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Special Occasion Coupons for Magento 1


Build strong relationships with customers - motivate them with birthday, subscription coupons and other deals. Convert one-time buyers into loyal customers.

  1. Significantly increase customer loyalty
  2. Send coupons to clients on birthday, signup, other events
  3. Automatically send coupons to customers
  4. Set send date, discount, expiry, etc. for each coupon type
  5. Ability to automatically remove old coupons
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Increase customer loyalty

Even small nice surprises mean a lot to customers

With Special Occasion Coupons you can send your customers coupons on their birthday, after registration, on newsletter subscription, Magento wishlist creation. Also you can send coupons to those, who haven't logged in to their accounts for some time to invite them back to the store and stimulate to buy products. You can collect the necessary data right from your clients and use it for your promotional campaigns. Show your customers how much you care about them and they will pay you back with more orders and higher loyalty.

Automatic sending of coupons on many types of events

Fully automatic dispatch of coupons

Of course, you can try to send the coupons manually, however it is impossible to track just part of these events within reasonable time, not talking about all of them. With the extension you will only need to configure it once and do corrections when necessary. The module will do all the hard work and even clean after itself :).

Birthday Coupons

Let's be honest, vast majority of us like to get birthday presents and congratulations. So this is true for almost all of your customers as well. You can send them Magento birhday coupon before, after or right on birth date. This will be a very nice surprise for your customers and they will absolutely love it. Thanks to birthday coupons you can convert occasional buyers into your regular customers.

Newsletter Subscription Coupons

Looking for a way to increase your mailing list? Coupon newsletter option enables you motivate customers to subscribe with a small perk, so that both sides win. A coupon code is generated on newsletter sign up and is sent in an email back to the customer. You can manage the discount amount, expiry date and the number of uses for the coupon.

Magento Registration Coupon

When customers sign in to your store, they join your site community. Giving them a discount (even a small one), you make this moment more special to them and considerably increase chances to retain customers and motivate them to return for more purchases.

Wishlist Coupons

When customers create wishlists, it means they are just a step away from placing an order. Help them to make this step with a coupon - show them that you care about their wishes and make the desired things more affordable. You will get more business and the customers would be more loyal. Everyone's satisfied.

No Customer Activity Coupon

Make good use of your customer base. Send coupons to customers, whose accounts have been inactive for a long time and get more orders. Inactivity period is counted from the date of last login. This notification is sent not more than once a year, so your customers won't get spammed. At the same time you will remind your customers that you care about them.

Order Placed Coupon

Encourage customers buy more and return to your store by sending them discount coupons right after the order is placed.

Highly-configurable coupons

You can configure these options for each coupon:

  • Enable/disable.
  • Set period after event when the coupon should be sent (you can send a magento birthday coupon before birth date).
  • Separate email template for each coupon type.
  • Discount type (e.g. percent of product price discount; fixed amount discount; fixed amount discount for whole cart).
  • Discount amount.
  • Expiry period.
  • Number of uses.
  • Minimal order subtotal.

All of the above options can be set per store view and website.

Automatic deletion of out-of-date coupons

You can set a period after which the coupons should be deleted. This way you will keep only useful information in the promotion system and won't make complete mess of it with time.

Special capabilities in combination with Auto Add Promo Items

When you use Special Occasion Coupons together with our other module Auto Add Promo Items, you can provide free gifts with the occasion coupons. Like for discount coupons, you can set the minimal order subtotal for the coupon to get applied. You can also have a look at our Generate and Import Coupons module that allows to create many coupon codes based on different rules.

Insert coupons right in the customer registration email

Now there is no need to send separate emails with discount coupons to newly-registered customers. This tool allows you easily attach coupons to the customer registration emails without sending them individually, thus significantly enhancing clients’ satisfaction. To attach the coupon simply insert: {{var customer.getCoupon()}} to the Registration Subscription template.

Specify customer group condition for all coupon types

This option helps you easily target sending of coupons. Now you can select one or several groups of customers at once to send a certain coupon type to.

