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For more details see the Request a Quote for Magento 2 extension page.

Request a Quote for Magento 2

Boost sales revenue by understanding and meeting customer demand with Magento 2 Quote. Strengthen your competitive position with the personalized purchasing offer.

  • Add products to quote from the product or category pages
  • Enable/disable quotation section to certain customers
  • Easily convert quote to order
  • Let customers request quote for multiple products
  • Add note/comment for each product
  • Easily manage all requests on quotations grid

General Settings

To configure general settings, go to Stores → Configuration → Amasty Extensions → Request a Quote.

General Tab

The extension allows to choose specific customer groups that will be able to request quotes and create them from product or category pages.

Enable ‘Request a Quote’ - set to Yes to enable the extension.

‘Add to Quote’ button on Product Page - Show ‘Add to Quote’ button if you want your customers to be able to add products to quote cart right from the product page. If not, Hide the button.

‘Add to Quote’ button on Category Page - Show ‘Add to Quote’ button if you want to let your customers add products to quote requests from the category page. If not, Hide the button.

Allow Quote Request for Customer Groups - specify the customer groups to allow quote requests, e.g. allow only to those who are logged in or only to selected customer groups.

Customer Notifications Tab

With the extension it is possible to configure different notification emails that customers will get when their quotes are created, modified or accepted.

Email Sender - specify your company’s email from which the notifications will be sent.

Also choose Email Templates to notify you customers that their quote has been Submitted, Approved, Modified or Cancelled.

To create templates, go to Stores → Marketing → Communications → Email Templates.

Quote Requests Management

From the admin panel your can see and manage all the request quotes in a convenient grid, accept/reject a quote or suggest a new best-suited price.

Go to Stores → Sales → Amasty Request a Quote → Quotes.

You can see the ID of the quotes, their Purchase point, Purchase Date, Status and Grand Totals.

To Approve or Cancel/Close several quotes in one click, tick them and choose the necessary action in the Actions dropdown menu.

Click View to see detailed information about quote requests. You can Edit and Approve the quotes with Pending status.

Usage Example

To manage all the quotes properly, let’s consider an example of a particular quote management from the very beginning.

Step 1. Creating a Quote by a Customer

First, your customers create quotes from the product or category pages via Add to Quote button.

Then they go to their Quote Carts to view and edit their quote requests.

Magento 2 Quote Extension allows your customers request a quote for unlimited products quantity.

There customers specify the price they want to request, items quantity, add some notes that describe their requests in the Remarks field and Submit Quote.

Online buyers are also able to Add Notes per item, Clear Quotes and Update Quotes right from the cart.

Step 2. Managing a Quote from the Admin Panel

When the quote has been submitted, you will immediately see it on the grid with the Pending status.

Click View to Edit or Approve the quote and to see detailed information.

Here all the information about the customer and the quote request is displayed.

Product Price displays a real price at the store. Customer’s request is shown in the Price column. Row Total is also displayed according to customer’s price.

Hit the Approve button if the quote terms are satisfactory for you. If no, click Edit.

Here you can edit products’ Price and Quantity in the appropriate fields.

If you don’t want to offer a special price for some particular product, remove it in one click via Action dropdown menu.

To edit products’ size and color, press the Configure button.

With the extension you are also able to add products to your customers’ quotes. Click Add Products.

Choose the products to add. The configuration field where you can specify the size, color and quantity will be displayed automatically.

Click Add Selected Product(s) to Quote.

Click Update Items and Quantities to preview all the products and the subtotal of the quote. Provide a Note for the Quote to give a customer important or additional information about your offer.

Save Quote and then Approve it.

After the approval, you are able to convert quotes into order without leaving the page.

Step 3. Quote Confirmation

Customers can easily track and manage quote requests in their accounts. In My Quotes tab the ID, Date, Quote Total and Status for each quote will be displayed.

If a quote is approved by the admin, the customer can Move to Cart all the products right from the grid.

Customers can also View Quotes.

If the suggested terms of the quote are not acceptable, the customer can Cancel the request.

In case the offered prices are satisfactory, the customer is able to Move to Shopping Cart all products with the custom prices in one click.

Customers are not allowed to edit the quotes with Approved status.

You will see the Complete or Canceled Status on the grid in your admin panel.

Find out how to install the Request a Quote for Magento 2 via Composer.

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