, display the image of the configurable product instead of simple on the account page.

Use the Magento 2 product returns extension to effectively deal with the incoming return/exchange requests.

Greeting Text for Email - Specify greeting text for out of stock notifications.

Minimum Stock Quantity - If the option is disabled, the notification will be sent once the product status is changed to In Stock. You can also set the option to Yes and specify the minimum stock quantity that will trigger notification sending.

If the extension doesn't send emails, please read this topic.

To send a test notification:

  • Input your e-mail in Test Stock Notification Email field;
  • Go to Reports > Notifications > Out of Stock notifications;
  • Select a desired out-of-stock product, checking the box;
  • Select Yes in Any dropdown;
  • Click Actions to select Test Notifications;
  • Click Submit.
How to send a test notification (Watch Full Screen):

Stock Subscription

Allow Subscription for Selected Group(s) - Select one or several customer groups that will receive stock availability notifications.

Limit Emails by Product Qty - Enable the feature in case you want to align the number of emails to the back-in-stock items quantity. For instance, you have 30 subscribers for the particular product and only 5 items back to stock. With the feature enabled, only 5 first subscribers will receive the notifications.

Enable Subscribe from Category Page - Set to Yes to add a subscription link to the out-of-stock products on the catalog pages.

A sample of a subscription link on a catalog page.

Use Popup for Guest on Category Page - Enable feature to activate a subscription pop-up for guests. After customers click a subscription link, the module displays a pop-up to input emails.

A sample of a pop-up on a catalog page.

Price Subscription

Allow Subscription for Selected Group(s) - You can manage price subscription for any groups of customers the same way as stock subscription.

Previously, you should enable Default Price Alerts in Configuration→Catalog→Product Alerts

Admin Notifications

Admin Email Address - Input an email address, the extension will send notifications to.

Send Email Reports for New Subscriptions (Daily) - The daily email will include all the out-of-stock products, that have been recently subscribed to.

A sample of email notification about new subscriptions:

Email Template to Notify Admin - Select the appropriate template for the email notifications.

Notify Admin about Inventory Low in Stock - The feature sends the email notifications, basing on the specified value, which warns admin about low stock.

To specify the value, which will trigger the low stock notification, go to Stores → Configuration → Catalog → Inventory → Product Stock Options → Notify for Quantity Below.
A sample of email notification about low stock:

When enabled, customers will be obliged to agree to your privacy policy when subscribing to out of stock notifications. This will help you to follow the GDPR requirements.

See how the consent checkbox will be displayed on the frontend:

Stock Alerts Grid

To see the list of stock alerts subscriptions, go to Reports → Notifications → Stock Alerts

Price Alerts Grid

To see the list of price alerts subscriptions, go to Reports → Notifications → Price Alerts

Subscriptions Grid

To see all existing subscriptions, please, go to Reports → Subscriptions.

You can use mass-action to delete selected subscriptions or adjust the required one using the Edit button. Please, click the Add New Subscription button to create a new one.

Analytics Dashboard

Please, go to Reports → Analytics Dashboard.

The extension allows collecting statistical data on Back in Stock requests and provides you with the next values:

  • the quantity of Back in Stock Requests (Subscriptions) created;
  • the quantity of Back in Stock Alerts sent;
  • the value of orders made from the notifications sent.

Also, you can:

  • Analyze which products are “Most Wanted” - the most wanted products are those which have the greatest quantity of out of stock subscriptions (the “Qty” column).
  • Track your customers' recent activities: see for which products your customers subscribe and how often it is.

Subscriptions to particular product

You can see the list of subscribers for a particular product. For this, go to Admin Panel → Products → Catalog. Then open the page of the product you are interested in and go to Product Alerts tab.

Export subscriptions in CSV

Export list of subscriptions in CSV and delete the subscriptions that are not relevant anymore.

Cron Tasks List

With the extension, you can effectively test the extension work and speed up managing time by operating existing cron tasks in one place. Please, go to System → Cron Tasks List.

Here, you can see all the existing cron tasks and their statuses. Run cron tasks and generate their schedule by clicking the ‘Run Cron’ button. Also, delete tasks in bulk, apply filtering and sorting options when it is needed.

Frontend Samples

Logged in customers will see the subscription links on the out of stock product page.

Guest visitors will see the subscription windows on a product page. To get subscribed they should insert their email address.

It’s possible to get subscribed to notifications either for configurable products or for particular simple options of configurable products.

Customers can see what products they’ve subscribed to and delete the subscriptions that are not relevant anymore. They may subscribe to Back In Stock notifications for particular products.

Customers may also subscribe to price drop notifications.

Find out how to install the Out of Stock Notification for Magento 2 via Composer.

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