Reasons to choose

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • Simple installation via Composer
* The name "Magento" and the logo are the trademarks of Magento, Inc.
One of the best coupon extensions in the market
I’ve purchased the module about a month ago and haven’t noticed any bugs yet. Coupons are easily generated and everyth ing works just fine. No problems with emails dispatch as well. The conflict with the extension by another developer was eliminated within 2 hours and that was a pleasant surprise indeed.
The variety of coupon types lets us create juicy promotions. But it would be nice if you expanded the coupon types range a little bit. I’m still waiting for the possibility to send coupons when customers spend X amount. Anyway, this is one of the best coupon extensions in the market.
Does what it says
The module does what it says and all the settings are working properly. I have all the settings I need except for one: the coupons are sent only by email and the customer can’t see them in their account. So the custo mer can’t clearly see if the coupon is still valid. If you add this feature the extension would be not good but perfect.
Magento Connect
No doubt easy-to-use extension
Nice module with really intuitive coupons functionality. By using it in my customer loyalty program I succeeded in increasing sales. People like personal approach and sending congratulation emails with coupon codes is a good way to show them that they are important to me.
Great mod, thanks Amasty!
Magento Connect
Essential tool for your store promotion
The module visible helped us to improve our promotion policy. Now we have much more happy customers!
I highly recommend this extension
You've made my day, guys! I've been looking for a nice promo tool for my store, and this one is just what I need. You support team is amazing, they helped me to install the plugin with all correct settings.

I'm almost in love with this app
I highly appreciate not only the possibility to generate and automatically send coupons, but to clear up old coupons as well. The extension does all the functions described. I'm totally satisfied with it.
Great Support
Your support team is awesome! I've installed this module not long ago and faced some issues with compatibility with some other extensions, but your guys quickly helped me with my problem and now everything works pretty good.
Easy integration, high productivity
The module works nice together with other Amasty modules, that allows to enhance the productivity and save lots of time!
Right choice
I'd been looking for coupon extension for a couple of weeks and then decided to install this one, you know this was the right choice. The extension works well and enables me to create coupons on any occasion I need.

Said Wassi Hassan,
Said Wassi
Great job, guys!
After you've implemented the feature that enables me to specify the minimal order for the coupons to get applied - there is nothing more I'd like to add to this extension. This is a really must have for any online shop!

Thank you
Thanks a lot brother. This extension is really a piece of cake for whoever needs to have the product prices at store levels.
Yes it works for me in Magento C.E.
And this is the Magento store which i have built recently http://alphil.com/dev/ where you can find it works like a cake. Many thanks once again. God Bless !!!


Must have
I have bought this plug-in and it’s great. I had a little conflict with another plugin, but the support helped me great and fast. This Plug-in is a must-have for most Shop owners.

Magento connect
Hi, it can be nicer if you can add also a minimum order value for the coupons.

Laurentiu Ghelbeaza
Some questions
I guys I would like to give an automatic coupon with 10% back of the the price spend on my store to every clients.Is it possible? Just wait this information before buy your module.

Edson Junior
Edson Junior

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Version 2.1.3 - November 05, 2018
– Fix: security issues were resolved
Version 2.1.2 - December 07, 2016
– Minor code improvements
Version 2.1.1 - August 26, 2016
– Various minor bugfixes
Version 2.1.0 - October 05, 2015
– New coupon type: "another year with us"
– Log of outgoing messages
Version 2.0.8 - September 11, 2015
– Minor improvements for store settings
Version 2.0.5 - February 04, 2015
– Fixed case when a customer can un-subscribe, then subscribe and get a new coupon
Version 2.0.4 - November 15, 2013
– New action: Send Coupons right after new order is placed
Version 2.0.3 - October 19, 2013
– Min order amount condition for all coupon types
– Customer group condition for all coupon types
– Ability to insert coupons in the customer registration email (and not send separate email)
Version 2.0.2 - August 10, 2012
– Ability to specify minimal order subtotal for the coupons to get applied. Available for all types of coupons - birthday, registration, subscription, etc.
– When the module is used in combination with Auto Add Promo Items, it is possible to give free gifts with the coupons.
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