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Request a Quote for Magento 2
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Request a Quote for Magento 2

Boost sales revenue by understanding and meeting customer demand with Magento 2 Quote. Strengthen your competitive position with the personalized purchasing offer.

  1. Add products to quote from the product or category pages
  2. Enable/disable quotation section to certain customers
  3. Easily convert quote to order
  4. Let customers request quote for multiple products
  5. Add note/comment for each product
  6. Easily manage all requests on quotations grid


Very often customers jump to competitors just because they see the prices on certain products are high and not changeable for a long time. This may negatively affect your customer base, cause loss off sales, and of course revenue decline.


With Magento 2 Request a Quote online buyers can easily interact with store owners regarding the new best price for products they want to buy. All this helps you adjust product prices timely, boost sales due to personalized offers, and build strong relationships with customers.


Increase sales revenue by offering the price customers want to pay
Predict the profitable price by analyzing customer demand
Enhance customer loyalty by letting them negotiate over the prices


Add products to quote from the product or category pages

Online buyers can submit their quote requests through a simple customizable pop-up form as from category pages so straight from product pages.

Convert quote to order

Start the process from your Magento backend when customers call in and request a quote. Negotiate prices with your customers, enter the best proposal for requested products and send the Quote. Get notified about any response.

Request quote for multiple products

Provide your customers with the opportunity to request for a quote for multiple products added to the cart. Magento 2 Quote Extension is an advanced tool that allows shoppers to request quotes regardless of the product type.

Add note/comment for each product

Let your customers share their additional comments and notes when they are requesting a quote for product price. This will allow you to provide them with an accurate estimate for their request.

Enable/disable quotation section to certain customers

Magento 2 Quote Extension allows to show the 'Request a Quote' button only to certain customers, e.g. only to those who are logged in or only to selected customer groups.

Accept or reject quote request right from admin panel

From the admin panel store owners can easily accept or reject the quote request from shoppers or can also suggest a new and best-suited price.

Quickly move quote to shopping cart

Once quote is accepted by admin, it can be converted to an order. 'Move to Shopping Cart' button becomes available at the bottom of the Quote Form, so customer is able to move all products with the custom prices to Shopping Cart and then proceed to checkout in the default Magento way.

Check all quote requests in one place

Customers can check their previous and current quotes under ‘My Quotes’ section in their accounts where all the quotes are listed with status and proposal.

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